We Were One; Shoulder to Shoulder with the Marines who took Fallujah by Patrick K. O'Donnell

The author spent time with the Marines of 3/1 while they were fighting in Fallujah. My only complaint about this book is that the Editor didn't do a very good job of proof reading it. There are some typos, but over all the book is a great read.

The author says that while at a military function with former war veterans from World War II, Korea and Vietnam, he heard these veterans say that today's crop of Marines were the next greatest generation. Yet while on a radio program on NPR discussing one of his earlier books about World War II, he found that most listeners didn't think that the men and women in today's war were really doing much of anything in Iraq. So the author decided to go find out for himself. In the end he agreed this is the next greatest generation.

The book is heart wrenching; you get to know these guys and relive many of their deaths at the hands of an enemy that uses our rules of war against us, costing lives. Many of the Marines would hide wounds so that they would not be forced out of the battle and have to leave their units. Many refused multiple Purple Heart awards because they felt that if they were still alive and had all their limbs they didn't deserve multiple awards.

I have never been prouder of being a Marine than I was while reading about these new warriors. We must never forget, nor let their sacrifice be in vain.

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