Behind the Badge

You're the Sheriff here

We often received domestic disturbance calls to a residence where there was a 20-year old son, a 40-year old mother and a 60- year old grandfather. Every call was about the same. The son and mother would both get drunk and start fighting. We would try to calm them down but other than that or putting one of them in jail there was not much we could do. You find that you can't help anyone who does not want your help.

The grandfather was usually the only sober one in the house. They had a lot of respect for their older relatives, at least those over about 50 years old. The old man wore very thick glasses and used a heavy cane to walk with. He was usually very quiet and he stayed pretty much in the background.

I got tired of the same old garbage one night and decided to try something new. I got all three of them into one room and asked the old man, "Aren't you the Granddaddy?" Of course he said yes, so I told him, "You don't need us. This is your property and that makes you the Sheriff here. The only time you need us is if you need one of them put in jail for not listening to you."

He stuck out his chest, stood up, and told them both, "You hear that I's the Sheriff here, now shut up." We left it in his hands. Every time one of them started to say anything he rapped them with his cane.

That worked pretty well, we didn't get any calls out here for about two months. We found that every once in a while we needed to remind him, and them, that he was the Sheriff on his own property.

by R.L. Dettwiler


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