Behind the Badge

Put your hands on my badge

My partner and I went to a domestic dispute at a residence that we had been called to several times in the past, always for domestic disturbances. This time as always, the trouble had started over something simple, and neither party could remember. We talked to them for a few minutes but we were not getting anywhere.

My partner finally asked what they thought could be done because we were at our rope's end and did not see anything that we could do to help.

The husband said that they just could not get along. He said they used to do really well until they got married, from then on all they did was fight. He said, and his wife agreed, that they wished they were not married. We asked them why one of them did not just move out, then they could get a divorce. They did not want to do that, they claimed they loved each other. They just did not want to be married, and they could not afford a lawyer.

This was when my partner had a stroke of genius. He asked both of them if they agreed that they should be divorced? They both said yes. My partner stood close to both of them and said, "Put your hands on my badge." Once they both put there hands on his badge he said, "By the power invested in me by the State of South Carolina, I now divorce you."

We left that night after they both shook our hands and thanked us. I don't ever remember going back there on a domestic disturbance call. I wish I could remember how my partner wrote that report.

by R.L. Dettwiler


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