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Listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Police Memorial

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



BadgeMichael D. Callahan (Officer)
Chicago Police Department, Warren Avenue Station
By Michael Wilson, Boynton Beach, FL USA
Michael Callahan, my Great Grandfather, was shot in the line of duty while trying to apprehend four known "thugs" on January 2, 1908. Michael was rushed to the hospital via horse drawn paddy wagon where doctors tried in vain to save him. While fighting a fever and other complications, Michael died the next day due to his injuries. Michael was survived by a loving wife and a two year old daughter, my Grandmother. One of the perpetrators died from gunfire returned by Michael and the other three were apprehended by a manhunt conducted by many of Michael's close friends. The three were found guilty of their crimes and were sentenced to life in prison. May he and all Officers who have given their lives to protect and serve, live in our hearts forever.

BadgeIan Cambell (Police Officer)
Los Angeles Police Dept, Hollywood Division
By Ed Nicholls, Kendalia, TX USA
The Car was 6F5. March 1963, only a dark lonely steet in Hollywood. We were three Partners, We still are. Only one is left from that night. The book has been written, the movie has been shown. The closure will never be. My Son is named after Officer CAMBELL (My Partner), a former Marine, too. Karl and Ian are never forgotten. The shooter did 13 years and walked. Justice is out of balance. God bless them all!

BadgeMeockie Cameron (Detention Officer)
Dekalb County Sheriff Department
By Chocalat' Allen, Atlanta, GA
Always caring & considerate, killed soo tragically. You will always be remembered ~ I just spoke to you on yesterday and I can remember your words. We talked about feelings & friends & love. Only you know that you meant the world to me and I will always remember what you brought to me. Just rest now, my Caramel and I will always be your Chocalat'

BadgeOsvaldo Canalejo (Police Officer)
City of Miami Police, Florida
By Alex Pelaez, Miami, FL USA
Ozzy was my partner when he and I worked as private security guards. He went on to become a police officer. I went on to become a business man. Ozzy died on October 13, 1992 while enroute to back up another officer who needed help. As he crossed a busy intersection, a car ran a red light and T-boned his patrol car killing him. Although I knew him for only two years, he was very special. He was a very good person and I miss him a lot.

Badge Osvaldeo "Ozzie" Canalejo (Officer)
City of Miami
By Patricia Acosta " La Colombiana", Miami, Florida
When I met Ozzie in 1983 both of us were the same age. I was in college and he was going to be a police officer. We both had ambition and we were happy about life. He was very athletic and loved baseball. He was also a great friend and through the years, I always remember my dear friend Ozzie whom I will never forget. He was a great person and a great son. I miss you, we miss you and I will always love you Ozzie!

Badge Joseph "Joey" C. Cannon (Assistant Chief)
Plumerville Police Department
By Officer Joshua W. McCrary, Plumerville, Arkansas
Joey was an all-around great guy. You could depend on him for so many things. It didn't matter how big or small, he would try to help you. As an officer with only a few years under my belt, he was an asset to me numerous times. No one can fill the void he left in our department. Joey Cannon was shot and killed while making a traffic stop on U.S. 64 shortly after 6:00 am. Joey served our department for 12 years in all, and served in law enforcement for a total of 27 years, including time served in Bosnia as an internation police officer. He was to retire in about two weeks. His watch ended on June 19, 2009. He leaves behind a large family including his son, who is a deputy and a daughter who is a police dispatcher.

BadgeJoyce Ann Carngie (Officer)
Orange, New Jersey Police Department
By Lamar Towns, Orange, NJ USA
Officer Carngie put her life on the line to make the township of Orange a better place for all of us. She was a sweet woman and everytime I saw her in the streets she had a beautiful smile on her face. She was killed in the line of duty a few months ago. We will always love you Joyce and we'll never forget you, but we will see each other again.

Badge Jay Carruth (Officer)
Alexandria Police Dept.
By Anonymous
Killed in the line of duty 2- 20-2003, he was ambushed while serving a search warrant (along with Officer David Ezer Nack). These guys only get paid 9.00 an hour, they risked their life to protect our city. They were shot with a AK 47, the vest could'nt save our men.

