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In Memory of...

This page is dedicated to the memory of those loved ones that have passed away and to those of us left behind who miss them.
We reserve the right to edit all comments for appropriateness.

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.


FlowersTerry Allen Rader
By Gloria A Silk, Spring Lake, NC USA
My Daddy,
You are truely missed. There is not a day that goes by that the memories don't flood my mind. I only wish I could have told you how proud I am to say that you are my daddy. You inspire me to be the best person I possibly can. Thank you for loving me so much. I'll always love you.
Your Little Girl

Flower VaseRobert W. Rainbolt
By Carol Rainbolt, Greenfield, Indiana
In loving memory of my Father-In-Law. Not only was he my husbands father, but very much a father figure to me, and a very special person in my life. So many good times and memories are forever in our hearts. Daddy Bob loved to fish, he loved calling me his bucket girl, for he gave me the worms to carry, I treasure those times, and the fish stories shared. He is sadley missed by his family and thought of fondly with Love

His Daughter-In-Law Carol Ann

Cross Wilma T Rainbolt
By Carol Rainbolt, Greenfield Indiana
Katie, you have gone home to Heaven only a short time ago. The heart ache, and the over whelming feeling of grief and loss is still much to new to our hearts, You were my best friend, There was not anything you and I could not talk about, I always felt like you were my protector, and always had my back, And I loved you for that, I miss you so much Katie, I look at the pictures with you and all of the Grand kids and my heart breaks I know the love you had for each and everyone of them. The only thing that can bring a smile to my heart, and mind is knowing you are with Daddy Bob. And that is such a wonderful feeling to the whole family, We love you and miss you and we will all be together. I miss those blue eyes, your smile and your laugh,,, I wish the world could have known you. I love you.

FlowersGeorgia Wynn Rains
By Carrie Downey, West Des Moines, IA USA
Dearest Grandma Rains
I want you to know that i think about you alot. I miss you and wish that we could have been closer when I moved to Iowa when mom and dad divorced. I wish that i could have seen you more. I know that you are in heaven with the angels and with Jeremy. I love you grandma. Please watch over us. Love Carrie

FlowersGeorgia Rains
By Stacey Fernandez, Bakersfield, Ca
My Dearest Grandma, I miss you more and more each day. You are an Angel now and I know you are watching over us, and you see my beautiful little boy. I wish everyday that he could have known you. God knew what he was doing when he made you my Grandmother. I know that there is part of you in me and that makes me very proud. I love you and miss you.
Love, Stacey

FlowersJeremy Wayne Rains
By Carrie Downey, West Des Moines, IA USA
My dearest Brother,
I want you to know that a day doesnt pass that i dont think about you. I know that you are with the angels watching upon us. I miss you dearly and wish that you were not gone. I am taking care of your son Michael and want you to know that he is taken care of and is in a loving home. He miss you dearly and he is a loving young boy, who looks just like you did as a child. We love and miss you. Love your sister Carrie and your son Michael Alan

FlowersEladio Ramos
By Evelyn Knapp, Thompsonville, NY USA

September 18, 1949-April 9, 1994. Till We Meet Again!!

You Are Missed More Each Day
We Wish That You Were Here,
If We Could Have Our Way
We'd Always Want You Near.

But Happiness You Finally Found
In Life You Did Not Know,
Yet Still Wanting You Around
We Know You Had To Go..

To A Much Better Place
Where Jesus Cares For You,
If We Could See Your Face
You'd No Longer Be Sad And Blue.

Jesus Walks Each Day With You
In Heaven Up Above,
You Have A Life Brand New
Surrounded By His Love!

One Day We Will Meet You
On That Peaceful Shore,
We Will Gladly Greet You
Where Heartaches Are No More!
Till We Meet Again, We'll Always Love You,
Evelyn and "Son" Michael

CrossCharles Michael Ranallo
By Dennis & Donna Ranallo, Pittsburgh, PA USA
This is in loving memory of our only child Charlie, who passed away two years ago at age 17. He was a kind, caring human being dedicated to his faith, family, and friends. We love you Charlie and miss you so very much, and long for the day that we are together again.

