The Discovery of Genesis

This was a very interesting book. The Chinese people can boast of 4,500 years of history. That would place their beginning close to the time of the flood. Their written langauge is the oldest known to man. The language is unlike our own, it uses pictures to represent words, and then combinations of words to represent other words and ideas. The authors noticed that the picture words in the Chinese language were very interesting and in fact were either an astonishing coincidence or purposely told a story.

For example the word for boat, is a combination of three other words; the first is vessel, the second is the number 8 and the third is mouth (or person). So the word for boat is made up of vessel with eight people; Noah's ark? The authors found many such picture stories. They also give a brief background on the Chinese religions, up to present day. The Chinese people worshipped one God, until the rise of Buddhism. This is a very interesting book. Some of the explanations are very obvious and others I found some what more of conjecture, but over all the stories are hard to miss.

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