Behind the Badge

"A wise son brings joy to his father, but a foolish son grief to his mother."
Proverbs 10:1

Arrest Me Please

Approximately 11 p. m. one night I received a call of a domestic disturbance on old Sheldon Church road. I responded with another Deputy as back-up. Upon our arrival, we found a man in his twenties and his wife having an argument. He was highly intoxicated. They lived with his grandmother, who was very upset that we had to come to her house.

The husband was crying and kept begging us to take him to jail. His grandmother kept telling him that he was embarrassing her by having to have the Police there because she was a pillar of the community. He just kept asking to be arrested.

I told him that he had not done anything for me to arrest him for. He asked me what he would have to do to get arrested. I told him anything that was wrong. He said, "Okay, wait just a minute." He went to a closet and started digging around in it. I looked at my back-up and we both just smiled. We figured he was going to show us some drugs or something so that we would arrest him. He then turned toward us and said, "How about this?" Before either of us could react, we found ourselves looking down the barrel of a .22 caliber rifle.

Again before either of us could do anything the grandmother jumped between us, grabbed the rifle by the barrel, pulled it out of his hands and started beating him over the head with it. We both just stood there happy to be alive, until we realized that she now had him down on the sofa and was still using the rifle like a club to beat him about the head and shoulders. As much as we thought he deserved it, we decided to pull her off before she really hurt him.

She kept begging us not to take him to jail. She said she would take care of the matter. There was no doubt in my mind about that so we agreed, besides she still had hold of the rifle, and I didn't really want her to hit me with it. There was one other thing, I didn't want to have to write the arrest report saying that he pointed a gun at me then a little old lady disarmed and beat him before I got him into custody.

by R.L. Dettwiler


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