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Listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Police Memorial

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



BadgeScott Baird (Officer)
Gainesville Police Department
By Josue "Big O" Ostolaza, Gainesville, FL USA
Officer Baird was 23 years old and had been with the Gainesville Police department for just under 2 years. Officer Baird responded to a report of a batting cage that was put in the middle of the road behind a high school by some pranksters. Officer Baird arrived on scene in the early morning hours, closer to about 4 am. On scene he requested a tow truck be in route to assist in moving the large object and while he was standing there close to his patrol car and the cage ,a motorist approached , who did not see his lights and struck the cage that struck him, killing the Officer. The motorist paniced and left the scene only to return with his mother 30 to 45 minutes later. Officer Baird was just starting his carreer and loved his job in law enforcement. He will be greatly Missed.

I never dreamed it would be me
My name for all eternity
Recorded here at this hallowed place
Alas, my name, no more my face

"In the line of duty" I hear them say
My family now the price will pay
My folded flag stained with their tears
We only had those few short years

The badge no longer on my chest
I sleep now in eternal rest
My sword I pass to those behind
And pray they keep this thought in mind

I never dreamed it would be me
And with heavy heart and bended knee
I ask for all here from the past
Dear God, let my name be the last

BadgeBill Baker (Sergeant)
Big Spring Police Department
By Stacey Childers, Big Spring, TX USA
James (Bill) Baker died Feb. 19, 1978 after a long illness. He began work with the Big Spring Police Department in 1955 and served 21 years with the department before retiring in 1976 due to ill health. He was also a charter and lifetime member of the Big Spring Police Association and a veteran of WW II having served in Europe. Members of the BSPD and area law enforcement officials served as honorary pallbearers.

BadgeCharles Baker (Deputy)
Somerset County Sheriff's Office
By Sgt. Darren L. Hooper, Fairfield, ME USA
By Monique Graeber, Skowhegan, ME USA
By Sgt. Darren L. Hooper,
Killed in the line of duty responding to back up a State Trooper on a weapons call.

By Monique Graeber,
A veteran deputy with the Somerset County Sheriff's Department Charles B. Baker, 53, was ejected from his cruiser and died of head injuries, December 28, 1999 when his cruiser swerved off a rural stretch of U.S. Route 2 and rolled into a field as he was en route to assist a state trooper on a call. Baker had just dropped a prisoner off at the county jail in Skowhegan when he heard a state trooper was on his way to check a report of suspicious activity in Palmyra and volunteered to help. The call came in from a woman motorist who had passed a group of men with flashlights and a rifle in a rural area of town, and felt they had threatened her. The men turned out to be raccoon hunters who were doing nothing illegal, but Baker didn't know that.. Baker was a highly respected officer who will be sadly missed by his family, coworkers and residents he served in the county. He was a model deputy, his uniform, equipment and cruiser were always spotless. He took great pride in what he did. He knew his job and did it well.

BadgeFred Baker (Senior Corrections Officer)
New Jersey State Department of Corrections
By Officer Paul McRae, NJ USA
Senior Corrections Officer Fred Baker was killed in the line of duty at Bayside State Prison in Leesburg, NJ on 7/30/97 while supervising over 125 inmates with no other Officers present to assist him. He was stabbed by one of those inmates who had made a home made knife, or "shank". May God rest his soul.

BadgeFredrick A. Baker (Deputy)
West Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department
By Lt. Gary Hill, Palm Beach Sheriff's Office, West Palm Beach, FL USA
Killed in the Line of Duty 01/09/24

BadgeJohn Bananola (Deputy Sheriff)
Pierce County Sheriffs Department
By Paul D. Thrash, Gig Harbor, WA USA
On the morning of October 16th, 1995, a search warant for narcotics was served at a Tacoma, WA residence. Deputy Bananola was one of the lead officers into the residence. The suspect emerged from a rear bedroom undressed but armed with a 9mm automatic. A gunfight ensued between the suspect and three officers. Deputy Bananola was hit once in the side and went down. The suspect closed and fired point blank at him on the floor. John died from three gunshots wounds to the head at close range. He was 36 years of age and a 10 year veteran of the department.

The suspect, whose brother is a deputy from the same department, was injured in the shootout but survived to stand trial. He was recently convicted after a second trial and was sentenced to just under 50 years in prison.

