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Listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Police Memorial

Even in a profession where uncommon valor is common you stand out above the rest.

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



BadgeRichard E. Fass (Special Agent )
U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration/Phoenix Field Division
By Anonymous
While working undercover, Rich was handcuffed by suspects he was attempting to buy methamphetamine from. Rather than die on his knees, Rich drew his weapon with his only free hand and attempted to engage the two punks in combat like the warrior he was. (Unfortunately they fired first, blowing his trigger finger off, disabling his Glock handgun, and finally killing him.) Rich was a second generation American, a graduate of the University of Arizona, and a former Pima County, Arizona Probation Officer. R.I.P Brother. END OF WATCH: 29 JUNE, 1994

BadgeDaniel Faulkner (Officer)
Philadelphia Police Department
By Bob McGlinchey
Killed 3:55 AM on December 9, 1981. Convicted killer: Mumia Abu-Jamal, tried and convicted in 1982

BadgeRonald Wade Feldner (Officer)
Newplymouth PD
By Don & Trish Robinson, Newplymouth, ID USA
Wade was killed in the line of duty on January 20th 1994. He was checking on a car that was parked in the high school parking lot at 2:00 a.m. In the car were three teen-aged boy's who had stolen the car. Wade ran a check on the plates, when he returned the driver who was then just 14, shot him three times. And then left Wade laying on the ground, as they drove off. They were later caught. The one who pulled the trigger is in prison, for only up to 25 years. Wade was only 29 years old. Left behind 4 young boys, a wife, and lots of family who miss him dearly, we thank God for all the years he gave Wade to us. And we know one day we will see him, again in heaven. He's now our gurdiain angel.. We love you lots Tater...

*** UPDATE ***
The 14 year old is now 21, back in Idaho, and at a prison run privately by the CCA. He is eligible for parole in 2019.

BadgeErnest R. Felio (Officer)
California Highway Patrol
By Harry B Meyer, Newman, GA USA
Officer Ernest R. Felio was on routine patrol when he was shot and killed by a motorist he stopped for questioning. A security guard at a nearby farming operation testified he heard a brief conversation between the motorist and the officer, then heard the sound of two shots. The 49-year-old patrol officer was an 18-year CHP veteran who served 17 years at the Crescent City Area office. A description provided by the security guard led to the capture of Felio's killer.

BadgeJoseph F. Ferguson (Patrolman)
Chicago Police Department, 2nd District
By Anonymous
Patrolmen Joseph F. Ferguson and Daniel Cambric were patroling their beat on December 27, 1968 when they became suspicious of three men. Noting that one of the three men appeared to have something under his coat, possibly a gun, the officers stopped to investigate. The three were searched prior to questioning. One, Ralph Bellamy, convinced the officers he was not with the other two and was allowed to leave. A gun was found on Allan Sanders and he and Calvin Hayden were placed under arrest. Bellamy then reappeared with a pistol obtained from a barber shop and held it to Ferguson's head. The officers were ordered into the squad car. They refused to comply. Officer Cambric pulled a second revolver. Fire erupted. During the struggle with Bellamy for the gun, Ferguson was fatally shot four times. Officer Cambric was treated for lacerations about the face caused by bullet fragments.

Officer Ferguson left a young wife, son and daughter. His family will always love and miss him.

Bellamy is the only one who still remains in prison. He now comes up for parole every other year instead of every year.

UPDATE: Bellamy died in prison.

BadgeLarry Finkbeiner (Patrolman)
Reed City Police Department
By Chief William Riemersma, Reed City, MI USA
Officer Larry Finkbeiner was a 25 year veteran police officer with this department. In May of 1996, while on patrol duty, Officer Finkbeiner suffered a massive disabling heart attack. Officer Finkbeiners recovered from this attack, and was released from the hospital after an extended stay. In July of 1996, Officer Finkbeiner suffered another heart attack while at home, and passed away.

Larry was a friend, fellow officer, husband and father. He is sadly missed and will be remembered always.

BadgeKevin J. Fischer (Motor Officer)
Daytona Beach Police Department
By Officer Penny L. Vollenbroek, Daytona Beach, FL USA
Officer Fischer stopped to assist a Deputy involved in a minor accident on 9/4/98. During the investigation a vehicle swerved into the emergency lane. Officer Fischer was struck and killed. Officer Fischer leaves behind many who loved him and called him friend.

BadgeScott A. Flahive (Police Officer)
Grand Haven Department of Public Safety
By Officer C. VanderLaan, Grandville PD, MI USA
Officer Flahive was fatally shot on December 13, 1994. He had stopped a vehicle suspected to be involved in a jailbreak moments earlier. The suspect had critically wounded a female corrections officer before escaping from the Ottawa County Jail where he was being held pending sentencing for a drug conviction. As Officer Flahive approached, the suspect fired from the back seat of the vehicle driven by two women aiding in the escape. Officer Flahive was shot one time with a 30-06.

The suspect is now serving multiple life terms.

Officer Flahive was 28 yrs. old.