BadgeJoseph Vincent Carson (Officer)
Northhampton County Prison
By Melissa Carson 14
He was a man of great strength yet he was very sensitive and caring! he would protect his family at any cost! He was also a one to have goals set and when he reached those goals he would set new and higher ones. This man was my father! he worked at Northhampton County Prison. He was I think one of the most irreplaceable man in the world!!! He was suddenly taken from us but his memory will always be here through co-workers and his family. His name will be a house hold name until the day I die!!

BadgeRichard Cash (Sgt.)
Forest Park Police Dept.
By Katherine Raborn sworn 911 communications officer, Forest Park, Ga.
Cash was a patrolman and had made a pullover. There was two people in the car. The passenger was acting Suspious and got out of the car. Officer Cash called for a back up unit. His Sergeant advised that he was in route however his Lieutenant cancelled him and said that he would respond. After the arrival of the back up unit. They were speaking with the passenger. When he attacked officer Cash and pulled a small revolver out of his coat pocket. A struggle ensued officer Cash was shot a couple of times. His back up unit was also shot but returned fire. The suspect ran and jumped in the car that was pulling off. Officer Cash died and the Lieuteant was rushed into surgery. Mean while the driver went to the hospital and dropped off the shooter he was rushed into surgery were he died.The driver then called the police to report his car stolen. These two had been involved in a double homicide just 6 months prior to this night with in 1/4 mile from this incident.

BadgeArthur Cashin (Sergeant)
Chelsea Massachusett Police Department
By Stacey Cashin, Revere, MA USA
On July 20, 1980 my father was killed in a line of duty, he was shot in the back with his own gun. He left a wife and 2 children. We just like many others had to grow up without a father. Why someone would want to take him away from us only God knows. We suffered such a great loss. He was 36 years of age at the time of his death. He was a great father, husband and Officer who never got to see his children grow up, walk us down the isle or will never get to see his grandchildren. I know that everyone who knew him will never forget him. He is forever loved and never forgotten.

BadgeFerris Edward (Eddie) Catoe III (Corporal / K-9 Officer)
Camden Police Department
By Sheri Catoe, Camden, SC USA
Eddie Catoe died in an automobile accident on July 10, 2000. He was on his way home when a power truck ran a stop sign and hit him. Officer Catoe was killed and his K-9 was injured, but expected to be okay. Corporal Eddie Catoe was survived by his son, Ryan E. Catoe; his wife, Sheri Catoe; his stepson, Ryan Tedder; his parents, Butch And Joann Catoe, and his brother, Jamie Catoe.

BadgeMichael A. Ceriale (Officer)
Chicago Police Department
By John A. Lupo, USA
My first cousin, Michael A. Ceriale, age 26, shot and wounded on Aug. 15th 1998, died on Aug. 21st 1998
May Your Memory Live On, Now and Forever!

BadgePhil Chacon (Patrolman)
Albuquerque P.D.
By Larry Gonzales, Elk Grove, CA USA
September 10, 1980: While working off duty on a project at a shelter for domestic violence, Officer Chacon was told by two children that nearby Kinney Shoe store was being robbed. Officer Chacon saw and chased the suspects on his motorcycle. Officer Chacon was shot and killed by the suspects at the intersection of Wyoming and Central

BadgeIke D. Chancey (Chief)
Hartford Police Dept., Hartford, Alabama
By Deputy Ben Berry, Hartford, AL USA
Chief Chancey was killed on September 10, 1916. He was fatally shot with a .38 caliber pistol by the brother of a suspect he had fatally shot during an arrest attempt.

BadgeJeremy Charron (Patrolman)
Epsom New Hampshire Police Department
By Sergeant George Cayer, Rumford Maine Police Department, Rumford, ME USA
Officer Jeremy Charron, 24 years old, from the Epsom New Hampshire Police Department. Was shot to death on a routine motor vehicle stop in the early morning hours of August 24th.1997... Graduated the police academy in July. Officer Charron was killed the morning after he attended Troopers Lord and Phillips funeral in Colebrook New Hampshire.