Badge Richard Barnhart ()
Pennsylvania State Police
By Jeffrey A. Gyurke, Uniontown, PA
Richard G. Barnhart was born May 17, 1927, at New Florence, PA.
A veteran of the United States Army, Barnhart enlisted in the Pennsylvania State Police on November 15, 1951, and was assigned to Troop B-1, Washington.
On August 8, 1964, Trooper Barnhart and Trooper Ralph S. Kendall were investigating a drag race incident on Route 112 near Republic, Fayette County. As the Troopers pursued the racers, another vehicle pulled onto the highway from a service station. striking the police vehicle. Trooper Barnhart died at the scene of the accident. Trooper Kendall suffered a broken arm and leg.
Trooper Barnhart is buried in Saint Mary's Cemetery, Uniontown, PA.
At 37, Barnhart had completed 12 years and 9 months of Pennsylvania State Police service.

BadgeJames Patrick Bartram (Senior Trooper)
Indiana State Police
By Lisa Shelton, Indianapolis, IN USA
Pat was a man who could have very easily went the opposite direction of than Law Enforcement. He had many reasons he should have failed. He grew up in a tough neighborhood, went to a rough school, lost his father and was on his own before 18. He didn't even own a car until his mid 20's. He never lost sight that he could be somebody who could make a difference in this world. He studied Ishinryu Karate, was a 5th degree black belt and I believe it kept him focused. At 25, He and his twin brother became State Troopers both working from the same post in Mooresville, Indiana. On March 31, 1998, he was pursuing a speeding car when another unidentified car pulled in front of him. He swerved but hit a truck in which a father and son were traveling. All were killed. The world did not stop and grieve, as I thought should happen when one of the greatest men I ever met, a young child and a husband and father all lost their lives. Please pray that his twin Mike stays safe in his chosen field of undercover narcotics, and that his Mother finds the strength to live her life the way Pat would have wanted her and all his friends and family to. I miss you Pat!! Love always, Lisa

BadgeRandy M. Basnett (Patrolman)
Fort Smith Police Department
By Cindy Basnett Thurman, Fort Smith, AR USA
Killed on Sept. 24, 1976 at the age of 30. Left behind a wife, a stepdaughter, a stepson, and a 3 month old baby. Killed after stopping a murderer.

We will always remember you and your bravery.

Your loving sister,

BadgeThomas Bateman (Deputy)
Bucks County Sheriff Office
By Gary Killian, Bensalem, PA USA
Killed in an auto accident w/ his partner Geo Warta
He is sadley missed by fellow Deputies and his Mother Ann

BadgeRonald Eugene Bays (Deputy)
Barrow County Sheriff's Department, Georgia
By Vickie L. Autry, Arnoldsville, GA USA
By Penny Bays, Bristol, VA USA

By Vickie L. Autry, Arnoldsville, GA USA
Ronnie was my brother. He was killed in the line of duty responding to an accident on January 26, 1991. He left behind a wife and two wonderful little boys. He is terribly missed by our family and our community.
By Penny Bays, Bristol, VA USA
Deputy Ron Bays 1959-1992
Hydroplaning is the apparent cause of the wreck that claimed the life of a Barrow County Sheriff's deputy. Deputy Ron Bays, 33, of Statham, died in a traffic accident on Georgia Highway 8 as he was responding to a call. Bays became the first Barrow County Deputy to die in the line of duty when his patrol car spun on the rainslick highway and struck another vehicle. Whenthe accidentoccured, Bays was en route to a reported accident, with the blue lights and "wig-wag" headlights on his 1988 Ford Mustang patrol vehicle activated. Ron had been a law enforcement officer for most of the last 12 years. He had been with the Barrow County Sheriff's Department for almost two years prior to the accident, in the Special Response Team (SRT), K-9 unit and the Traffic Enforcement Unit but he had seen previous service with the department. He had also served with the Statham Police Department. During his law enforcement career he became certified in Basic Emergency Vehicle Operation (EVOC), Police Counter-sniper, and Judgmental Use of Deadly Force, among others. He was also a Corporal (honorably discharged) in the U.S. Marine Corps. He was a firefighter with the Statham-Barrow Fire Department from January 1982 through May 1988. He was the department's 1985 Firefighter of the Year and was a certified First Responder and Smoke Diver. Deputy Bays is survived by his mother Betty, his two sisters Donna and Penny, his wife Jackie, and their two sons Matt and Michael.