See, I will not forget you, I have carved you in the palm of my hand.

FlowersKristina Ranger
By Fro-Ee Brown, Imperial Beach, CA USA
Kristina was a good friend. She would always listen to you and treat you fairly. She was a young beautiful lass when she left me. She will always be remembered in the memory of her friends and family, but none shall miss her the most as much as me. We love you Kristina.

CrossJames F. Rasley 3-1-22 to 7-4-00
By Megan Wilson, Deer River, MN
This is is loving memory of my grandpa James F. Rasley. Who passed away on July 4, 2000. He was a kind loving grandfather. I love and miss you so very much.

CrossJohn Kelly Ray
By Jane Ray Jones, Fayetteville, NC
You went away so young. God had a different ideal for you. I know someday we will meet again. My life has changed so much since you left. We have moved cross oceans and across country, But know the kids and I have never forgot your smile. we miss you so very much. John is now a teenager and your little sugar bugger is now 8. She knows all about you she misses the daddy she only new for 10 months. I have remarried. You will always be my first love and will always be in my heart. Until we meet again in heaven someday. Thanks for being my guardian angel. Love and miss you Jane

FlowersJohn Kelly Ray
By Katie Jayne Ray, Fayetteville, NC
8-13-1963 to 9-19-1994 Daddy this is your little sugar bugger. I wish I got to know you. You went away when I was only ten months old. Mom tells me all about you. I cry for you. I know you are in my heart and you watch over me. Mom shows me videos of you and tells me all about you. What a loving man you where and how you always made sure we where taken care of. Even after you went away. We have moved from Texas. We go see you when we can and take you flowers. I hope you get the balloons we send you on your birthday. We have sent them to you for 7 years. I love you and miss you so very much. Love your little sugar bugger Katie Jayne Ray.

Flower VaseJohn Kelly Ray
By John Billy Ray, Fayetteville, NC
Daddy you went away when I was 8. I have never forgotten all of the times we went fishing and arrow head hunting. I miss going four wheeling with you and you teaching me how to ride my dirt bike. Remember when you tried to teach Mom and she ran in to the parked car. I remind her of that all the time. It was so funny. I am just glad she was OK. I will be 16 soon. I am a freshman and I will get my license soon. I hope I have made you proud of me. I miss you so very much. Until we meet again. Love your buddy John

CrossKaitlyn Shyann Denise Raymer
By Denise and Terry Raymer, Louisville, Kentucky
Although Mommy and Daddy never got to hold you or see you, we love you with all our hearts. Not a day goes by that we don't think of you and wish you were here with us. You are in God's hands now our Sweet Angel. We love you Kaitlyn. Mommy and Daddy

CrossRonnie Reese, Jr.
By Anna Basgier, Mt. Airy, Maryland
It has been 3 years since God saved you from your pain and suffering. I am so grateful that you found peace. Now I pray that you give me the strength I need to continue my search for comfort and trust in the Lord. I know I cannot be angry at God for taking you from us so soon, they say He takes the best ones first. It has just been so hard for me to come to terms with loosing you. You were the best brother someone could ever ask for. I just wish I took the chance to hug you and tell you I loved you and how proud I was of you. I thought I would have one more day. I know you hear my prayers, but it is just not the same as having you here. I love you Bunky. Love, Anna-Your sister baby.

FlowersEdna Joy Rehder
By Martin Lee Rehder, Alliance, NE USA
I will love you for my entire life and tell everyone whose path I cross how wonderful you were, Momma

Cross Shirley Reine
By Loretta Gilfoy, E. Falmouth, Massachusetts
She walks with us down quiet paths,
And speaks in wind and rain,
For the magic power of memory,
Gives her back to us again.

CrossSusie Reid
By Anonymous
Oh, grandma how I misses you so much I can't go a day without your special touch. I wish you were here today so I can talk to you face to face. One day I'll see you in that special place, and I'll have no worries just a smile on my face. APR.33-DEC.99

Cross Erik Adam Reitenbaugh
By Evalani Reitenbaugh
Born 1973 - Passed April 1, 2000

You were a wonderful man that left so much behind in the little about of time you were here on earth. You left so many people here that love you. You may be gone out of site but your not out of our thoughts. You would be so proud of your children!

