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In Memory of...

This page is dedicated to the memory of those loved ones that have passed away and to those of us left behind who miss them.
We reserve the right to edit all comments for appropriateness.

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.


CrossAnnie Mae Earl
By Joseph Cooper, Rocky Mount, NC
We will always love you. You were the one who always made a way out of no way. And told us the importance of learning. You were the rock and glue that keep us all together. I now know how hard that was for you. And I'm so very grateful you raised me to be the man that I am and will grow in God to be.

Thank you for being my Father, Mother, Grandmother and my Rock. I know God is with You saying "Well Done My Good And Faithful Servant."

FlowersJami Earles & James Earles
By Tonya Oakes, Danville, VA USA

God took you from us
only for a season to
decorate His crown with your love.
No more Pain,
No more tears,
they are in the arms of God.
They planted a seed
to show the true meaning of love.
Hand in hand
arm in arm as they walked to the
alter to pray!!

They are sadly missed and loved by all but in the arms of God!!

Flowers Aunt Janet Edelen
By Heather Goss, Thornton, CO
I think of you every day. My last memory of you is sitting in your chair swing, on your front porch, watching your grandchildren play in the front yard. You were a kind soul. You left suddenly, in your sleep and your suffering came to a end. I will never forget, when Maranda was born, how you said she has the prettiest lips. I am so thankful you were able to see both of my children and your grandchildren and they remember you and you always sticking up for them when they were getting in trouble. I know you are watching down on Steve, Stevie and his family and Kenny and I know you will help them see each day through until you are all reunited. God bless you, Aunt Janet.

CrossAlex Edwards
By Maggie Streamo, Canton, Ohio
One of God's "best works". Simply stated, I will miss you beyond belief, my dear treasured friend, as will all your on-line friends. You left us way too soon, but someone more important than we wanted you more and now you rest with the other angels.

FlowersAlex Edwards
By Beverly Steinberg, Oakland Calif
Though i only knew you for a short time you were a real gentleman and a pleasure to be included in a special place known as MY Friend. God took you to early but now rest in peace my dear friend no more pain no more sorrow and always a winning hand in the big gin game in the sky My thoughts will always be with you

FlowersAlex Edwards
By Lon Wyandt, Easton, Pa.
You will always be in my heart, as well as many others you have brought joy to, just by knowing you. It broke my heart to see you suffer so much as you have. We all now have a new Guardian Angel by the Name of Alex... God Speed my friend Lon

FlowersAlex Edwards July 1, 1953 ~ January 6, 2002
By Nellie Lansdale, Oregon City, Oregon
We miss your hugs and your smiles; but don't anyone dare tell us you are gone. You live in the hearts of everyone who knew you, and always will. Shalom Killer ~ Rain

Cross Millard Edwards
By Natasha Edwards, Blenheim Ontario
When you were sick ,all I wanted to do was see you one last time. Didn't happen because daddy didn't wnt me to see you like that. It hurts.I miss you more than ever.

All I wanted to do was kiss you, once more. Never happened. Almost a week after my birthday you were gone. I never got to say I LOVE YOU, like everyone else. The last time I saw you was at your funeral in your casket lieing there dead.

I can't beleive that I never got to say goodbye, kiss you, or tell you I love you. So Kiss Kiss,Goodbye and I LOVE YOU.

CrossCecel Eigard
By Andrew, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
I lost my great grandpa in the old age home he was beaten by the nurses and I hate them for it sometimes I think they killed him and i cry every time I think about him I love you alot great grandpa and so does every one else we miss you. I some times wonder if he was an angle sent by God to protect us and give us love.. I'll miss you foever

FlowersNeil & Winifred Elcock
By Jennine, Teaneck, NJ USA
Beloved Father & Mother, you are sorely missed. Your bright smiles your warmth, may the wisdom that you shared stay with me. I will always love you! Your loving daughter, Jennine

Cross Dominic Gregory Elking
By Jessica Branson, St. Louis, MO
Dominic Elking, we will never forget you. We love and miss you so much and wish you were still here. I wish you could have just been able to graduate 8th grade. But I know you are in a better place now, and are watching us as we pray for you. Please wait for me at the gates of heaven. Watch over all of us and protect us! We love you so much DOM! Here is poem just for you that was written by 1 of ur best friends.

Dominic Elking, What a great kid
he put smiles on faces like no1 else did
i feel really sorry for his family n friends
but i no he will be with us until this world ends
he may not be in person but he will be in soul
he had a great heart n was as tough as a bull
he was a really nice guy,and actually cared
he comforted others when they were scared
we had many great memories n still more to come
but we lost it all for a reason that was dumb
when I heard about this, i pictured the gun click
I had this feelin in my stomach that made me sick
he fell to the ground n his life flashed so fast
he didnt think this moment would be his last
but hes gone now and we have to pull through
its gonna happen to everyone both me and you
Be stong,dont give in, please be brave
April 15, 2006 a day not to be forgetten will be encarved on his grave
-david morton-

Cross Dominic Gregory Matthew Elking
By Michelle Sinovcic, St. Louis, MO
Dominic.. We love and miss you so much!! please watch over us and keep us safe! I just wish you could still be with us and graduate with us! I just can't and don't want to believe your gone!!

