A tragic story of an OSAS believer.

Bless you brother. Your osas articles that I have read really do shine the light on a doctrine that has done a lot to lure the body of Christ back into sin and self destruction. But the Messiah taught us thru the word that "a good tree does not bring forth bad fruit and that you shall know a tree by it's fruit."

Man's reasoning of osas says that I can have my cake and eat it too. Keep on sinning boy, you done got yo ticket to the pearly gates. Nobody's perfect, everybody sins, so just keep on doing the sins that you really like to do. God has forgiven you past, present, and future. When Paul was talking about avoiding doctrines of demons I'm sure that he was talking about such as this. The word states Be ye holy cause I am holy, and perfecting holiness in the fear of the Lord, because without this no one shall see him.

My good friend killed himself 8 years ago and in the letters that he wrote while the drugs were destoying his internal organs He said he knew God would forgive him. osas again. And when the bullet splattered his brains all over the wall he was convinced that God would be there ready to embrace Him. He had told me months before exactly how He would kill himself if his wife ever left, because he would never pay child support and they had three children. I told him that I didn't think that it worked that way because I had read the verse Your body is the temple of God. He who destroys the temple of God, God will destroy.

I really thought that Buddy was just talking noise but to my horror He calmly premeditated and carried his own execution. Early on the moring of my eldest son's birthday I got a call from his wife...Buddy's dead...by his own hand. If he had not had the osas mindset but rather the increasing life mindset, well maybe he would have spent his anniversary with his wife, instead of leaving her waiting, while He was out with one of his old girlfriends.

Now Buddy was a very intelligent man, articulate who could build a sailing ship in a wine bottle, rebuild an engine out of an MG Midget, navigate around the would by the stars and the sun. But He was unable to see the plan of destruction that had been planted into his mind just as deadly as a mine in a minefield. For about 5 years everytime I would go to work when my son's birthday was close tears would fall down my face for... Buddy. God bless you brother and keep shining the light..

My response is in Green:

Thank you very much. Your story about your friend Buddy is the perfect example of why I think that OSAS is such a dangerous doctrine. I struggle with the teachers who teach it. Many of them seem to truly love the Lord, but yet they twist Scripture to fit their doctrine and I believe are the cause for many people missing the Kingdom of God. I am truly sorry about your friend.

I believe that God has called me to speak out boldly and warn as many people as I can. Thank you for your letter it was a great encouragement to me.

God bless you.


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