I love you Erik!
Your Loving Wife Evalani Reitenbaugh

FlowersRyan Peter Remsing
By Kammi Davis, Marysville, WA USA
Ryan, you were an inspiration to all who knew you. You have helped me become who I am, your influences are astronomical. It's been 13 years, and you are not missed any less than you were the day you passed. You were an 11 year old boy whom shared wisdom at high levels. You shined whether the sun did or not. You never let anything or anyone stop you from enjoying every breathing moment of your short lived life. I cherish the fact that you protect me and support me with your spirit. You are forever appreciated and never forgotten. Your sister loves and misses you. Till we meet again.
Love Kammi

FlowersJack Rentfrow, Sr.
By Susan Raulerson, Jacksonville, FL USA
You were the best step-father anyone could have... you raised me and Carl as if we were your own. After having you in my life for 30 years it has been very difficult to deal with letting you go. Losing you has really changed our family. It will NEVER be the same as before. NO ONE will ever be able to fill your shoes in my life. I love you and miss you so much even after almost 2 years! (March 12, 1999)

Cross Melody Ann Repanshek
By David Repanshek, Portsmouth, Virginia
Melody was 52 years old when cancer ended her life here on earth at 2:53 am on the 25th of February 2008. Our marriage of 13 years is something I will cherish forever. She died in my arms in our bedroom in the house, in the community she loved. She died exactly 1 year to the day Holy Spirit entered her heart while practicing (singing) for an Easter Chorus in our kitchen one evening.

CrossClarence Resko III
By close friend Ashley, Ohio, US
Sorry I never told you all I wanted to say
And now it's too late to hold you
'Cause you've flown away, so far away
Never had I imagined we'd be living without your smile
Feeling and knowing you hear me - it keeps me alive, alive
And I know you're shining down on me from Heaven
Like so many friends we've lost along the way
And I know eventually we'll be together one sweet day

Flowers "Little Ray" Adrian Reyes
By Mommy forever to Little Ray, Julie Reyes, Lake Oswego, Oregon
You our our forevr nine year old son. We love and miss you... and we know you are with Jesus and we will one day see you again and you will be perfect and free of pain. We miss you unitl then. I love you more than words can say. Goodnight sweet prince. Love Mommy, Daddy and your brothers; Bryce, Dylan and Antonio

CrossLynnessa Rose Rheal
By Krista Rheal, PA USA
August 24 - August 25, 1997

In memory of our little angel, Lynnessa. She was born on August 24th of last year, but our Heavenly Father took her to be with Him on August 25th. When she was born and we found out that she couldn't breathe--she had what they call a maconium (that's the best I can do with the spelling) and it lined her lungs--we became very upset. Lynnessa was rushed to another hospital without me and I was devestated. I only got to hold my little girl for five minutes before they rushed her to the other hosptial. I got transferred the next day to that same hospital so that I could be with my husband and Lynnessa. She passed on in the afternoon of the 25th. If it had not been for my faith and love for Jesus, I would have give up all hope after that. What calmed me down the night of the 24th was the 23rd Psalm. If you don't know it, please read it. They are words to live by. God spoke to me that night through those words. Here's what the words say:

"The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me lie down in green pastures; He leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul; He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For Thou art with me; They rod and Thy staff, they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies; Thou annointest my head with oil; My cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me ALL the days of my life; And I will dwell in the house of the Lord Forever."

--Psalm 23--

Cross Oletta Rice (Grandma Rice)
By Jennifer Dorsey, Pataskala, OH
Grandma Rice, was a wonderful, caring, loving and sassy woman. I feel blessed to have had her in my life. She will be terribly missed by her sons, daughters, granchildren, great granchildren and extended family and friends. However, there is a sense of peace knowing that she is now at home with the Lord. Just knowing her has made so many better people.