They made the ultimate sacrifice. They have given their lives to protect and keep each citizen safe from harm's way. May we never forget the sacrifice that each has made. To their families and loved ones who survive we offer our condolence, and firmly believe that IN VALOR THERE IS HOPE.

BadgeRonald C. Cheek (Deputy)
Oglethorpe County Sheriffs Department
By Lisa Cheek Johnson, Crawford, GA USA
This is in memory of the worlds Greatest Father and husband in the world. My Dad Deputy Ronald C. Cheek who was killed in the line of duty on August 5, 1995 while answering a domestic call. The world lost a true hero on that day, he loved his job and wore his badge proudly. He always protected our streets with pride, He also carried his Bible on the dash of his patrol car and was never ashamed to wittness to anyone. And as my 5 year old daughter said then she guessed Jesus needed him more although at that time I could not see how, but God has truly been our strength and source of power since that tragic day in our lives 4 years ago. My father would have truly been proud of us espcially my mother because it seems she suffered the greatest loss of all and I know if my mother can make it any of us can because I just can not imagine anyone loving anyone anymore than my mother loved my father, so to any one out there who has suffered a loss just look to God for your strenth. Because, I have watched my mother these past 4 years and if she can make it I know that the rest of us out there who have suffered a loss should hang on and keep praying and we will meet our loved ones one day soon.

In memory of Deputy Ronald C. Cheek
From your loving wife Faye Cheek
Proud to still be your wife
Your Daughter and Princess Lisa
Your Son Ronald T. Cheek
Your Son-N-Law Jimmy Johnson
Your Grandchildren
Kandy Johnson & Victoria Johnson

BadgeJessica Jean Cheney (Trooper II)
Virginia State Police
By Richard P. Cheney, Richmond, VA USA
Trooper II Jessica Jean Cheney was strucked down by a motorist while conducting traffic contol at an accident scene on US Route 1, in Stafford County, Virginia on January 17, 1998. She was 23 years of age and had been a Sworn Member of Virginia State Police for just over two years prior to her death. Her goal of becoming a Trooper was met on December 2, 1995 when she reported to the training academy to begin her career, at the age of 21. Jessica was the youngest trooper in Virginia for most of her short career and the youngest female trooper ever to have served in Virgina. Her mother is a Senior Dispatcher for Virginia State Police and her father is also a Sworn member of the department. Her older sister is a Communications Officer with the Henrico County Police Department. Jessica died doing what she loved doing the most... serving the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Badge David J. Chetcuti (Motor Officer)
Millbrae Police Department
By Traffic Officer M.L. Howard, San Bruno Police Department, San Bruno, California
On April 25th, 1998, Motor Officer David Chetcuti, an 11 year veteran, was murdered in an exchange of gunfire while responding to a request for assistance from Officer Seann Graham of the San Bruno Police Department. Their assailant was captured fleeing the scene and was in possession of an unlawfully modified machine gun and several "live" pipe bombs. Dave is survived by his wife and three teenaged sons.

BadgeMichael D Chihil (Chief)
Newbury township
By Pamela Chihil, Cleveland, Ohio
He was killed by a drunk driver on Jan 1,1972 he was 30 at the time of his death, leaving behind his wife and two daughters 5 and 7

Badge Gary Childs (Captain)
City of Birmingham East Precinct
By Coleen Cole, Trussville, Alabama
Captain Childs was killed in a wreck on Riverview Road (just off Hwy 280). His van left the road, flipped and landed in a wooded area. He will be remembered with love and appreciation for who he was and all he did. He was always putting others before himself. May he rest in peace.

