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In Memory of...

This page is dedicated to the memory of those loved ones that have passed away and to those of us left behind who miss them.
We reserve the right to edit all comments for appropriateness.

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.


Flower VaseNicholas Ryan Napier
By Terri Thompson, Ceredo, WV USA
I miss him so much and regret that I never took the time to really find out all of the things that were so important to him. He will be missed by so many and touched all of our lives. You were my first nephew and I really loved you alot and feel bad about the things we never got a chance to do. Your our angel now! XOXOX

CrossNicholas Anthony Navarro March 30, 1983
By Family
Our little one has been gone for seventeen years and is missed and loved by Brothers Joey, Andrew And Robert And His Sisters Angelina And Melissa You Have Many Nefews And Nieces Always In Our Thoughts And Our Prayers.

Love you Daddy & Mommy

Cross Sonia West Navarro
By Andrew and Desiree Navarro, Tucson, Arizona
Dear God,
Please take care of our Mommy who was called upon so early in her life, Mommy you were only 25 yrs old and we are only 5 and 6 we are always reminded of you and love and miss you very much. Your feeling better we know, it was to much for you to bare, it doesn't make it easy but we have to believe this in order to go on. You'll always be in our hearts and us with you. Rest easy dear Mommy till were together once again..Love you Always Andrew, Jr. and Desriee

Flowers Joseph F. Nazzaro SR.
By Brenda Graham, Bethlehem, CT
March 4th 1971 - June 11th 2003
Written By, Brenda & Ken
Loving Father, and Friend
You will be greatly missed. Never forgotten. We know your at peace now, and we shall join you someday. Were so sorry we did not see you pain, we would of tried our best to help you thru it. We love you!

Cross Mallory Brook Neeley ~ 15
By Daniel J. Hammonds, Snellville, Geogria
God saw that you were getting tired and there was no cue to be found. Go be with God girls... I love you with all my heart and use your memories to push myself on everyday. Your strength give me the strength to be a man and take care of everyone that lost you. Memorial site

Cross Grady Clarence Nelson
By Karen Reed, Grand Forks, ND
How do you say goodbye to a baby you’ve never held? Never before have I seen such a tiny wooden box that embraces such a small miracle. You want to hold the parents and tell them everything will be okay, but how do you convince them once God has taken him away. Baby Grady will live on, he’ll be in our hearts and in our prayers. Please all who read this pray for this baby who never got to know the joy of being held by his mother and father. Who never felt the warmth of the sun or the softness of his teddy bear. They say that time will heal all, but how can a pain this deep ever be healed.

CrossJohn Olaf Nelson Aug 4, 1951 - April 6, 1997
By Sandi Nelson, Lexington, KY, USA
In loving memory of my husband who died at age 45 due to diabetic complications. John endured blindness and the loss both of his legs with a bravery that was most uncommon. We miss him more than words can say. He left behind a precious gift, our six year old son, Christian. Even when we don't understand... we must trust the Lord and believe that Father knows best.

Cross Sandi G. Nelson Dec 30, 1947 - Aug 16, 2006
By Tom Jacyszyn, Cincinnati, OH
In loving memory of my best friend who died early at age 48. She meant so much to me. I loved her. She was my angel. She went through so many hardships and she was very giving; still she was a bright light towards the community and friends. She had within the last years turned things around and enjoyed having her own business and working from home. She always seemed happy and had a good word for most everyone. Whenever an act of kindness came her way, she shined even brighter. She is resting with her husband John Olaf Nelson in Lexington Cemetary. It is indeed a beautifual place. We miss her more than words can say. She left behind two precious gifts, her son Shaun and Christian. From Sandi, "Even when we don't understand... we must trust the Lord and believe that Father knows best."

CrossTerressa Nelson
By Stacy, Modesto, CA USA
On Jan. 29, 2000 I lost my mommy. She was diagnosed with Pancreous cancer just 3 days before. Since then, life without her has been very difficult but the only thing that keeps me going is knowing that I will always be her little girl. In my Heart, I hold a special place for you mommy... I see you in every little thing I do and I miss you so much... just know I think of you 24-7 and don't forget... I'll See You In Heaven!!! Love You Always, Skinny Minnie

CrossMary B. Ball Dye Newberry
By Frances Sparks, Richlands, VA USA
My Grandma Was One Of The Greatest Around,
No Greater Could Ever Be Found.
She Helped Us Thru Many Years,
My Grandma To Me Was Very Dear.
She Raised Her Kids The Best She Could,
And Took Them To Church Like Anyone Should.
She Lived Her Life For The Lord,
And Taught Us All About His Word.
She Has Been Gone For Quiet Some Time.
But We Still Keep Her On Our Mind.
Yes She Was One Of The Best,
And I Believe She's With Jesus At Rest.
I'll Walk In The Way She Taught Me,
And I Know Someday Soon My Grandma Again I'll See.