CrossAlbert A. Richard
By Cheryl Blanchard, Marrero, LA USA
Daddy it has been 12 long years without you, there is not a day that passes that i don't think of you. But we will meet again in a much better place.

All My Love,

CrossJoseph J. Richard
By Debra Richard, Morgan City, LA
Joey I miss you more than words could ever explain. I Love you so much! Take good care of our baby girl in heaven.

CrossKandiss LeAnn Richard
By Debra Richard, Morgan City, LA
Kandiss i wanted to tell you that I love you so much! I wish you and your daddy were here with me and your sissy but i know that you can't be. I miss you! Love, Mommy

FlowersBaby Bump Richardson
By Kate Richardson, England, UK
Miss you so much more than you'll ever know. Would give anything to hold you again. Love as always, Mummy & Daddy. xxx

CrossJohn Luke Richardson
By Jim, Liz and Katie Richardson
MAY 17/93-DEC 20/96
You will always be our precious little angel. Mom and Dad and Katie miss you so very much. Your time on earth was short but it was also very precious to us.

Your laughter, hugs, and smile are missed very much. May you always know Mom and Dad will love you always. Until we see you again, my your guardian angel hold you in his loving arms.

Love MOM,DAD and Your Katie.

CrossRose Richman
By Sandra Lobis, Warminster, PA USA
My mom was my best friend. She passed on 9/23/99 of cancer she was only 57 years old she left us with so much, I feel so lost with out her. But she left us a letter and she told us her work here on earth was done. and life goes on I miss her more then words can say.she is in my hart forever, and she is my special angel here on earth. I love you mom!!! and miss you every day. I know you are with me. Looking after me thank-you for every thing. You are my blessing in life your daughter Sandra

CrossErold Edwin Ricker
By Pamela Murphy, Monticello, ME USA
Dear Dad, I know we didn't see eye to eye after you and Mom got divorced and we have lost touch over the years. I never stopped loving you or forgot you but there were too many hurts. My heart broke when they called me that night and said you were gone; you went so fast. I wonder what your last thoughts were? You saved my life this summer - July 25, 1998, when I was hemorrhaging in surgery and they called the family in. You came to me and tole me to go back. I will never question your love for me again. You showed it when you gave me another chance and I love you from the bottom of my heart and I miss you. I have had four surgeries since then. I have felt you on my right shoulder helping me make it through. Mom got me a guardian angel pin and that is where I wear it constantly on my right shoulder so that I know you are watching out for me and trying to make me better. I love you and miss you. Your daughter, Pam

Erold Edwin Ricker Born: 17 September, 1925 Died: 24 October, 1995.

Flower VaseJoseph Lloyd Ricker
By Pamela R. Murphy, Monticelo, ME USA
Joseph Lloyd Ricker
Born: August 7, 1996 -- Died: August 7, 1996
We loved you, dear baby, with all our hearts. The angels in Heaven needed you and you are gone to a better place. But not a day goes by, that you are not in our thoughts and prayers. You have another brother now, Joshua Daniel, who was born on January 20, 1998. Please, dear Lord, watch over Joseph and keep him in your loving arms. We love you, Joseph.
Love, Aunt Pam

FlowersRichard C. Riippi
By Mary E Riippi, Geneva, IL USA
The leaves were falling
That October night
When you went away
To that place of light
We miss you more
Than we can say
Tho the year went fast
Day after day.....
You are in our prayers
Our thoughts our deeds
There is an empty place
Still full of needs

Love your wife, your son, your daughter, your grandson, your family, your friends.

FlowersLeland Mason Riley
By A. Holly, Turlock, CA USA
"Too soon gone. Never to be forgotten. Once wed to Denise and father to Matthew. Your light lives on in your son and in my heart. Be at peace."

CrossSandra Riley (Franklin)
By Robyn Delong, Mansfield, OH USA
To a loving aunt whom never gave up on me no matter how bad I got and always tried to keep me out of trouble. I hope that I made your dreams come true before you died. You were always saying before you die you hope you get to see me change my ways and I did. I miss you so very much and will always think of you before I go out and do something I shouldn't be doing so that maybe that will help me change my mind. I love you. 1947 - 2000. She died unexpectedly of a massive heart attack on November 4, 2000.

