Secrets of the Koran

I want to quote from this book. I think that these quotes are the best review I can give, I hope they spark your interest enough to read the book and become more educated about Islam before it is too late.

A Pakistani Christian friend of mine met a young, good-looking Muslim man in London, England. Mistaking my friend for a Muslim(he knows the Koran and hadiths far better then most Muslims), the young man began bragging about a nefarious career. Claiming membership in a radical Cairo-based society call the Muslim Brotherhood, he said he was trained and funded to mingle with Christians and feign a sincere conversion to Christianity as a way to win acceptance in a church. He memorized Bible verses he knew Christians would expect him to know. He learned to pray "in Jesus' name." But why would a Muslim brother do this?

He explained: Some of the Christians, eager to help a young convert from Islam to become established in his newfound Christian faith, would likely be well-meaning and pretty young women. Selecting one as a "hit" (preferably a pastor's daughter), the "convert" would feign romantic interest, flashing his good looks. If she responded, he would very patiently attempt to seduce her, even impregnate her, wed her and then say, "I've decided to return to Islam. Come with me!" If she refused, he would abandon her, leaving the young woman, her family, her friends and everyone else in her church fellowship in shock.

If he could not seduce her (extramaritally), he would even propose to her, wed her, impregnate her and still leave her.

One of the goals of this infamous ploy is to discourage Christians from trusting a genuine convert from Islam who might come their way. Another goal is to weaken Christian confidence in Christianity's ability to win even an occasional convert from Islam. (pages 173-174)

Dr. James L. Garlow, in A Christian's Response to Islam, warns:

In Byron, California, seventh-grade students are made to dress up as Muslims, read the Koran, and conduct a "holy war" or jihad using a dice game in a state-mandated curriculum which does not offer the same privilege to the Christian faith. The New York City public schools administration now allows Muslim children to be excused from classes to go to a state-funded classroom for their daily prayers. Christian children are forbidden to pray or conduct Bible studies in the same schools. In Massachusetts, the governor [now former] has expressed interest in introducing Muslim teaching into the state's school curriculum. (page 184)

Dr. Pipes quotes Siraj Wahhaj, an influential black convert to Islam, as saying to a Muslim audience in New Jersey late in 1992:

"If we were united and strong, we'd elect our won emir [leader] and give allegiance to him... Take my word, if 6-8 million Muslims unite in America, the country will come to us." If Muslims were more clever politically, Wahhaj told his listeners, they could take over the United States and replace the constitutional government with a caliphate. (page 217)

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