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"Rich and poor have this in common: The LORD is the Maker of them all."
Proverbs 22:2

What's with all the Hair?

Although we were issued our own patrol cars, as the department expanded there were not enough vehicles to go around, so some of us shared our cars with other deputies. I was working the afternoon shift from 4 p.m. until midnight, and another Deputy was using my patrol car on the midnight shift.

One day after my car had been used the night before, I noticed that there was some type of hair all over the back seat. It didn't look like human hair and there was more then just a little, there was a lot of hair all over the back of the car. When I picked up the Deputy who was using my car at midnight, I asked him what had happened that got all the hair in my car. He told me about the following incident.

Shortly after the shift started, they received a call that there was a black female riding a bike on highway 21 in Frogmore and she was acting strangely. The Officer who was driving my car responded. When he arrived on the scene, he observed a black female riding a bike. He did not drive right up to her. He parked a little distance away and just watched for a few minutes.

She was riding very slowly, looking along the side of the road as she went. Suddenly she stopped the bike got off and threw something into the edge of the woods. She then ran over picked the object she had thrown and something else up and walked back to her bike. She tied something onto the back of the bike, got on and started riding again. As he watched she did this same thing again.

He decided to go talk to her. As he pulled up behind her, she got off the bike and without even looking back at him she pulled a hammer out of her coat pocket and threw it into the woods. She then ran over picked it up and something else with it. When she got back over into the light from his headlights, he saw that she was carrying a possum by its tail. He then took a close look at her bike and saw two more possums tied to it by their tails.

He decided to try and talk to her but found that she was not very coherent. At this point he felt that she should be seen by a doctor. Anyone whom we found that we felt was mentally unstable at night had to be taken to the hospital and examined by a doctor.

He was finally able to talk her into going with him to the hospital. However, when he opened the back door of the patrol car for her to get in, she refused, saying she would not go unless he allowed her to take her possums too. Since she still had the hammer, which she was obviously very good with, he decided to let her take the possums with her. Once she was in the car he was able to talk her into giving up the hammer but she would not give up the dead possums.

The doctor did talk her into giving up her possums at the hospital. She was later transported to the state hospital in Columbia.

by R.L. Dettwiler


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