Cross William Steven Riley
By Theresa and William Riley, Washington, UT
Our Son William passd away on December 31, 2010. Bill was a loving, honest and thoughtful son, husband and father and always took great pride whenever he worked on a project but he had many stumbling blocks along the way. We have always been proud of all William's accomplishments and loved him unconditionally. Until we meet again son, all our love, Mom, Dad and Ted

FlowersLorraine K. Rivenburg
By Tammy Sprague, Watervliet, NY USA
In loving memory of a wonderful woman who was like a second mother to me. She was taken from this world and brought to a better place. I hope one day to be reunited with her. May she rest in peace. I love you so much Lorraine!

Cross Gary L. Rivera
By Lisa Flores, Tempe, AZ
Gary- you once told me you loved me so, I once told you I would never let you go, yet here I am living my life without you. You are special to me. You were my king. And I was your Queen. I am so in love. There is not one minute of the day that I donít think of you. Until we meet again. Yours forever,

Flower VaseStaff Sargent John R. Roberts
By Kathy Thompson, Graham, NC USA
Dad, it has only been 11 monthes since you left us with only your memory, but it still hurts like it was yesterday.sometimes I think I am going crazy because it feels like you are here. I just want you to know that I love you and miss you so much! I wish you were here but I know that you are in a bettr place and I will see you again someday. Please communicate if you can. Does the pain ease any?

CrossDanny Gene Robertson
By Mary Ann Robertson, Dos Palos, CA USA
Nearly 16 long years since you left us. Uncle Danny, how we've missed your charm and your smile. How I've missed being your little girl. And your little girl, Megan, the one who was just 5 months old when you choose to leave us. The beautiful daughter who is now 16 years old and never had the chance to know you as I did. You would be so proud of the beautiful girl, the one with your sly grin, the one whose veins your blood runs through. It's been the hardest on Grandpa and especially Grandma, who after 16 years still cannot bear to go back to the place wear she laid you to rest. But we visit you often for her, and hope to see you in heaven where you are now free from all your pain and from all your addictions. We love you forever. My dad misses you tremendously and it's like a great part of him died with you, his only brother and his best friend, he just isn't the same man without you. And the great-nephew who knows all about you and gets to hear all the childhood stories and memories of my love for you. And hopefully, one day the great-niece, who will bear your name(Dani Jean) so that she too will always be your little girl.

CrossMonica Rae Chasteen-Robinson July 15,1966-March 29,1998
By Melissa Hicks, New Castle, Indiana
To My Sister, My Best Friend,
She was someone always willing to leand a helping hand. Who would listen very carefully and try to understand. She was someone who would be there when you needed her by your side. And she would always be the one in whom you could confinde. She could always make you smile even when you felt blue. Because she shared so many of the same feelings as you. Family times, good times, quiet times too, she made them all so special as sisters always do. In memory of my sister who passed away when she was 31 but gave us all a great gift... her son, who was born on her 20th birthday. Thank you Monica for the gift of Wesley... he is so much like you. I love you and miss you so very much... Your sister, Melissa

CrossDarrin Scott Robinson
By Kerri Stortz, Windsor, Ontario
Darrin was our first born and a beautiful baby. We had to make the choice of letting him live [he had numerous complications] or letting him go. It was an easy decision to make. He would still be suffering and in pain daily if we hadn't. Darrin was born May 11 and died May 18. 1994 since then we have brought his baby brother into the world June 11 1996 Andrew William. We love you baby and know you are free of your pain and handicaps that would have plagued you on earth. Please watch over your baby brother

