Behind the Badge

This will make him quit fighting

One day my first partner and I went to serve a warrant on a guy named Leroy. Now Leroy was not the smartest man in the world but he sure made up for his lack of intelligence with brawn. Leroy was well known to both of us and to every other Law Enforcement Officer in Beaufort County. He was known to fight almost every time he was arrested.

We saw him standing along side the road by a little two bit shack which sold beer and wine. We pulled up beside him and both got out of the car. My partner walked up to him and told him we had a warrant for his arrest. He got agitated right way, and started telling us that he was being framed. My partner told him to put his hands on the patrol car, but Leroy being Leroy, had other ideas. I grabbed one arm and my partner grabbed the other. In just a matter of a couple of seconds our arms and hands were all tied up together.

It was a normal summer afternoon in Beaufort, the temperature was well in the nineties and so was the humidity. My partner and I were getting tired fast but Leroy had not even broken out in a sweat. That was when my partner decided that it was time to quit playing around. He figured if he broke Leroy's thumb he would quit fighting, so my partner grabbed his thumb and started to bend it backwards as hard and as far as he could. Well, Leroy did not mind at all in fact he just fought harder. I screamed out in pain because I was getting hurt in this fight. My partner was really worried now, he knew that he had to get Leroy off of me fast, so he bent the thumb even further back.

I was really in pain at this point and decided it was time to kill someone or something, I had to have relief. With pain induced strength I managed to push Leroy backwards onto the hood of the patrol car and my partner and I were able to hand cuff him.

My partner asked me if I was okay and I told him I think so but Leroy almost broke my thumb. My partner, looked at me and then at Leroy and said, "yeah, well I almost broke his too!" I looked at Leroy and his hand did not seem to be hurting him. I asked my partner, "What color thumb did you have?" He looked at me and then at Leroy and said, "Oops!" You see Leroy was black and the thumb my partner tried so hard to break was white!

by R.L. Dettwiler


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