Manufacturing Victims

Dr. Dineen is a licensed psychologist who tells it straight in this book. She tells what the Psychology Industry is doing to people. Below are a couple quotes from the book:

False interpretations have their most profound effect when they are expressed subtly as indirect suggestions originating in the psychologist's own belief's and values.

These values which lie at the core of most of the false interpretations can be seen in the statements of psychologist who seem highly professional, respectable and even rational. For instance:

Among women, incest is so common as to be an epidemic. Incest is easily the greatest single underlying reason why women seek therapy and other treatments.

More than half of all women are survivors of childhood sexual trauma... it does not have to involve touch... Incest can occur through words, sounds, or even exposure of the child to sights or acts that are sexual but do not involve her.

Just as in ancient times when all roads led to Rome, now all interpretive paths lead to the same core cause; that is, the person is not in control, is damaged internally and has someone else to blame.

(Quoted from Manufacturing Victims by psychologist Dr. Tana Dineen)

Although Dr. Dineen is a 'secular' Psychologist and her book only deals with that aspect, it is important reading for any Christian because the church is quickly adopting many of these godless beliefs. Be a Berean, find out for yourself where the things you are being taught are coming from.

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