CrossWilliam T. Newman, Chief of Chili Auxiliary Police/Special Police
By Kay Newman, wife, North Chili, NY USA
You are sadly missed by your units, Mother, wife, daughter and three grandchildren and many friends. Jesus came early, September 24, 1999, at 4:30 a.m. and took you home to be with Him. Bill died of serve heart attack at age 49. Now you are healed and in no more pain. We will all see you some day soon. They have not replaced you and captain has taken over many of your duties. I will always love you, Bill. I cheerish the 17 teen wonderful years we had together and I wouldn't change any of them. You were my soul mate.
Psalm 23 and Psalm 91. When we sing your favorite song, in church, I'LL Fly Away. I cry while everyone else is sing. It has been almost a year since you let and to me it seems like yesterday. Love Always, Kay and family.

CrossJoseph Neumann
By Angie Neumann, Dallas, TX USA
Our tiny, precious son who was only a moment in our arms but forever in our hearts.

Starlight, starbright,
You were the only star that shined that night,
When God's hand reached down to gently take you away,
To heaven's eternity where you will stay,
Until the day Daddy and Mommy can hold you again,
At heaven's gates for the final amen.

FlowersRobert E. Niblett, Sr.
By Barbara Sanders, Empire, AL USA
My Daddy passed away July 12, 1991, but it seems like yesterday. He was loved by his family and will always be missed!

FlowersWalter Saulsbury Niblett jr 5-19-1920 to 7-12-1987
By Holly Niblett-Davis, Delta, PA USA
Never be afraid, but always remember that you are not alone, that all of those who came before you are a part of you and always with you. (Quote by Walter S. Niblett jr.)

Cross Cathy Nicholson
By Sharon Bishop, Huntsville, AL
Family is like a puzzle but when a piece of the puzzle is gone, the puzzle is never the same. And two of the pieces of the puzzle is gone, but one day when God calls me home the pieces of the puzzle well come together again, I miss you mom, and you my sister I love you both.

FlowersPaul Edward Nicholson
By Thomas C. Nicholson, Troy, NY USA
Pop - as he was known and loved by his five sons, served in the Army's 231st Hospital Station outside of London during World War II. A humble man who rarely asked for much, I knew he was proud of his service to our country as I found his discharge papers in his wallet the day he left us, just a few short years ago. He endured through much tragedy in his later years, and he taught me a great deal about life. My loving memories of my Dad live on through my own children. As I said to him during his last moments on Earth, "You're my hero."

Cross Frances Crowell Nipper
By Janice Adams, Lascassas, TN
Mama, It has been almost a year now, and the pain is like yesterday. You would hate that for us, I know. You would smile and tell us that you are with the Lord, and your parents, and your sweet brother, and that we should not be sad. I know this in my mind, but my heart can't let go. I will be 43 years old this summer, and I still want my Mom - I still need you. I am being selfish. It's just that I've lost my best friend, and no one can take your place, ever. I know that you are doing in Heaven what you did on Earth, Praising your Lord and Savior and rejoicing with all the angels, and I hope, you have a peephole that you can watch us all through and help keep us going in the right direction - toward you, and our eyes on the Lord. I will see you again, Mama, I promise you. I love you, Mama - "Bunches!" and eternally. Your "one and only" daughter.

FlowersRichard Nitzberg
By Beverly Steinberg, Oakland, CA USA
I will always love you even in death. You were my lifes companion.
Love Bev

FlowersTim "Timmer" Noble
By Kathy Sargent, Cleveland, OH, USA

(written for Valentines day 1992)
Tim died saving my life. It is still hard sometimes to accept that fact. But God can bring out the good in every bad situation, and through this ordeal, I came to know the Lord, and receive Him as my Savior. I truly wonder sometimes if Tim wasn't an angel sent from God.


Today was the day we'd tie the knot, man and wife forever, But August has made our life time dream, in this life time not ever.

Remembering the time I spent with you, the fun with Chip and Brian, I "Smile and Nod" hold back the tears, but Tim, I feel like dyin'.