Badge Harley A. Chisholm III (Officer)
Birmingham Police Department
By Rhonda Hembd, Hollywood, Florida
Harley, my beloved brother, my hero, you will forever shine in our hearts. You are now my angel watching over all of us. I love you always! Your loving sister Rhonda

Badge Harley Chisholm (Officer)
Birmingham Police Department
By Walter J. Hendrix III, Birmingham, Alabama
Three Birmingham police officers were shot and killed near 18th Street and Avenue P in Ensley about 1:30 p.m. Thursday 17 June 2004. The officers have been identified as Carlos Owens, Harley Chisholm and Charles Robert Bennett. A fourth officer, Michael Collins, was also attacked, but he was not injured.

The officers were shot by SKS automatic rifles as they approached a house to serve a warrant to Nathaniel L. Woods, a resident of Fairfield. According to officials, an SKS rifle would be powerful enough to penetrate the bulletproof vests that are a standard item issued to each Birmingham officer. A manhunt immediately ensued, involving Birmingham police, Jefferson County police, Fairfield police, Bessemer state police, as well as officers from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

At about 3 p.m., a Birmingham tactical police squad stormed a house near 18th Street as part of the investigation. At approximately 3:35 p.m., three men were taken in handcuffs from the house. Birmingham police also reported that Woods, a primary suspect in relation to the shooting, was one of the men in custody.

Birmingham police also took a woman into custody in the north Birmingham neighborhood of Collegeville. The woman was taken from the 29th Court Apartments at approximately 3:45 p.m. She is believed to be the sister of one of the suspects currently in custody.

Owens was described as easy to get along with, well known in town and a leader of the west precinct's patrol division. He joined the Birmingham Police Department in 1977 and was affectionately known as "Curly." He was also a training officer.

Chisholm, 35, was a hardworking patrol officer also well known in his west district, officers said. Nicknamed "Robocop," he joined the force in 1998.

Bennett, 31, joined the department in 2001. His peers, who called him "Roger," said he was a straightforward, no-nonsense cop who loved his job.

BadgeWilliam "Bill" Christian (Deputy)
Naples, FL
By Sandy Long, Naples, FL USA
On Thursday, September 7, 200, Deputy Bill Christian was killed in a motor vehicle accident on his way home. He was 47 years old and is survived by three sons. Deputy Christian will be greatly missed by everyone especially his dispatchers.

"Deputies see tears every day. They go to work never knowing what tears will come their way. Whose tears will stain their grays or whose life will change that day. They go to work never thinking or expecting the tears will be their own, another officer down, another one gone. Bill came to work prepared to wade the river that swells with every drop. In the river of our hearts, 10-08 forever 10-87 (off duty) for this cop. Today our hearts are broken, the rivers a raging flood. A memory sits, where a friend once stood. There's an officer down, another brother gone. Deputy William Christian, 1291 born 1953, died 2000. By Dodie Canova."

BadgeNels Christy (Officer)
Elmwood Park Police Department
By Patrick Cronin
In June of 1930, Officer Nels Christy of the Elmwood Park Police Department, (Illinois) was struck and killed by a truck driver who did not stop for a stop sign. Officer Christy was patrolling on his motorcycle at the time of this incident. Although I did not know my Great Uncle, his memory has lived on through my mother's recollection of the things accomplished in his short life.

BadgeJames Lee Clarius (Deputy)
Jefferson Parish Sheriff Dept
By Jay Clarius, Dry Prong, LA USA
Killed In The Lime Of Duty
Loved And Missed

BadgeRobert J. Clark II (Detective)
Cleveland Police Department
By Raymond Buettner II, Cleveland, OH, USA
By Dwayne Smith, Cleveland, OH, USA

Killed ~ Gunfire
Date: 7/1/98
Age: 36
Tour of Duty: 6 yr
Time: 11:00:00 PM
On Duty Weapon: 9 mm handgun
Suspect Info: Shot and killed by another officer

Officer Clark was shot and killed as he and his partner were attempting to question a suspected drug dealer. Both officers were on their way to meet with state liquor agents for an undercover operation when the spotted what they suspected was a drug deal in a heavy narcotics area. The suspect they stopped to talk to fled into a building and was caught by the officers on the top of a staircase. After the officers found drugs on the suspect he pushed them both down the staircase and opened fire with a 9 mm handgun. Officer Clark was struck three times in the chest and once in the neck. He had taken his vest off approximately 15 minutes before the incident so that he would not be recognized during the undercover assignment. A third officer who arrived returned fire and shot and killed the suspect. Neither of the other two officers were injured. Officer Clark is survived by his wife and three young children.