BadgeJason Eric Beal (Police Officer)
Indiana State Police, Breman Post
By Tracy Wainscott, Indianapolis, IN USA
This is in loving memory of my brother Jason. He was struck by a passing car that slid on ice while trying to assist another vehicle that slid off the road due to weather conditions. Due to the severity of the internal injuries he did not make it out of the hospital. He did,however, give a very brave and strong fight before passing on Saturday, Jan. 15,2000 (1 day before he was to turn 25), leaving behind an unborn child to help keep him alive in our memories.
We love you and will miss you dearly Jason.
Jason Eric Beal
Born January 16, 1975
Died in the Line of Duty Jan. 15, 2000

BadgeCharles "Maestro" Beasley (Police Officer)
Detroit Police Department
By Sgt. Ray S. Gilmore, Detroit, MI USA
Charles Beasley was killed while undercover. Known to his fellow narcotic officers as "Maestro", Officer Beasley arranged to purchase a kilo of cocaine from a drug dealer. Officer Beasley and his fellow officers were in place awaiting the deal to go down. The only thing that went wrong was the drug dealer wanted the money more than he cared for human life.

The drug dealer never gave "Maestro" a chanced. As the drug dealer leaned into the vehicle as if to begin a conversation, the drug dealer shot Officer Beasly.

The day Police Officer Charles "Maestro" Beasley was killed, a father, husband, son, brother, cousin, nephew, teacher, a dam good man, and my friend, "Chuck" died.

BadgeStewart L. "Buddy" Beasley, JR
(Motor Scout-Badge J33)
Jasper (Alabama) Police Department
By Matt Sherer, Jasper, AL USA
Officer Buddy Beasley was a Motor Scout with the Jasper Police Department. On April 10, 1995, Buddy and his partner were running radar on US 78 in Jasper. They clocked a speeding vehicle. Buddy told his partner he would go get them. His partner stayed and continued to run radar. As Buddy was pursuing the speeding vehicle, another vehicle pulled out into his path. Buddy was a 5 year veteran of the Police Department. He was the first officer killed in the line of duty in the city of Jasper and Walker County, Alabama in over 50 years. He is survived by his wife, Melissa, his parents, two sisters, and COUNTLESS friends. He is missed dearly but will NEVER be forgotten! GOD BLESS ALL POLICE OFFICERS AND THEIR FAMILIES!


BadgeRichard Beck (Patrol Sergeant)
Vernon Police Department
By Jim Skinner (Det. Sergeant), Vernon, TX USA
Sgt. Richard Beck was fatally shot on November 17, 1991, while answering a call of domestic violence. Sgt. Beck will be remembered by all his fellow officers.

Submitted by,
Sgt. Jim Skinner
Vernon Police Dept.
Vernon, Tx.

BadgeRussell R. Bell (Deputy Sheriff)
Beaufort County Sheriff's Department
By Beaufort County Sheriff's Department, Beaufort, SC USA
Laid down his life while protecting the citizens of Beaufort County on April 17, 1990.

Badge Charles Robert Bennett (Officer)
Birmingham Police Department
By Walter J. Hendrix III, Birmingham, Alabama
Three Birmingham police officers were shot and killed near 18th Street and Avenue P in Ensley about 1:30 p.m. Thursday 17 June 2004. The officers have been identified as Carlos Owens, Harley Chisholm and Charles Robert Bennett. A fourth officer, Michael Collins, was also attacked, but he was not injured.

The officers were shot by SKS automatic rifles as they approached a house to serve a warrant to Nathaniel L. Woods, a resident of Fairfield. According to officials, an SKS rifle would be powerful enough to penetrate the bulletproof vests that are a standard item issued to each Birmingham officer. A manhunt immediately ensued, involving Birmingham police, Jefferson County police, Fairfield police, Bessemer state police, as well as officers from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

At about 3 p.m., a Birmingham tactical police squad stormed a house near 18th Street as part of the investigation. At approximately 3:35 p.m., three men were taken in handcuffs from the house. Birmingham police also reported that Woods, a primary suspect in relation to the shooting, was one of the men in custody.

Birmingham police also took a woman into custody in the north Birmingham neighborhood of Collegeville. The woman was taken from the 29th Court Apartments at approximately 3:45 p.m. She is believed to be the sister of one of the suspects currently in custody.

Owens was described as easy to get along with, well known in town and a leader of the west precinct's patrol division. He joined the Birmingham Police Department in 1977 and was affectionately known as "Curly." He was also a training officer.

Chisholm, 35, was a hardworking patrol officer also well known in his west district, officers said. Nicknamed "Robocop," he joined the force in 1998.

Bennett, 31, joined the department in 2001. His peers, who called him "Roger," said he was a straightforward, no-nonsense cop who loved his job.