What I miss overall is a smile we can't replace
Cause it starts in your eyes and
It filled up all the space in our hearts
we know we will always remember and
Know that it goes with us
we will never leave this part of you behind


CrossShane Elkins
By Donald James, Indianapolis, Indiana
He is Missed by all

CrossRual Dean Ellis
By Tonya Stanford, Merced, CA USA
Dear Daddy, not a day goes by that I dont think of you and miss you no one could have ever asked for a better daddy ive always respected you and loved you more then you could ever know daddy im so proud of you. And I know if you could be here now I'd make you proud too.

Flower VaseJane H. Elrod 1932-1986
By Paul & Kathie Elrod
The daisy flowers still bloom Mom. The sky is just as blue and the birds sing just as they always have. The problem is that you are no longer on the earth but have gone to heaven. You are one of God's special people since 1986. Mom I miss you and so does Father. We have moved on but have never forgotten what you meant to us. We will in such a short time join you in God's place in his time. May the peace of God be to all that have lost a loved one!

CrossCarlos C Emmons
By Sam Emmons, Clarksdale, MS, USA
We would always love Grandpa Emmons. He would always be up in heaven watching his children and grandchilden. God bless you Grandpa Emmons love all your grandchildren and great grand children.

CrossJemal Endris
By The Dettwiler Family, Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Jemal was a child we sponsored in Ethiopia. We were informed in May of 1999 that he died from complications from malaria. We never met Jemal face to face, but we loved him. We regret that we could not have done more for him. We pray that he saw the love of Christ through the little that we did.

CrossBonnie Kay English
By Jeannie Rae Pasley, Waverly, IL USA
My mother died on April 26, 1991 of lung cancer she was only 37. I was only 16 at the time also my sister was 8. We all knew she was going to leave us, the docters gave her 6 months to live, but none of us was ready for that. I am now 25 and miss her very much. Losing a parent is the hardest thing that anyone could go though. I just want her to know I still think of you everyday of my life. Love, your dauther Jeannie

CrossRico Joseph Escobal
By Becky, Lubbock, TX USA
In April of 1990, my life was completely changed, when I lost the love of my life, I keep asking myself why, but I know in my heart that you're in a better place now, and even now, nearly ten years later, I still remember you as if it were just yesterday that you told me you loved me. Rico, I will always have you in my heart, you were the love of my life. All my love, your Chubby Wubby

CrossJordan Estepp
By Elizabeth, Erwin, TN USA
Jordan was the greatest guy I knew. He was a "Best Friend" a friend could ever have. Everyone loved you and now miss you. Why couldn't a little voice run through your head telling you that something bad was gonna happen? Too many tears fell from parents and friends eyes, As if they wanted to die
Right now he is with the angels high above the sky
Where he could not see no more saddness in our eyes.
Why Jordan did you have to die?
Why did you have to make us cry?
Why did you have to leave us behind?
Will the world ever end so we can be together again??
Everyday I come home from school thinking about what had happened. You were something special in my life and God seen that too. Thats why that happened to you in that car accident over the summer of 2000. I can still hear your voice right now as if you were by my side leading me the way of life.
I have more to say but my words can not express what I feel. It will be all over when we meet up at the "Golden Gate" in front of God's Heavenly Home. Hope to see you up there Jordan...

CrossLyle (Tom) R. Etling
By his daughter Patty & grandskids Erica & Scott
We miss you so much Dad & grandpa. There's so many memories of you everywhere we go. You're always in our thoughts. You are so so sadly missed. We love you always & forever.

CrossDeputy Bruce Evans End of watch 07/18/2000
By SGT. Bruce Merrill, Jackson County Sheriff's Office, Pascagoula, MS
Bruce we miss you every day your dedication to serving your fellow man is unsurpassed a friend a father a husband we all miss you we all have a special gaurdian angle... Thank you from us all we miss you. Bruce Merrill JCSO#24

CrossMs. Vera G. Everette
By LaTonya & Shanae' Sharpe, Selma, AL
Vera, You are now resting in the arms of Jesus.. You lived a good life and you never gave up on anything.. We will miss your smile and we will especially miss you...
LaTonya & Shanae'

CrossPaul Andrew Evrard
By Ruth Ann (Evrard) Rowe, Plain City, OH USA
This is in memory of my brother who died in October 1982 at the age of 32 yrs old. He never served in the armed forces, he was married at a young age and had a child when he turned 18 and was deferred. If he would have been called, he would have served his country proudly. Even though his life was brief, he was a very good person. We, his entire family of a brother, five sisters, four children and a multitude of aunts, uncles, cousins, and in-laws miss him very, very much. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him. I loved him very much.

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



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