BadgeRobert P. Clark (Officer)
Bristol Township Police Department
By Posted By The Clark And Little Family
Killed: ~ Suicide
Date: 8/18/99
Age: 36
Tour of Duty: 22 Months
Time: 7:00:00 PM
On Duty Weapon: 9 mm handgun

Will Be Sadly Missed By Family and Fellow Officers

BadgeVance H. Clements (Deputy)
Gregg County Sheriffs Office
By Christopher W. Bethard, Longview, TX USA
Deputy Clements ended his tour of duty on February 1, 2001. After his patrol slid from the roadway while running hot to an unwanted guest call. Deputy Clements was a 9 year veteran deputy of the Sheriffs Office and was 31 years of age. Vance will be remembered as an honest man and a good officer, he was also one of the best friends a man could have.

BadgeBret Robert Clodfelter (Trooper)
Oregon State Police
By Ann Clodfelter-Otto, OR USA
Bret was an Oregon State Trooper who gave his all in the line of duty, when he was murdered on September 30, 1992, at the age of 34.

In Klamath Falls, Oregon, during the early morning hours of September 30, 1992, Trooper Bret Clodfelter completed a traffic stop on suspicion of DUII (Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants). He handcuffed his prisoner for the ride to jail. Being the caring person that he was known to be, he offered the suspect's two passengers a courtesy ride home to their supposedly nearby residence. All three were placed in the rear of the patrol car.

When the dispatcher could not get an answer from Trooper Clodfelter on the radio, backup was sent out to check on him. His vehicle was found about four blocks from the location of the DUII stop, and all three passengers were missing. Trooper Clodfelter was still seated in the driver's seat with four shots to the back of his head.

Three days after the murder, on October 2, 1992, police received the lead that captured the suspect. He was hiding in a barn on the same street where he had brutally murdered Trooper Clodfelter. Once surrounded by all these law enforcement officials, the suspect tried to flee, then stopped, fell to his knees and begged for his life.

The suspect was later convicted of murder and given life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Badge Richard "Richie" S. Cochran II (Deputy (Motors Unit))
King County Department of Public Safety (Now the King County Sheriff's Office)
By A Fellow KCSO Deputy
Deputy Richard S. Cochran II
May 22, 1991
Officer Cochran was killed in an on duty motorcycle accident. He was struck from behind by a transit bus and then pushed into a van during a morning rush hour pileup. He will be missed by so many.

Badge Paul Lawrence Cole (Sergeant)
Ingham County Sheriffs Office, Mason, Michigan
By Deputy James Dingeldein, Effingham County Sheriffs Office, Springfield, GA
Sergeant Paul Cole is the only officer to die in the line of duty at the Ingham County Sheriff's Office. Sergeant Cole began his career at the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office in October 1977. During his career he moved through the department holding a variety of positions. He became a K-9 handler and was ultimately promoted to the rank of Sergeant. As a Sergeant he supervised the department's K-9 section. On October 6, 1996 he was responding to a domestic situation where a weapon was involved. During his response a herd of deer ran into his path. Witnesses stated he swerved to miss the deer and he lost control of his vehicle. He struck a tree at a high rate of speed and died instantly.

Paul left a wife and three children.

Sgt. Cole is my uncle and my family and I miss him every day. His son is now in the academy and wants to be a deputy just like his dad. Rest easy Uncle Paul your watch is over.

BadgeWesly Cole (Deputy Sheriff)
Tulsa County Sheriff's Office
By Anonymous
The only Deputy killed in the line of duty in Tulsa County.

