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In Memory of...

This page is dedicated to the memory of those loved ones that have passed away and to those of us left behind who miss them.
We reserve the right to edit all comments for appropriateness.

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.


Flowers Margaret Martha McInenly Falls
By Susan Falls Johnson
Mom, I am sorry I was not closer to you when you where going through all of this, you where my world. I just found you and then God took you away, but I know you are in a better place now. John and I will see you again. We keep you in our hearts and mind every day. We love you very much and the boys send there love, as well. P.S. I too have been diagnosed with diabetes but mom I promise I am watching it very closely, dont worry. Love Always, your one and only daughter, Susan

CrossChad Allen Farace age 16
By Ashley Hendrick
Chad was my brother Brandons best friend and like a brother to me, he was killed by a drunk driver May 14, 2001 while walking to his grandmas house. He was killed in Bartow Florida. Chad is missed beyond words his was a life cut short by someone whose life had been almost lived, the drunk driver was 63, the one thing that we are thankful for is that his suffering is no more, and his memory and spirit live on through us. We love you "short stuff" and you will never be fogtten, you will always have a place in my heart.

FlowersCalvin Dekel Faulk January 30 1936--July 10 2000
By Margie P., Chattanooga TN USA
We never lose the ones we love, For even though they're gone, Within the hearts of those who care, Their memory lingers on. Good people will be remembered as a blessing....Proverbs 10:7 God could not have blessed me with a more wonderful Friend than You. I will always Love You.

CrossJames [Frank] Ferrell
By Randy D. Ferrell, Harold, KY USA
Dad, see you soon, love, miss you Randy

FlowersMichael Scott "Dusty" Ferro
By Penny Grove, Las Vegas, NV USA
Dusty, you were only 18, you are the son that I loved with all my heart and soul. You were the one thing that I cherished more than life itself. You were taken away from me 12 years ago, and now you are gone forever. Your grandmother, brother, friends and me will forever miss you. God saw fit to take you out of this cruel world and give you eternal peace. I will carry you forever in my heart. Peace be with you my little man.

CrossTheresa Ficarotto
By Frank P. Ficarotto, Franklin, LA USA
Aunt Theresa you was great Aunt and Godmother. You dedicated your life to raising me and brothers and sister may God bless your soul for ever and ever. Love you forever Frank your Nephew and Godchild

Cross Paul Fierro
By Corrina, Torrance, CA
I love you grandpa you were quiet man but I still loved you a lot god is lucky to have you and we were to

Flower VaseCaitlin Grace Fillmore
By Megan Braddy, Tarboro, NC USA
A Girl who was so full of life and loved it. She had so much spirit and excitement. She will always be remembered by everyone she knew. February 22, 1985~June14, 2000 I will always love you Katie!

CrossChristopher Collin Finch Born 1969 Died April 16th 2001
By Tia Finch, Houston Texas
Chris, you were such a beautiful person inside in out. Mom, Dad and I love you and miss you so very much. You finally found the peace you were looking for. You have eternal life! Well done, good and faithful servant. Your sister Tia.

CrossBrandon Lee Finger
By Kris Spiers, Houston TX USA
Brandon ,21, was killed in a car accident on Oct. 14, 2000. His family will miss him greatly. He was, and still is, loved more than he could ever imagine. As Brian said, heaven just found themselves a new breed of angels. Remember all of the fun weekends we had at Aunt Betsy's? I'll never forget you, and save me a place close to you, ok? God Bless. To all who read this, please, don't drive drunk.

FlowersTiffany Finlayson killed by a drunk driver on 10-28-00
By Annie Grebin, Portland, OR USA
Tiffany, thank you so much for loving and being a great friend to my sister. Rest in Peace. You will be missed.

CrossDorothy Finnimore
By Erin Mckinney, Lancaster, PA USA
My mother a great part of my life. You have gone now but I know your watching me... I will always love you... Cancer has taken you but you spirit will live on....

CrossKevin J. Fisher
By Penny L. Vollenbroek, Daytona Beach, FL USA
In Memory of Kevin J. Fisher
Kevin was a great police officer and lost his life before his child was born. This is to tell you Kevin that you have a beautiful son that will keep your spirit alive in us all. We miss you terribly and will never forget the loss all have suffered the day you were taken from those who love you so.

CrossRandall J. Flannery
By Christine Laxton-Haviland, Scottsdale, AZ USA
12/09/58-09/20/99 My father died just 2 months ago from Cardiac Arrest due to Drugs. There isn't a minute of an hour of a day that passes I don't think of him. We all love you and miss you very much. Don't ever take a loved one for granted for tomorrow may never come to take back what is already done.

CrossCatherine Flinn
By Michaela Bennett, CA USA
I came to stay with you for 6 months, after I'd been a crime victim and my abusive, non-Christian, family with a multi-million dollar trust fund had refused me all help. You were 97 years old. You welcomed me with open arms. I didn't stay for 6 months, but instead for 4 years. You brought me to Christ; and I softened. You said I didn't need my family, or their trust fund -- just God to lean on. One day over tea you told me that you'd prayed I'd come to live with you in your old age, you were running out of money, had no kinfolk, and needed help. You said 2 years into our living arrangement, that "God sent you to me to take care of me in my old age, and it was my job to grow your faith in God, and restore your trust in humanity." You died at 102 years of age. Still reading the Gospel and going to church. Thank-you my dearest angel. You gave me the greatest gift of all!

