Behind the Badge

"Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall."
Proverbs 16:18

Cattin' Around

We received a call one evening of a domestic disturbance with a knife involved. Upon arrival at the house we found that the victim and suspect were girlfriend and boyfriend. The victim was a 69-year old female who lived with her daughter. It was the daughter's house that we had been called to. The victim came out onto the front steps to talk to us.

In the yard was a dog that kept barking at us. It did not come close, it just kept up a steady noise by barking at us. The victim did not seem to notice the dog or at least it didn't bother her. She just talked over the noise. This went on for several minutes. It was a very warm evening, so the windows to the house were open. From inside the house we heard, "Shut up, dog!"

The dog still didn't let up. Finally the victim's daughter came to the door to see why the dog was barking. She took one look at us and the two patrol cars and went white as a ghost. She screamed, "Dog, you better not bark at the Sheriff!!" That didn't impress the dog either, it just kept on barking. She then grabbed a stick and started chasing the dog around the yard, yelling, "Oh Lordie, dog, don't bark at the Sheriff! You're going to get me put in jail!"

During all of this we managed to find out from the victim that her 70-year old boyfriend and she had an argument during which the boyfriend had pulled a knife on her. We asked her what the argument was about and she replied that she had gotten mad because her boyfriend had been "Catting around the neighborhood." With a 69-year old woman telling us about her 70-year old boyfriend catting around on her, and a 40-year old woman chasing a dog around the yard with a stick, it took all the professionalism we could muster to just find out where the boyfriend lived and leave with a straight face.

We went to the boyfriend's house. He was stooped over and shuffled along more than walked. We talked to him and he said he and the victim had a fight. I asked him what it was about and he said that she was upset because he had visited a couple of other widows in the neighborhood. I asked him if he had pulled a knife on the victim. He said, "Heck yes, I don't take no back talk from no woman." I asked him to show me the knife. It took him about five minutes to get it out but he finally showed me an old, dull and rusted pocket knife.

When I asked him if that was the knife he pulled on the victim he said, "Heck yes and I'd cut her too if she hadn't got good sense and left me alone!"

We finally got both of them to agree not to fight. She was not going to say anything about him seeing other women, and he was not going to bother her anymore.

by R.L. Dettwiler


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