Badge Willis John Cole (Police Officer)
New Cumberland Borough, PA Police Department
By C.A. Heckler, Lower Allen Township, PA Police Department
EOW: 08/19/1994

Badge Ken Collier (Deputy)
San Diego County Sheriffs Department, Santee station
By Kim
On Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010, shortly after 3 a.m., Deputy Collier and his ride-along sheriff’s dispatcher Ryan Debellis came upon a wrong-way driver headed eastbound in the westbound lanes of Highway 52 in Santee, Calif.

Due to his concern for the safety and welfare of the driving public, Deputy Collier advised dispatch and tried to overtake the wrong-way driver. His patrol SUV was traveling in the auxiliary lane of the median when it struck a center median bridge abutment, rolled several hundred feet, and came to rest in a ravine. It took a tremendous effort by our deputies and other first responders to get Ken and Ryan up from the ravine where they could be treated by emergency medical personnel. Both were airlifted to local trauma centers.

Despite the valiant efforts of our deputies, officers from all over the county, emergency medical responders, and hospital personnel, Deputy Collier succumbed to his injuries. Ryan Debellis is expected to make a full recovery.

Moments after the collision, Jose Jasso Lopez, 22 years of age and a resident of San Diego, was stopped driving the wrong way on Highway 52. He was arrested by sheriff’s deputies and CHP officers between Mast Boulevard and Mission Gorge Road in Santee. Pending charges will include felony DUI and vehicular manslaughter.

Badge Peggy Collins (Special Deputy)
Harin County Sheriff's Department
By Amy
My dad was a Harin County Deputy Sherifff, he was Sergent and managed the night shift. My mom was also on the Sherriff's Dept. Her title was special deputy, she did the transporting of female prisoners.

June 9, 2001 they were shot to death by the man that lived across the street. They owned property behind and beside him. That day they were working on an air conditioner at the property behind his house. They were using the yard beside him to get over there, which was their property. At 5:28 they started home and the man came out of his back door with a 12 guage shotgun. He shot my dad twice point blank in the chest and when my mom turned to run, he shot her in the back. After shooting my mom, he went back to my dad and shot him two more times in the face. Then went back to my mom and shot her one more time in the temple. He then got on a bicycle with his gun and rode down the street. The police caught him about eight blocks away. He was found incompentent to stand trail. Now, two years later, he is found compentent to stand trail but is only looking at 25 years. Is this right?

Badge William "Billy" Collins (Deputy Sheriff)
Harin County Sheriff's Department
By Amy
My dad was a Harin County Deputy Sherifff, he was Sergent and managed the night shift. My mom was also on the Sherriff's Dept. Her title was special deputy, she did the transporting of female prisoners.

June 9, 2001 they were shot to death by the man that lived across the street. They owned property behind and beside him. That day they were working on an air conditioner at the property behind his house. They were using the yard beside him to get over there, which was their property. At 5:28 they started home and the man came out of his back door with a 12 guage shotgun. He shot my dad twice point blank in the chest and when my mom turned to run, he shot her in the back. After shooting my mom, he went back to my dad and shot him two more times in the face. Then went back to my mom and shot her one more time in the temple. He then got on a bicycle with his gun and rode down the street. The police caught him about eight blocks away. He was found incompentent to stand trail. Now, two years later, he is found compentent to stand trail but is only looking at 25 years. Is this right?

BadgeBobby Coggins (Trooper)
North Carolina Highway Patrol
By Tracie Hall Brookshire, Canton, NC

Badge K. Damon Coldren (Sheriffs Deputy)
Berks County Sheriffs Department
By Kylie L. Coldren, Reading, Pennsylvania
Damon's life was taken after battling cancer on October 27, 2001. He was a Sheriffs Deputy for 11 months and a part time police officer for Wyomissing Hills Police Department. He loved Police work so much that he finished the Police Academy while undergoing Chemotherepy, and then went on to his career. He was 23 years old and was married for 2 years with a 1 year old son. He is dearly missed by his wife Kylie, Son Evan and family and friends... he will forever live on in our hearts and we will forever love him.

