The Yom Kippur War by Abraham Rabinovich

This is a book about the Yom Kippur War which was in 1973. Israel was attacked by Egypt and Syria on one of the holiest days. Israel struggled to regain their footing after the war started with stunning losses on the Iraeli side.

What I enjoyed the most about the book was the inside look at what the politicians and military personnel were thinking as the war progressed. I was very surprised at how bad the Israeli situation was at the beginning of the war. I remember this war, I was in the Marine Corps at the time, but I never understood just how desperate the situation was for Israel.

It was also fascinating to read about the other counties involved in this war. Of course I knew Egypt and Syria were in it, but I didn't know that Jordan had tried to warn Israel several days before the attacks that they were coming, yet the Israelis didn't believe them. Then there were the Iraqi divisions that were sent to Syria to fight the Israelis and eventually even Jordanian troops were sent. But King Hussein of Jordan has secretly visited Israel and spoken to Golda Meir. He later after the war started told Israel that he would not attack along his own boarders, this allowed the Israelis to only leave a small force along the Jordan boarder, where otherwise they would have needed a much larger force. King Hussein didn't want to get involved at all, but because of the pressure from the other Arab states he had to, so he sent troops into Syria to fight, but remained true to his word about not attacking across his own boarder.

Many other Arab countries were involved, but most surprising to me was the information that North Korean pilots were flying combat support over Egypt air space to free the Egyptian pilots to attack Israel.

I had known that the Soviet Union has supported the Arab states, but I didn't know just how close a confrontation between the Soviet Union and the United States had been.

I highly recommend this book to any history buffs, but also from a religous point of view. Even though the book never mentions it, it is obvious that God's hand was with the Israelis. Out numbered, out flanked, out gunned, they not only repulsed most of the Arab world, but gained land in the process.

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