BadgeShane Ronald Bennett (Deputy)
Harris County Sheriffs Department
By Deputy Robert L. Minchew, Houston, TX
Deputy Bennett was shot and killed during a home invasion robbery on June 12, 2002. He was a true hero that always went out of his way for the citizens he protected. He leaves behind a wife and young daughter. Deputy Bennett came to know Jesus Christ shortly before his death. He was 29 years old.

Badge Wilbur Lewis Berry (SGT)
Bulloch County Sheriff Department
By Daffney Baker, Metter, Georgia
Sgt Berry died May 19, 2001. He was called to assist in arresting a man wanted for auto theft and burglary. While attempting to handcuff the man, the man grabbed a deputy's gun and began firing. He shot Berry four times and the deputy once. The deputy was fine, but Berry perished... And so did the bad man, Early Thompson Lanier was his name.

Uncle Wilbur was a well loved man. He loved everyone. He tried his best to help people all around him. He left a large family behind. He also left my daddy, which was his best friend. It was hard for the family to accept, but was also hard for my daddy, and myself. We remember all the good times with him by having a candle light vigil every year by his gravesight. I love you Wilbur!

Badge Willam (Billy) Bessette (Deputy)
Cumberland County Sheriff's Office
By Deputy Larry F. Cote of the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office, Portland, Maine
Deputy Willam (Billy) Bessette died on Wednesday October 11, 2006. Serving his Country for over ten years as a Marine, Staff Sergeant Bessette left our Corps to serve the community as a law enforcement officer. Serving over 25 years as the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office Billy received many certificates of recognition and appointments over the years during his service to his country and his community. Billy's life was one of service to God, Country and Corps, he left us doing exactly that. Rest in peace my friend.

BadgeGoelet Beuf (Officer)
Phoenix Police Traffic Division
By Mesa Police Explorer Scott Greene, Mesa, AZ USA
The police officer stood and faced
his Maker, which must always come to pass.
He hoped his shoes were shining,
Just as brightly as his brass.
"Step forward now, police officer
how shall I deal with you?
Have you always turned the other cheek?
To your Maker, have you been true?"
The police officer, with squared shoulders, said
"No sir, I guess I ain't.
Because those of us who carry badges
can't always be a saint.
I've had to work most Sundays
and at times my talk was rough,
and sometimes I've been violent,
because the streets are tough.
But I never took a penny,
that wasn't mine to keep.
Though I worked a lot of overtime
when the bills just got too steep.
And I never passed by a cry for help
though sometimes I shook with fear,
and sometimes, please forgive me,
I've wept unmanly tears.
I know I don't deserve a place
among the people here.
They never wanted me around
except to calm their fears.
But if you have a place for me here, need not be too grand.
I never expected or had too much
so if you don't...I'll understand."
There was silence all around the room
where the saints respectfully stood.
As the police officer waited quietly,
for the judgment...bad or good.
"Step forward now police officer,
you've borne your burdens well.
Come walk a beat on Heaven's streets;
you've done your time in Hell."

BadgeRobbie Bishop (Captain)
Villa Rica Police Dept
By Lisa Grier, Powdersprings, GA USA
By Terry M. Coffman, Bremen, GA USA
On January 20, 1999 Capt. Robbie Bishop was gunned down during a routine traffic stop. Capt. Bishop was a well known drug enforcement officer who's life touched many people from around the country. On the day of his funeral thousands of friends from the law enforcement community turned out to say their final goodbyes. The funeral percession reached a reported 25 miles long on the way to his final resting place. JANUARY 20,1999 "WE WILL NOT FORGET".

BadgeDaryle Wayne Black (Officer)
Long Beach Police Department, Ca. Anti Gang Detective
By Officer Dan Henderson, La Habra Police Department, CA USA
Born 7-31-66 End of Watch 4-30-2000. Officer Black was murdered by a local gang member while on patrol with his partner Officer Delfin. Officer Delfin as well as a pregnant civilan were also injured but are expected to make a full recovery. Officer Black was a Mountain of a man with a heart to match. Black was a former Marine, Orange County Ca. Deputy Sheriff for four years and a Long Beach Officer for six years.