Thinking back, memories of you, the silly things we did. Like coloring cards and carrying on, like two adult sized kids.

Orange County trucks and coffee each morning by ten, I miss all the good times and laughs from back then.

You knew I was forever yours, I knew that you were mine, our life time dream, to one day be each others Valentine.

Our dream just can't come true right now, there's no way to see it through, but today my Timmer in my thoughts, I'll say to you,"I DO!"

Although I cannot hold you tight, you're home is heaven now, I love you still, I always will, To you this is my vow.

You're in my heart forever.

CrossRaymond Matthew Noel
By Amanda Perry, NewCastle, Delaware
Raymond was one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. Unfortunately, on the day of April 29th, he got into a bad car accident. On April 30th, my cousin died. He was only 19 years old, and still had his whole life ahead of him. He had so much talent. Raymond will always be remembered by his family, friends, and many other people.

You NEVER said I'm leaving, you NEVER said goodbye; You were gone before we knew it, & only GOD knew the reason why. A million times we've needed you, A million times we've cried; In life we loved you dearly, in death we love you still; In our heart you hold a place that NO ONE could EVER fill! It broke our heart to lose you, but you didn't go alone; for part of us went with you the day GOD took you home! I cant wait until I see you again! We all love and miss you. Love always,
your lil' cuz:

FlowersGeorge Nooitgedagt Sr.
By Katherine Nooitgedagt, Lethbridge, AB Canada
My grandfather died from cancer at the age of 63. I love you Pake and always will.


We saw you laugh
And we saw you smile
We saw you angry
And we saw you cry
We saw you suffer
And then we saw you die

You were our angel
Taken so quickly
You made people smile
But now you are gone

You were our angel
That everyone loved
You went out of your way
But now you are gone

You were our angel
Sent from above
Loved down here
And taken back up
To be loved once again
And eternally so
-by Katherine Nooitgedagt (granddaughter)

CrossHenry Nooitgedagt
By Katherine Nooitgedagt, Lethbridge, AB Canada
My father died in a tragic helicopter crash in Russia two years ago while on his way home from a work trip. I'm sorry I was so angry with you. I miss you so bad. I will always be your little girl. I love you Daddy, Katherine

Cross David Norman
By Kristy Clampit, West Monroe, Louisiana
My life has never been the same since the day you were killed in a car accident. You were a wonderful big brother. Katie misses you so much. Even though she was only three when you died, she still remembers her daddy. I miss you and you are always in my heart. Love, Sis

Cross David Norman
By Mama, Daddy, and Daniel, Choudrant, LA
David, not a day goes by that we don't think about you. This computer could not hold all the things that we'd like to say. The 26 years that God gave us with you will never be erased from our minds. We'll cherish them forever.I wish I could be like you, so easy going, so unique, one who really didn't let things bother you. Since you've been gone, so, so many people have talked to us about you. David, we didn't realize the impact you had on so many lives. But, that comes with people knowing how precious a person you were. I just wish I could be half the person that you were. But I'm growing and trying. Katie looks so much like you. She has your blue eyes, your freckles, your smile. She misses you SO much. She talks about you all the time. The most important thing is that she has never forgotten you. We show her pictures all the time, and she'll say "Nana, I remember what we we're doing then". We made a shadow box of all of your things that you had when we lost you, and she knows when she's old enough, she'll have it for her own. David, we know that we will see you again some day, it just seems that for us it will be a longer time for us than for you, because you don't know time-eternity has no time. We love you more than words will ever say. Gone, but NEVER forgotten. LOVE ALWAYS, Daddy, Mama and Daniel

CrossJustin Joseph Norys
By Judy Norys (his Mother)Hernando, MS USA
Justin was only 3 years old when he went to be with the Lord. I remember the day so well, I did cpr on him until help got to our home, but it was to late. He left behind a twin sister who dearly misses him. He was born with several very raw, complex, heart defects, doctors said he never stood a chance of living from day one. But we had him for three years and miss him everyday. He also left behind another sister Anna, two brothers Barney Jr., Edward and his dad. TROOPER--- We miss you! Love you more!

CrossGerald "Jerry" Nuanes
By Jennifer Gonzales
Jerry was a great man, a great friend, husband, and a great uncle to me. He will be missed by all his family and friends. Anyone who knew him would tell you how great of a person he was. On november 6, 2000 he took his life in a car accident where he had been drinking and driving. We miss you Uncle Jerry, we love you very much and can't wait to see your handsom face someday.

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



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