Indoctrination U.; The Left's War Against Academic Freedom by David Horowitz

The Author was a left wing radical in the 60's but has since become what he calls a liberal conservative. This book documents how the left has taken control of the Universities and attempt to keep other thoughts and speak out of their institutions.

David Horowitz in 2003 began a campain to promote intellectual diversity and a return to academic standards in American universities. He devised an "Academic Bill of Rights" which just says that professors should only teach what they are experts in while in class. In other words they would stick to the subject and not teach ideology; either right or left ideology to captive students who have to worry about their grades if they disagree with their professors. Sounds good doesn't it? Well not to the left who is in control of the colleges and universities; they claim this is a way to take away their free speech. They attack Horowitz personally, claiming he is out to silence them and replace them with conservatives. They want to continue to indoctrinate their students into their ideology and the "Academic Bil of Rights" is a threat to that, so they oppose it.

If you have a child in higher education or one who will be in the next few years, you need to read this book.

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