BadgeFrances Collender (Trooper)
Delaware State Police
By Friends and fellow co-workers of the Delaware State Police
Fallen but not forgotten.

Badge Mary Ann Collura (Officer)
Fairlawn Police Department
By Heather Bruno, EMT, Mine Hill, NJ
Mary Ann Collura was killed in the line of duty a few months ago. She suffered gunshot wounds to the neck and chest and then was run over with her patrol vehicle. Multiple suspects were all apprehended and the main shooter was discovered in Florida and killed by Florida Police Officers.

Badge John Combs (Patrolman)
Parma City P. D., Parma, Idaho
By Donald F. Ballou Sr., Nyssa, Oregon
He was killed in the line of duty, shot in the head, by 3 robbery suspects. Sep. 22, 1969 "Rest in Peace Bro".

Badge Kurt J. Comeaux (Probation and Parole Officer)
Louisiana Dept. of Public Safety and Corrections
By Joseph Maureaux, Thibodaux, Louisiana
A great family man, who served his country in Iraq, and subsequently was killed in action.

BadgeJason D. Conklin (Officer)
Tuxdeo Park Police Department
By Elisa Hirth, Monroe, NY USA
Officer Jason D. Conklin, 22, was killed Thursday August 21, 1997 in an automobile accident while chasing a speeder. The Ford Expedition patrol truck that he was driving overturned on a curve. He was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident, and was thrown through the open driver's side window. The truck then turned on top of him. He was a recent graduate of the Rockland County Police Academy. Officer Conklin is sadly missed although some solace is offered in the fact that he died doing what he loved so much. His lifelong dream was to become a police officer. May he rest in peace.

submitted by:
Elisa Hirth, girl friend

Badge Lewis Allen Conner (Officer)
West Palm Beach, FL Police Dept.
By Teresa L. Fox, Lake Worth, FL
Officer Lewis Allen Conner, 54 years of age, was shot in the head and killed while investigating a burglary on August 7, 1937. Officer Conner is survived by children and grandchildren who continue to honor his memory to this day. He was a twelve year veteran of the West Palm Beach, FL Police Department.

Badge James Franklin Connor Sr. (Officer)
Palm Beach Police Department
By James Franklin Connor Jr., Palm Beach, Florida
My father died twenty-five years after having a heart attack returning from work, having been in a foot chase with a suspect. He was able to get a Bll passed for Police officers in Florida called: James Connors Heart bill. He died in April 5, 2002.

BadgeLee Corbett (Sgt.)
Anne Arundel County Police Department
By Michael Hugg, Annapolis, Maryland
By Cpl. David Muhl, Crofton, Maryland
Sgt. William Lee Corbett, 51, was pronounced dead Sunday at Greater Laurel-Beltsville Hospital after suffering a massive heart attack while golfing in Laurel. He will be missed by his entire police family and by residents of Maryland and the county he served for over 22 years. Our prayers go out to Mrs. Lynn Corbett and her 3 sons John, 33, and Joel, 20.

BadgeDyke A. "A. J." Coursen (Cpl.)
Beaufort County Sheriff's Department, Beaufort, SC
By Beaufort County Sheriff's Department
Killed defending the citizens of Beaufort County 8 Jan 2002. We are all in your debt. You are truly a hero.

BadgeRichard G. Crawley (1953-2000)
Asst. Fire Marshal/Police Officer/United States Marshal
By Laura A. Pike, Tulsa, OK USA
In sweetest memory of not only a fine police officer, but a grand asst. fire marshal who lost his own life in a tragic auto accident, September 4, 2000. If he knew I were writing this he would be sure to make a change. So be it from the man he was, I can hear him say:

Don't think of us as gone away
Our journey has begun,
Life holds so many facets
This earth is only one...
Just think of us as resting
from the sorrow and the tears
in a place of warmth and comfort
where there are no days or years.
Think of how we're wishing
that you could know today
how nothing but the sadness can really pass away.
And think of us as living
in the hearts of those we touched...
For nothing loved is ever lost
and you were loved so much.