Badge Francis David Blake (Deputy Sheriff)
Burnet County Sheriff's Office
By Deputy Paul Otis, Burnet County Sheriff's Office, Burnet, Texas
After over 4 years working the Jail, he was finally promoted to Field Deputy last January (He was Thrilled!). Last Saturday morning (October 3, 2009) at about 1:00 A.M., he was responding to an accident with injuries in the west side of the county, when he struck a deer in the road, which caused him to lose control of his patrol car, swerve across State Highway 29, and strike an embankment and subsequently a tree. David was pronounced dead at the scene. His wife and 4 children mourn his loss, as do we all here. The funeral was this afternoon (Oct. 6, 2009). He was very active in his church here in Burnet, and quite involved in the children's ministry. Always in good humor, and a really great guy to have around, he will be sorely missed by us all. The last Deputy our department lost on duty was back in the 1870's; a different time, a similar bereavement, no doubt...

BadgeDouglas Wayne Bland (Senior Trooper)
West Virginia State Police
By Melody H, South Charleston, West Virginia
Jan 19, 1999 You will always be missed you touched the hearts of everyone you met.

BadgeJohn Blankenship (Detective)
Palm Springs, Police Department Narcotics Div.
By Susan Helene, Yakima, WA USA
In loving Memory of those who lay down their lives in the line of duty. Bless ALL the Peace Officers Everywhere!

Badge Steve Boehm (Deputy)
Onslow County Sheriff's Office
By Sgt Tommie Thomas, Jacksonville, NC
Deputy Steve Boehm and a local firefighter were struck and killed by a tractor trailer while assisting motorists on US 17. The two, along with another deputy who was injured, were assisting crash victims near the scene of a controlled burn at Camp Lejeune. The driver of the truck has been charged with two counts of misdemeanor death and one count of exceeding safe speed. Deputy Boehm had served with the Onslow County Sheriff's Department for 10 years. He is survived by his wife and four children.

BadgeDonald K Bond (Deputy)
Hamilton Co. Sheriff's Dept
By Officer Curtis Penney #354, Chattanooga, TN
On Sept 6, 2001 at 0130 Deputy Bond was gunned down by a AK-47 assault rifle. I never thought I would ever hear the word "officer down" When I got there I could imagine it was you. I hope you know that your family will always be taken care of. We miss you

BadgeCarlos Boreland (Trooper)
Nevada State Highway Patrol (DMV-PS)
By Glenn A. McKinnon,(Tom-13 1987-1992), Las Vegas, NV USA
Carlos was a self motivated Trooper. Always friendly and caring. From the first day Carlos attended the academy, he had a glow of energy around him. Struck down by an escaped convict on a Nevada Highway, Carlos became an active Trooper of Jesus. From being a part of Nevada's best Law Enforcement agency, to being one of our Lord's soldiers. We will miss you.

Badge Molly Suzanne Bowden (Officer)
Columbia Police Department. Missouri
By Samantha, Louisville, Kentucky
Molly succumbed to gunshot wounds sustained 1 month earlier when she was shot during a traffic stop. She was initially shot & wounded in the shoulder. As she retreated to the rear of the suspect's vehicle for cover, the suspect exited & shot her in the neck. After she fell to the ground, the suspect shot at her 2 more times, striking her in the neck again. The following morning, the suspect shot & wounded a 2nd Columbia officer. The suspect then committed suicide. Molly had served w/ the agency for 3 1/2 years. She was 26. She is survived by her husband, also an officer w/ the Columbia Police Dept, two stepsons, parents, and brother. I am not a member of Molly's community, but her story & smile have stayed w/ me since the moment I read about her. May she never be forgotten!

BadgeGrady Terrill Braddock (Deputy Sheriff)
Orange County Sheriff's Office, Florida
By Deputy Sheriff Richard Harrell, Orlando, FL USA
Deputy Sheriff Grady Braddock was killed on his first night back to work after the death of his newborn son. On May 26, 1998, Deputy Braddock, 29 years old, was responding to assist a local agency who was attempting to apprehend suspects who had just committed aggravated battery on a Police Officer. It was later learned that the vehicle was stolen. As Deputy Braddock was approaching the area his patrol vehicle was struck by the suspects vehicle at an estimated speed of 100mph. The passenger of the stolen vehicle was also killed, the driver sustained minor injuries.

He is survived by his loving wife Lashawn, his parents Rev. Daniel and Francis Braddock and his sister Kimberly. He was a devoted Christian man who is respected and loved by all. A man of integrity, honesty and dedication. He is missed dearly, but will never be forgotten.

