Buried Alive

The author is an Orthodontist who has studied the sculls of the so called Neanderthals. The book shows that many assumptions and down right lies have been made concerning these people. Parts of the book read like a novel and are very interesting and fast paced, but many other parts are much more scientific to the point of being very hard to follow and comprehend. The bottom line is that Dr. Cuozzo believes that Neanderthals were just regular humans who lived much longer lives then we do today. These longer lives meant that they matured slower then we do today and were larger and more powerful then we are today.

So what difference does all this make? Well it gives evolutionist a head ache. See evolutionist claim that the human race is progressing contantly. But Dr. Cuozzo's study shows just the oposite, it shows that our Neanderthal ancestors were more powerful and had better immune systems then we do today, which is exactly opposite of what evolutionist teach. Dr. Cuozzo believes that these skeletons prove the Bible correct and date back either to pre-flood or just post-flood time periods. Do the evolutionist take Dr. Cuozzo seriously? Well he has had threats made against his life. I would call that serious.

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