BadgeWilliam J "John" Crawley (Deputy Sheriff) Badge# 123
Chesterfield County Sheriffs Office
By Garry Deaver, Chesterfield, SC USA
On Aug 31, 1998 Deputy John Crawley was murdered in the line of duty by Blande Horne of Pageland, South Carolina. Deputy Crawley was given a call to escort Myrtle Horne to her residence to enforce a family court order to which Mr Blande Horne was to vacate the marital home and that Ms Horne was to take possession due to past history of domestic abuse.

As Deputy Crawley and Ms Horne approached the home they were meet inside by Mr. Horne who was holding a handgun. During this time Deputy Crawley radioed for backup but as backup arrived they found Deputy Crawley and Ms Horne shot to death, and Mr. Horne had fled the area. Mr. Horne was later seen in the near by town of Monroe, North Carolina where a several hour standoff with Mr Horne took place. After making every attempt to get Mr. Horne to surrender Officers from Monroe Public Safety entered the home. As they entered Mr. Horne turned and pointed a gun at the Officers at which time they fired striking Mr Horne. Mr Horne died later at a local hospital.

Deputy Crawley was a devoted husband, father, friend and public servant. He came to work with the Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office as a jailer and later assigned to road duty, and became a member of the department's bloodhound team. John would be at work on his days off just because he loved his job so much. The most rememberable thing of John was his love for Mt. Dew. Everytime you saw John, he had a Mt. Dew in his hand. The same applied the night he was murdered, a Mt. Dew bottle was left behind in the seat of his patrol car. Prior to John's death he told fellow Officers of his dreams that he would be killed in the line of duty. At this time John started making preparations for just that. First he renewed his love for our Savior Jesus Christ and made all arrangements for his service including speakers and songs to be sung. As a lasting tribute to John all Officers from the Chesterfield County Sheriffs Office now wear a green metal ribbon on our uniform to remember John and his love for Mt. Dew. John, we truly miss you ole friend and we will continue to fight crime in the memory of 123. God bless you and keep an eye on us.

BadgeJohn J. Creegan (Officer)
Orange County Sheriff's Dept., Florida
By Susan Caponi, North Bellmore, NY USA
Dear John:
I don't ever remember a time when I didn't look up to you. You were always there to save me even if only from myself. I always knew I loved you but never realized how much a part of me you are. I MISS YOU. The emptiness you left in me can never be filled. A brother is a lifelong friend and you will always be mine...
Love your LITTLE sister,

Killed in the line of duty by "vehicular assault" on May 29th 1996.

Badge Louis Curcuruto (Detective)
OCCB, New York
By Anonymous
Louis N. Curcuruto passed away 4/18/1990 he was a detective in the OCCB and left behind his wife Gigi Curcuruto and his three children Leia, Luis, and Steven.

BadgeHomer S. Curd (Former Chief of Police and Deputy)
By Elaine D. Curd, Dennard, AK USA
He gave the citizens of Redfield a better place to live and to raise our family by working a full time job and being a police officer for nearly 20 years also serving as fire chief of the Redfield volunteer fire dept. After retireing to rest he fought a 5 year battle against cancer and has peacefully gone on to be with the lord. He never met a stranger and he is missed very much by his family and friends. We love you!

Badge David Richard Van Curler (Motorcycle Patrolman)
Department Unknown
By Carole L. Vohs, Valley, Washington
David Van Curler was my cousin. He had a servants heart. There were two things he loved the most: The Lord and then his family. David was killed, before he could even get off his motorcycle, with another officer's revolver in the line of duty. He was a true hero, meeting fear with strength and nobility. He was always positive and cheerful and when he smiled his entire countenance smiled too and his eyes sparkled with laughter. Heaven is graced with his presence now and I can envision David talking and laughing with the Lord of his heart. I will treasure his memory until I see him in heaven.

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God." Matthew 5:9

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