Badge David A. Bragg (Sergeant)
Northfolk Southern Railroad Dept.
By Patrick Bragg, Riverdale, IL
My Dad served as a police officer for Riverdale Police Dept. and Burnham Police Dept. beforing pursuing a 20 year career as a Special Agent for Northfolk Southern Railroad Police. He passed away, fighting, from a brain aneurysm on Oct. 25, 1997. He had two loves in his life; His work and his family. My older brother has pursued a career with Indianapolis Police Dept. Myself, as well as, my twin brother are also training to become Law Enforcement Officers. He left behind a wife, 3 boys, and 2 girls. "You gave it you all dad, and you succeeded!" Love you pops

BadgeCraig L Brooks (Deputy)
King George Sheriff's Office
By Sgt Christopher A Giles, King George, VA USA

BadgeLloyd B Brooks (Deputy Sheriff)
Los Angeles County Sheriffs Dept (East La Substation)
By Ron Buchholz (Sandoval County Sheriffs Office, Ex LASD LKD Deputy), Rio Rancho, NM USA
Killed In The Line Of Duty 9/1/84; 20 Year Veteran.

Lloyd was killed in the line of duty while he was helping clear an LZ for life flight. He was attempting to stop traffic during a major motor vehicle accident, so life flight could land & transport the injuried out to a local hospital, at which time a motor vehicle struck and killed him. Lloyd was a great person and influence to everyone who knew & loved him. Deputy Lloyd Brook's memory will remain in my heart forever, he was a major part of my upbringing. Love always "God Son" Deputy Ron Buchholz..

BadgeKipley Brown (Deputy)
Laurens County Sheriff's Department
By Laurens County Sheriff's Department, GA USA
Cause of Death: Vehicle Accident
Date of Death: November 20, 1993
Deputy Brown was killed in an accident while responding to a call. He is survived by his wife, three daughters, son, mother, and brother.

BadgeLeddie J. Brown (Officer)
Philadelphia Police Department
By Andre & Javohn, and kids
Died on 12/11/97 from injuries he substained 2 weeks earlier. Leddie better known as Nicky was on his way home Thanksgiving Day, also to have been his 30th birthday from duty when some how he was involved in an accident on his highway patrol bike. That left him with a broken leg, that needed pins and the other leg had some minor cut and bruises but no life threatening injuries. After 2 weeks of malpractice he died. To be buried without his own 2 legs. What a day we will never forget to lose such a great son, brother, cousin, uncle, nephrew, grandson, fiance, and friend we miss you dearly and we love you!!! Happy 33rd birthday Nicky! Love you Andre & Javohn, and kids

BadgeMark W. Brown (Officer)
King County Sheriff's Department
By Jason Black, Olympia, WA USA
King County Sheriff's Deputy Mark Brown died at Harborview Medical Center on an early Saturday morning on February 27th. He had suffered serious head injuries in a traffic accident on Thursday, while responding to a hold-up alarm at a credit union in the City of Shoreline.(The alarm turned out to be false.)
Deputy Brown had been a King County Sheriff's deputy since 1988. After graduating from the Criminal Justice Training Center,he served as a patrol officer at Precinct Four in Burien, Washington, then transferred to the Gang Unit as a detective. Deputy Brown went to the City of Shoreline Police Department about three years ago when that city first incorporated and contracted with the King County Sheriff for police services. He became a motorcycle traffic enforcement officer18 months of ago,and was performing those duties just before responding to the alarm.
The last King County Sheriff's deputy to be killed in the line of duty was Richard Cochran, who died May 22, 1991. Tragically, he was also killed while riding his police motorcycle.

BadgeRobert L. Brown (Officer)
By Christa Brown, MI USA
Robert touched many lives, wether in his duties a an officer or just as a friend. He will be greatly missed by all. He was struck down by a drunk driver in Macomb County Michigan. It was a terrible thing, you always think of an officer (or at least him) as invincible. We will miss you Robo Cop.

A good friend!

BadgeStacy Lynn Brown (Police Officer)
Lamesa Police Dept.
By Priscilla Brown, Morton, TX USA
By Jason Cooper, Cotton Center
By Priscilla Brown,
Stacy Lynn Brown was my husband a father of two children and a good police officer. We have good people taken from us each day and we often ask the question "why?" and their is not enough "whys" in Gods eyes. Stacy Lynn Brown was enroute to work with the Lamesa Police Department in Lamesa, Texas on March 20, 2000 when his 1996 Blazer collided with a disabled Bobtail truck on the eastbound shoulder of the highway. Stacy Lynn Brown had a vision and that was to make a difference for the city of Lamesa, Texas and to become the next Sheriff of Cochran County and he had accomplished that during the Primary Elections. His memory will live on forever in the hearts of those he touched.

