Blood Stripes by David J. Danelo

This book is about the Marines of several infantry companies; Bravo 1/5, Fox 2/4, Lima 3/7 and Kilo 3/4. These companies were deployed to Iraq from February through September 2004. I enjoyed the book very much, however, at times it was hard to get my mind around what was going on. I think is because the author switched back and forth between the different companies and it was confusing at times. Yet a book well worth the effort to read if you want to know what our young men and women in the military are doing in Iraq.

As with all books of this type, you will find some coarse language. I much as I dislike that kind of language, I have been in the military (Marine Corps) and this is not unusual. To me it wasn't a problem, but it is something to be aware of if you are going to read first hand accounts of the war.

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