CrossLarry Derrell Robinson
By Juanita Gray
Larry was a great person he was loved by many people. I never thought God could take someone so close to me, but I guess everybody has to leave someday. He leaves to cherish his three daughters Lasherria T. Little, Juanita L. Gray, And Laquilla R. Williams, and one son Jessie D. Gray. He was by his mom and wife. Miss me but let me go... When I came to the end of the road and the sun has set for me, I want no rites in a gloom filled room, why cry for a soul set free. Miss me a little-but not to long, and not with your head bowed low. Remember the love that we once shared, for this is a journey that we all must take, and each must go alone. It's all a part of the master's plan... Sept. 20, 1959- April 15, 2000

CrossPeggy Rodgers
By Monica Hagler, Waxhaw, NC USA
Mom, Thank you for my life, I will always miss you and love you!!! Till we meet again......Goodbye! With love from your Daughter


If tears could build a stairway,
and memories were a lane,
I could walk right up to heaven
to bring you home again.
No farewell words were spoken
no time to say goodbye
you were gone before I knew it,
and only God knows why.
My heart still aches in sadness
and secret tears still flow,
what it meant to lose you,
no one will ever know.

CrossGene Michael Rodrigue
By Reesie Rodrigue, Marrero LA USA
Gene was a loving and caring man...he was only 39yrs old, Oct.20, 1999 he had a massive heart attack... it was and still is a shock, I think of him and miss him more everyday, I long for the day were together again... life is meaningless with out him... he is my life, I Love You Gene!!!

I love you Gene with all my heart, I don't know why we had to part, I know you're happy and feel no pain, I can't wait til we're together again.. you are my love, you are my life I will always be your wife..the girls love you and miss you much.., I can't wait to feel your touch!!!!!

FlowersTaina Alexis Rodriguez
By Doris Rodriguez, Waterbury, CT USA
My angel taina, you were my first baby. I miss you so much! You were only 3 when you passed away on june 25, '01... But you suffered so much in those 3 years, I almost felt relieved for you. You took the hand of the angel in your sleep, and I thank god you didn't suffer and went peacefully in your own bed at home. Thank you so much for sending baby india to make it just a bit easier to deal with your loss. I can' t wait until the day we can all be together again, and I can finally take you in my arms and hear you tell me "i love you, mami". Don't forget to catch your balloon on your birthday! I love you always.

Love, mami

CrossLorene Anne Ewbank-Roeckers
By Trina Roeckers-Volpert, Topeka, KS USA
Mom, you were my best friend.
Always there for me.
Good times,
Not so good times,
Whenever I needed you.

I miss you.
I can't imagine life without you.
No one knows me
Like you.

Who will I call
When I have some great news
Or when
I just need someone to listen?
A best friend.

Peace, no pain for you now.
But you left an emptiness
I can not fill.
My best friend.
What do I do?

CrossLisa Rogers
By Dawn Newberry, Huntsville, AL USA
Lisa was my best friend, my soulmate. Many believe that a soulmate has to be a husband or a spouse. A soulmate is that one person who knows you inside out. That one special person that is beside you every step of the way, through Good times and Bad. Lisa died December 2 1996. I wake up EVERY morning with her on my mind, and I go to bed EVERY night with her on my mind. I was on the phone with her when she passed. She had an anyuerism in the brain that nobody was aware of. She was 31 years old at the time of her Death. She left behind a fabulous son whom she loved dearly. The loss of her is undescribable.I could have missed the pain, but I would have had to miss the Dance, And that is one Dance I am honored to have had.... I love you Lisa and await the day I see you again...

CrossWesley Dean Rogers
By John, Melissa, Dylan, Alexis, and Whitney Rogers, Taylorsville, KY USA
Wesley was taken from us May 23, 1999 in a car wreck, we didn't even get to say goodbye. I hope he knows how much we love him. He now has a third grandchild to watch over from Heaven above. All our love until we meet again.

CrossPepita Romano
By Stacy, Plantation, FL USA
We all miss you very much. Grandma prays for you everyday. We love you.