By Jason Cooper,
Stacy Lyn Brown was enroute to work with the Lamesa Police Department in Lamesa, Texas on March 20, 2000 when his 1996 Blazer collided with a disabled Bobtail truck on the eastbound shoulder of the highway. His parents are Ben and Vickie Gonzales, of Cotton Center. He has 3 brothers: Joe, Christopher, and Jeremy all of Cotton Center. He also has 7 sisters: Barbara, Candy, Misty, Krystal, CoSandra, Brenda, and Kasey all of Cotton Center. There is not a day that goes by that we don't think about him. He was greatly loved by everyone he touched. He will be missed but all of us.

"I can do everything through him, who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13

Badge Joseph (Joey) S. Brumett III (Officer)
Utah Highway Patrol
By Susan Brumett
Joey was only on the force for a few months. He was at the scene of an accident when he was struck and killed. Joey had married his childhood sweetheart Jennifer Taylor Brumett. They were only married for 15 months when Joey was taken from us. Joey was a good person. He loved his wife and his family was very important to him. Joey was honored recently in Utah by them putting up a marble cross at the scene of where Joey was killed. It has his name badge number and end of watch. I think that was one of the most heart wrenching days of my life. We will always love and miss Joey. His brothers Mike and Jason, and his sister Buffi. Plus he has many Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. But most of all his Dad and Mom. Not a day goes by that his Dad doesn't think about Joey and what a great officer he would have been.. We love you son.

BadgeBruce Bryan (Chaplain)
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
By Michael Wenger, Pico Rivera, CA USA
In the early morning hours of June 18th, 1994, Deputy Terrence Wenger and Chaplain/Partner Bruce Bryan were driving a "Drunk In Public" candidate to his boarding house rather than arresting him. After Deputy Wenger opened the back door of the radio car to let the ungrateful perp out, he turned to get back in to the car and was "cold cocked" by the perp. Deputy Wenger Fell to the ground unabated and suffered a sever concussion. The perp then removed Deputy Wenger's 9mm and shot at him "point blank" several times towards his face. The perp then shot Chaplain Bryan, through the rolled up driver's side window of the radio car. The perp then began to walk away from the scene and for reason(s) unknown, Chaplain Bryan exited the radio car and approached the perp. The perp fired at Chaplain Byan and struck him in the chest, just above the Bulletproof vest. This round is believed to be the "fatal shot." Chaplain Bryan then turned around, fell to his knees and was again shot by the perp, this time at point blank range to the back of the head. Chaplain Bruce was a full time service volunteer doing the work of GOD. He visited youthful offenders at juvenile detention facilities, opened his home to troubled men and rode along several times a week. He is survived by his fiancee. Deputy Wenger, fortunately receiving only 1 bullet wound despite the numerous rounds fired at him, lost his right eye and was required to endure major facial reconstructive surgery. He is currently back on duty as a desk officer for the Carson station.

BadgeJames Bryant (Patrolman)
Lumber City, GA
By Nita Lummus, Meansville, GA USA

BadgeThomas Eugene Buckley (Sergeant)
Detroit Police Department
By Sharon Straight, MI USA
Born Jan 31, 1885: Emmett, MI. Died Aug 26, 1950: Port Huron City, MI. He retired from the Detroit Police Department sometime in the 1940's but not sure just when. He was a Sergeant, having been on the Detective and Vice Squads.

BadgeMichael John Buczek (Police Officer)
By Anonymous
On 10/18/88, PO Buczek was responding to a call regarding drug sales. While attempting to detain a crack suspect, he [the suspect] drew a firearm and shot PO Buczek at point-blank range. Buczek's partner, PO Joseph Barbato, returned fire, hitting the suspect. PO Buczek should be honored and remembered as a hero, in the "War against drugs"

God Bless You, Officer Buczek! We miss you always!!!

BadgeOfficer Thomas "Scooter" Bunting (Patrolman)
Suffolk Police Department
By Officer John Lane, City of Suffolk, Virginia
"Taken Much Too Soon"

As we sit here trying to make sense of it all.
We say to ourselves "How could one of our own Officers take such a fall."
We fight crime all day to protect and serve
This type of tragedy we don't deserve.
Taken Much Too Soon!

Although you were only known for such a short period of time
That great smile and joy of laughter will weigh heavily on our minds.
You may be gone from this world, as we know in sight
But memories of you, we will hold in our heart ever so tight.
Taken Much Too Soon!

