Behind the Badge

All of these stories are from my personal experience and are retold here to the best of my memory. They are all true.

Police Officers have a very tough job. It is dangerous and hard on a person mentally and physically. It is hard on marriages also. However, there are times and situations that arise that are humorous.

These stories are meant to be humorous but in no way are they meant to belittle anyone or group. Nor are they meant to in anyway demean the very tough job Police Officers face everyday.

Ralph L. Dettwiler
(Former) Sergeant
Beaufort County Sheriff's Department
Beaufort, South Carolina

Arrest Me Please

Breaking Up

Cattin Around

Directing an accident

Do I look like I'm bluffing?

Don't let anybody pass

Don't Shoot!

Get out of my way, Stupid!

Hot Pickled Marine

I hate it when that happens

Is that coffee?

Just Plane Heavy

Let's get a picture

Let's get out of here, now!

Loud music and the Rookie

Man of his word

Pick me up

Probably Cause


Put your hands on my badge

Serving a warrant

Shut up

Shortest Domestic Call Ever

Stupid but lucky

Thanks for not beating me

That's not my car

This is a joke, right?

This will make him quit fighting

Wrong tires

Two Drunks and a Lamp

Wait right here

Watch for the dog

We are the Police

We'er Heroes

What's with the hair?

You don't understand

You're the Sheriff here

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