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Shortest Domestic Call Ever

We responded to so many domestic disputes, and they are such a frustrating type of call that once in a while we would lose sight of the people's troubles and focus on our own.

One night we had answered more domestics then usual, and all around it had been a bad night. Well sure enough we received another domestic dispute call. I responded as back-up. Upon our arrival I witnessed the shortest domestic call I've ever seen.

We walked up to the front door, and the Officer taking the case knocked on the door. A man opened the door and said to come in. We saw the other half of the domestic sitting on a chair inside. The other Officer took one step into the room and said, "I don't know what your problem is and I don't care. I'll tell you one thing, right now you don't have a Police problem but if I get another call and have to come back, then you're going to have a Police problem!"

We turned around and left. We did not get another call to return. I believe when we left they forgot about being mad at each other. I feel sure that for the rest of the night they just sat around and talked about what a couple of jerks those two cops were.

I can't say it was the best way to handle the call, but it's hard to argue with success.

by R.L. Dettwiler


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