Cross DeeDee Roop
By Tammy, Surprise, AZ
Dear DeeDee,
I know you're with the Lord but I still will always miss you..I will miss your phone calls..we will always love you DeeDee. Hugz & Kisses.. your sister always,

Cross Paul M. Nagin and Brandon D. Root
By Courtney Raquet, Covington, LA
You two were my best friends. I will always remember that 5 A.M. call telling me of the news. I'm still in denial to this day and probably won't ever be able to completely cope with this grief. I am sorry for anything that I said or did to bring you down because if I could go back, you better believe I would. You were two of the best guys anyone could ever meet. To you life wasn't a game, yet it was a journey you traveled never losing hope until that day you passed away. You will always and forever remain in my heart... please remember me as I remember you. I love you my guardian angels for continuing to "raise me up" and watch over me as you always have!!!

Cross Michael Rose
By Keith Richard, Lafayette, Louisiana
Mike was one of the best officers on the force. He was always smiling and able to talk through any situation. He was a proud daddy!! We miss you Mikey!!!

CrossStanley Lowell Roseborough
By Patty Smith, Lost Creek, WV USA
You were a very special person in my life. You weren't really my cousin by blood, but I always thought of you as such. You were always willing to offer advice, you treated me as one of your own, and you always loved to tease me. Not everybody would have gotten away with that! You always brought a smile to my face and I knew that I could always call your house "home". You were such a loving husband, dad, and grandpa. You left a legacy of love, and you will always be loved and missed. Oh, one more thing -- YUK!! I miss ya, pal!

FlowersRita S. Rosenson
By Linda Rosenson, Cherry Hill, NJ USA
You were my guide, philosopher and friend. What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.

CrossJill Ann Ross-Morell
By Bob and Mary Dettwiler, Traverse City, MI USA
You are loved as a daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend. We all miss you very much. Your loving ways and your courage are an inspiration to all of us.

CrossMother-Patricia Ross
By Fred Ross, Ona, WV USA
Mom, its only been 10 months since you left us but it may as well have been 10 years I Love you and Miss you

Cross Susie Rotuna-di Donato
By Jan Rotuna-dicko
My sister my best friend my heart is broken, I love you so much

FlowersClifford Rouse
By Shirley Hastings, Wheeling, WV
I miss you so much Dad. I have tried very hard not to cry so much because I know you wouldnt want that but Dad there are somedays I just dont know if I can make it through. It`s just not fair that I lost you Dad. I feel so cheated for the years to come I will no longer hear your voice or see that ornary grin you always had. Dad I lay in bed at night and i cry myself to sleep as the teardrops fall from my swollen eyes. Dad why did you have to die? why did you have to make me cry? Why did you have to leave me behind? I cant wait until the world ends so we can be together again as one big happy family. Dad if you could only come back from heaven I am not sure if I would know what to say or would I freeze in my spot or would I just break down and cry. I hope God knows how much I Love You Dad and how much I miss you. If there was away God could send you to us I hope he knows we would never send you back Love your Daughter Shirley

CrossDonald & Josephine Routhier
By Denise Gerhard, N. Brookfield, MA USA
My Dad passed away on March 31,1995 from an illness (sugar). Dad suffered many years, near the end Dad stayed in the hospital the last 31 days of his life. We LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH DAD IT STILL HURTS!! The day after we buried my DAD, my MOM was in a car accident,my MOM lived 7 days in a coma and passed away april 11,1995 (on my DAD's Birthday). MOM WE LOVE And MISS you so MUCH!

We'll always love and miss you both!!! Till we meet in HEAVEN AGAIN!!
LOVE ALWAYS: Your Daughter Denise and DAD:1928-1995 MOM:1930-1995 Grandson: Shaun hugs & kisses

CrossCpl. Gerald R. Roy
By Sandra Garcia, Rochester, NY USA
Only 3 months and you would have been home for Christmas. I think of you often and miss you dearly. You did get to see your niece at 3 months old but never the nephew who was named after you and looks so much like you. I am sure you are in heaven and hope to hug you again some day.

CrossLisa Rubek
By Debbie
Her brother and I miss her so much, as well as her daughter.