Badge Kevin Floyd (State Trooper)
Missouri Highway Patrol Troop G
By Anonymous
Kevin Floyd was a loving father and husband. He loved to Hunt and Fish. He was was on the MSHP for 19 years and died just before his 46th birthday. Kevin could walk into a room, and you would remember him for the rest of your life. He was deeply loved and will be missed by all. He left son Jake, daughter Telena, and wife Cheryl

Trooper Floyd was killed in the line of duty, he had pulled a woman over during a routine traffic stop, and a truck pulling a trailer struck him as the man had bent over in the truck to pick up some papers and hit him.

Badge Delbert R. Flowers (Officer)
Manheim, PA
By Angela Mattern, Mount Joy, PA
He left behind a wife Nancy Flowers and his only son Timmy Flowers. My uncle was in an accident with his car from what I understand. I was very young.

BadgeJames Fogleman (Deputy)
West Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department
By Lt. Gary Hill, Palm Beach Sheriff's Office, West Palm Beach, FL USA
Killed in the Line of Duty 03/25/63

BadgeTimothy J. Foley (Constable/Police officer)
Southington Police Department, Southington, CT
By Kathleen Foley McKenna, Manahawkin, NJ
In 1938 my Great Grandfather was struck by a car while on duty and died 4 days later of his injuries. He was an Irish immigrant, devoted to his church, his family and his community. He was a Constable in Southington for 35 yrs before they organized a police department in 1927 of which he became an Officer and wore the #1 badge. His death was also the first for the local force. His son, Edmund J. Foley, also served beside him as a police officer until his retirement in 1949. I never had the honor of knowing either of them but have always honored their memory and am very proud to have their blood coursing through my veins.

BadgeJeffrey Fontana (Officer #3702)
San Jose Police Department
By Anonymous
First week on the job...

On 10-28-01 at 4:35AM San Jose Police Communications received a call from a citizen on Calle Almaden reporting an Officer down on the street outside of the residence. Officers responded and found the victim lying in the roadway suffering from a gunshot wound. Paramedics attempted to revive the officer but he was pronounced dead at the scene.Investigators are still attempting to determine what led to this shooting. It appears that the officer had stopped a vehicle in the area and was shot while approaching the vehicle. The suspect(s) fled the scene. Homicide Investigators have developed sufficient information to charge suspect DeShawn Campbell with murder in this case. The suspect is also wanted for two outstanding felony warrants. We are asking for help from the public in locating this suspect. He should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. Anyone seeing this subject should call 911 immediately. His photo is available on TRAK, via email or at the SJPD Front Desk. Anyone with information on this case is urged to call Detective Sgt. Pete Ramirez and Detective Sgt. Vaughan Edwards of the San Jose Police Homicide Unit at 408-277-5283. Persons wishing to remain anonymous may call Crime Stoppers at 408-947-STOP.

Badge Ted Foss (Corporal)
Minnesota State Patrol SP27
By Anonymous
Corporal Foss was killed after being hit by a semi while standing outside the squad car on a traffic stop. Survived by young wife and children. Served from 11-86 to 8-31-00 Died August 31st, 2000

BadgeRichard David "Rick" Fox Badge #509 (Deputy Sheriff)
Alexander County Sheriff's Department, North Carolina 1992 - 2001
By GW Foster, Taylorsville, NC
On the morning of Sunday, July 8th, 2001, at age 45, Rick left his earthly life behind to join Jesus Christ on the heavenly shores after a motor vehicle accident as he was returning home from a mission trip in Canada.

Rick not only served his fellow man as an outstanding officer with the Sheriff's Department since November of 1992, He had served in the US Army where he was awarded the National Defense Service Medal and Rifle Marksman Medal. He was also a charter member of the Alexander County Crimestoppers and served as the first Crimestoppers president in 1988. In 1989, he was honored by Governor Jim Martin with the Governor's Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service. On December 20th, 2000 he surrendered to the call to preach God's Word. During his time on earth Rick was able to lead over thirty-five souls to the Lord.

Rick Fox, a man that will always be remembered for his love for his job, his friendship, his concern for others, his smiling face, his kind words and his true love for Jesus Christ!

Badge Roger W. Fulford (Deputy Sheriff)
Pamlico County Sheriff's Department
By Amanda Brown, Bayboro, NC
Roger W. Fulford was a Deputy Sheriff in Pamlico County, N.C. He had a wife and three kids, two girls and a boy. Officer Fulford, accompanied by an ALE Officer, went to serve a warrant for illegal alcohol and was shot in the chest at point blank range. He died immediately. The date was My 15, 1969. The ALE Officer called for back-up. When Back-up arrived, a shoot-out between the criminal and the officers arose. The house caught on fire with Fulford at the bottom of the steps. Two other lives were lost that night. Fulford had gone to that house to help protect the children and people of Pamlico County, and it cost him his life. He knew what the risks were and yet he still went out everyday to do the job he loved, protect and serve Pamlico County.

BadgeDavid Michael Furrh (Sergeant Investigator (Narcotics))
Gonzales County Sheriff's Department
By Tollie Kay Furrh (widow), Gonzales, Texas
David was shot once in the chest and killed while serving a narcotics search warrant. He left behind a wife, 16 year old son, seven year old son, three month old daughter, his parents and two sisters. We miss you David... Killed In The Line Of Duty December 6th, 2001


"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God." Matthew 5:9

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



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