Flower VaseFabian Flores
By Jennifer, Post, TX USA
You are going really missed. You will always have that special place in our hearts. Thank you for all the memories. We Love you!

Veronica Rivera,
Jennifer Bustoz,
Priscilla Bustoz,
Samantha Perez

CrossShawn Flowers
By Kathi Degennaro
Shawn you just turned 20 a month before we lost In car accident 10-31-99. We miss you so much and think about you every day. You have a great mom and she has helped us all grieve. I pray to you or talk to you whenevr i need help. Please watch over all of us! Thank you for the blessings that you gave all of us well you were on earth. I love you and will see you again somday!

Flower VaseLarry Foley June 21, 2000
By Kathlyn Hamilton
"For He will command his Angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways."

Loving and missing you for all time, until we meet again. Love MOMMY

Flower VaseMichael Foley May 29, 1996
By Kathlyn Hamilton
"For He will command his Angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways."

Loving and missing you for all time, until we meet again. Love MOMMY

CrossGrace Fong
By Corliss J. Fong, El Cerrito, CA USA
She was once described by a friend as being someone who was always in a 'gentle hurry'... she had boundless energy, a joy in her service to the Lord, never-ending generosity of spirit, and genuine selfless love and kindness for all. She was a beloved mother, dear friend, wise teacher, musician and gardener... and she will be remembered and missed every day.

FlowersPalmer E. Forney
By Sandy Summers, Largo, FL USA
Palmer E. Forney passed away after a heart attack April 23, 1997 in Largo, Florida. He served 35 years in the Waterloo, Iowa Police Department serving as a patrolman then promoted to a detective. He joined the force in 1951 much to his wife's distress, but he wanted to be a policeman and loved his job throughout his career. He is survived by his wife, Gloria, their four daughters; Sandra, Susan, Sharon, and Sara. Plus three grand children; Matt, Chris and Amy.
He will be missed by all who loved him and by all he had contact with.

CrossBrian Forth 1942 - 2000
By Anonymous
We watched you suffer day by day,
and could not help in any way,
but just stood by and saw you
pass into our Savior's arms at last.
In tears we watched you sinking,
we watched you fade away,
our hearts were almost broken
you fought so hard to stay.
But when we saw you sleeping
so peacefull, free from pain,
we could not wish you back
to suffer that again.

We love and miss you terribly. We wish you could have stayed to see your beautiful granddaughter born. We know that you are well now but that does not ease the pain. Your loving family Krista, Kimberly, Paul, Gilbert, Bradley aka Rocky.

CrossKathryn E. Fowee
By Steven R. Fowee, Cincinnati, OH USA
Cancer cannot take away the memories I have of you. At 45 you had just started to enjoy the fruits life. I miss you very much. To my wife, best friend and love of my life I only ask that you come and get ISHE and I real soon so we can be home with you. I'll love you always,

CrossHymen Frange
By Charlene Camille Machadio, Brooklyn, NY USA
My Grandfather passed away last night. He died of brain cancer and it spread throughout his entire body. He is very much loved and will always be in our hearts.

Cross Robby Franklin
By Lisa Franklin and Family, Phoenix, Arizona

In Loving Memory Of Our Precious Brother Robby

Brother, I think about you all the time,
And wonderful memories you left behind
Your great intentions and precious heart,
And I know at the end of the day,
We are very close and not far apart
Brother, although we are separated through time
And space our souls will connect in another place,
You will be the one to guide me in,
And to comfort me in the end.
With your souls progression and
High level of spirituality,
Your goodness and kindness
Will be my reality.
Brother, I saw a vision
That was revealed to me
With God’s permission,
You were soaring with Angles
And protected by the almighty’s hand,
This opened up to me
In an unfamiliar land.
Brother, the spirit world
Is a glorious place,
And I see you filled with joy, love
Happiness and grace.
So brother, until we meet again
I will love you forever and
Always to the end.

By Lisa Franklin

CrossLewis O. Frazier
By Michelle Baldwin, Lake George, NY USA
In Loving Memory
November 19, 1998 - November 19, 1999

My husband Lewis, Dad and Grandpa,

A year ago you passed away
Where did the year go?
It just faded away
You will never know
How much we cared
Your cat Smokey and I
Still sit in your chair
Missing you more with
Each passing day
As the sun rises and
the sun sets
Lewis, Our love,
We will never forget

Your Loving Wife
Your loving children
Linda and Lewis
Your Loving grandchildren
Michelle and Rachel
Your loving sisters
Treena and Anna

CrossJared Frechette
By Casey Ford, Collierville, TN USA
Jared hey this is to you totell you how much you ment to me you were only 9ys old I will miss you being my little brother my only brother you ment a hole lot to me mom loves you and keeps your Steelers sweat shrit sorry you didn't make it to 2000 well love ya always Casey Ford

FlowersJammie Fridley
By Terrie Hippert, Waynesboro, VA
Jammie was killed in a car wreck on June 9, 2001. We will miss you so very much. It doesnt seem real that you are gone. It makes me sick not knowing what happened when God called upon you. Maybe it was for the best at least your not with the kind of people you were with that night. We love and miss you Jammie. The fridley family.

Cross Alvin V Freeman
By Ramona F Murchio, Rio Hondo, Texas
Daddy I Know That In Spirit You Are Still With Us. I Do So Miss Your Smiling Face And Your Shining Eyes. I Miss Holding Your Hand, Rubbing Your Feet Till The Pain Goes Away. Rest Now Daddy There Is No More Pain You Are In GODS Hands Now.
LOVE Monie

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



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