CrossLisa Marie (Rippy) Rubek 11-24-1973 to 11-22-2000
By Deborah Sievers
To the most beautifull daughter, sister, and mother. We miss you very much and love you very much. You are the most important person in all three of our lives. We are thankfull for the little time we did have. We will always cherish the memories, and you. You will always be in our hearts. See you when we get there. From your three best friends. Daughter Amanda age 8
He's not heavy he's your brother Jimmy age 23
Mother Deborah age 45
God be with you always sweet girl,we love you always.

CrossGeorge Ruby Sr
By Chuckie & Chad Sandercox, Troy, NY USA
Great Grandpie we will remember the good times we shared. You will always be in our hearts your great grandsons Chuckie and Chad

Flower VaseGreg A. Rumley
By Dan and Nancy Holliday, Tulsa, OK
On this date of your sudden and tragic death, know that you are always remembered in our hearts and minds. Dan hasn't laughed again as he did with you because no one else we know possesses your wit, your character, your soul. At our wedding, the Best Man wasn't there because no one could fill your shoes. You are missed, Greg Rumley, and will never die as you reside in our memories forever. As Tigger would say, TTFN friend, son, brother.

CrossNikolaus Edward Runkles
By Karen Johnson, Hanover, PA USA
Memories are treasures that no one can steal, death is a heartache that nothing can heal. Some may forget you now that you're gone but we will remember no matter how long our hearts still ache with sadness our eyes shed many tears. God only knows how much we miss you. It has been lonely since you left us life has not been the same all the world would be like heaven just to see your face again.

Cross Jonathan David Rushing
By David Rushing, Lake Ridge, VA

MaryEllen, I want you to know that your father had much courage, character, and heart. I say courage because, over his 21 years, fourth months, and three days on this bouncing ball, he faced adversities that most of us will never have to endure. Much pain, much hurt. But, he had the courage of a lion. He stood for all that is right and good. He protected your Grandmother as if she were his own daughter. He stemmed the tide of much evil that sought to tempt his family and friends. And, he never surrendered to cowardice. Never. Character and courage always.

And heart. Wall to wall, treetop tall heart. Miles and miles of heart. A heart so big, so loving, that all who met him forever remembered him. A smile and twinkling eyes that told all that he cared for them. That he had a secret that he just might share with them. If, and I mean Only If, they were nice. I wish that you will always respect his memory. I will help. PawPaw

CrossJennie Irene Ruth Jan. 7th 1915-Jan. 7th 2001
By Varonaca, Jamie, & Zach Wilson and Kolbie Chaz, Chattanooga, TN USA
"Have you ever lost a loved one,
Who was very dear to you.
One you loved so very much,
And miss her like we do.
Have you ever had a heartache,
Or ever felt the pain,
Or ever shed those bitter tears
That drop like rain.
If you never had that feeling,
I pray you never do.
For when God takes a loved one,
He takes a part of you."

Steven Rutherford
By Candice, Victoria, Australia
I cant help but think that you chosing to make the selfish decision of suicide was nothing somewhat of an arrogant and cowardess choice but i have turned to go many times and he has showed me that i was not the cause of the choice but only the thing keeping him alive, slowly killing him. God is a powerful man, i hope you are respecting him more now he has forgiven you.

i like to hope so.

CrossMatt Ryan
By Chris Ryan, ST: Conway, AR
Romans 8:28

CrossTommy Ryan
By Friends from Valley Community Baptist Church, Avon, CT USA
Tommy, you were a ministry to others in life and death. You will always be remembered as the wonderful, happy Christian young man that you were. Hundreds attended your services and learned all about your life. It's a shame you didn't get to go into missions as you had wished, and even worse that you can't see how many lives you touched because of your own life. We will all miss you, but we praise God for the things He is doing in our churches and schools through your death. We look forward to seeing you in Heaven.

Flowers Dan M. Ryke
By Rebecca, Muskegon, MI
I want to put a meomry that I would like people to now about. My dad ladt year June 9th 2001. I was 14 years old and I want him to now that I love him even though he wasn't in my life since I was 2 years old. I miss him so much and I wish that I could see him I am now 15 and wish i had a dad in my life. I grow up with out him and I just want him to be right here in my life right now. I miss him even though i don't now him and I love him.

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