The Party of Death

The author does a great job of showing the real face behind the Democratic party. He exposes the 'pro-choice' lobby for what it is, pro-abortion and shows how they run from that title, while doing everything they can to promote abortion.

He also shows how the abortion rights groups are more than willing as a whole to support euthanasia. He shows how it really isn't a big jump from abortion to infanticide. Many who promote abortion say that the baby inside the womb isn't a person, and won't be a person until it is able to care for itself. Well as the author shows that won't happen for at least several years, so if a 2 year old isn't a person is it okay to kill them? This is where euthanasia comes in too, when a person gets too old or sick to care for themselves, they then by this definition become non-person and it would be okay to kill them too.

If you want to understand the true debate you should read this book.

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