Here today and gone tomorrow
Our deepest sympathies go out to your family during their time of sorrow.
Yet taken from us at the tender age of twenty-two
We can only say "The Lord had other plans for you"

So go on my dear Thomas, on to a better place
You have fought your battle, and run your last race.
So do us a favor and watch over us throughout the days and nights
Because you my friend will be in our thoughts, Good Night!

Officer Thomas "Scooter" Bunting, a friend and colleague definitely "Taken Much Too Soon" January 29, 2001 0823 hours

BadgeHowell "Hal" Burchfield (Correctional Sergeant)
California Department of Corrections
By Barbara Burchfield, Sacramento, CA USA
Date of Death: June 8, 1985
Sgt. Burchfield was my husband, the father of five and a good Officer. He loved his job, his family and God. Good men and women are taken from us and we ask "why"? There are no "why's" in the kingdom of God - for I truly believe in my heart and by the witness of our lives prior to my husband's murder, that God does not take us one minute before he is ready to receive us. Hal was stabbed in the heart in the Carson Unit (Adjustment Center Lockup Unit) at San Quentin State Prison on June 8, 1985 by a prison gang that wanted to kill a senior Officer in retaliation for a gang members death the year before. Hal was killed with a large piece of metal/steel bed brace sharpened into a shank and attached to a spear wrapped with torn sheets and newspapers rolled to make a durable spear. They severed his aorta, but not before he sounded his alarm and walked half way down the tier before he collapsed and bled to death. I have dedicated my life since then to helping Officers families that are killed in the line of duty by my work with the Correctional Peace Officers Foundation. Check out our website: We have a saying at our office, "We Take Care Of Our Own" and we live it. Our children, Becky, Cameron, Jesse, Margie, and Wendy have all carried the tremendous loss of their father, as I have and his family, and peers. He is missed, even now.

Badge John Lewis Burkett lll (Deputy)
Berkeley County Sheriff's Dept.
By Ronald M. Combs ll (Deputy Sheriff) and wife Teddie Smith Combs (Correctional Officer)
I had the honor of meeting John while he was in the West Virginia State Police Academy, with my husband a Deputy Sheriff in Mercer County, West Virginia. John would come home with my husband on the weekends while in the academy, and after their graduation Ceremonies (108th Basic Class) in Dec of 2000 John returned for a celebration for my husband. Unfortunatley this would be the last time my husband would be able to enjoy hanging out with him, for his life a few months later was taken in a vehicle accident. Deputy Joseph L. Miller a transportation officer and Deputy John Lewis Burkett lll had driven to Franklin county to transport an individual facing fraud charges, this was the first time John had assisted in transporting a prisoner. On the way back an individual entering an exit ramp the wrong way, struck the crusier head-on killing John. A Pennsylvania Trooper, A. Martin who was exiting the interstate saw the individual and tried to warn him, with lights and by chasing him but was unable to prevent the accident and loss of our new found friend. Reminding me how something as simple as transporting a prisoner can end. Not even by the prisoner, but by other drivers on the road. (charges against the individual may be forthcoming and blood samples were taken, the interstate was shut down for more then 5 hours.) Gone but not forgotten. Keeping up Law Enforcement here below Ronald M. Combs ll (Deputy Sheriff) and wife Teddie Smith Combs (Correctional Officer) finding comfort knowing a fine Officer is keeping watch above.

BadgeJohn L. Butler, Sr. (Officer)
Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO)
By Jennifer Butler Harwood, Jacksonville, FL USA
Died in the line of duty on March 10, 1997.

Officer Butler died from a heart attack at the scene of a standoff. Dad responded to a call that afternoon of a man molesting his own daughter and upon arrival shots were fired at the officers. Dad suffered a heart attack as he was in the process of rescuing a woman who had been pinned between two cars by gunfire coming from the suspect. My father ran to her and gave her cover with his own body and reassured her that she would be okay and returned her to a safe area. Once they reached a safe area, he collapsed. The suspect was arrested later.

My father loved being a police officer. He loved being able to help people. I could not be any prouder of dad. He has always been a hero, our knight in shining armor, a warrior and a mentor to my brother and I. He was such a remarkable person! Daddy, we love you and miss you. A quote that is carved into the blue marble memorial walls in Washington, DC reminds me of you. It reads, "It is not how these officers died that made them heroes it is how they lived." You are truly missed and loved.
Your little girl,
Jennifer Butler Harwood

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God." Matthew 5:9

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