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Listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Police Memorial

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



BadgeGuy Patrick Gaddis (Officer)
City of Houston Police
By Gayle Gaddis, Houston, TX USA
Killed in the line of duty January 31, 1994. While transporting two prisoners one shot him.

BadgeScott Gadel (Officer)
By Mike Reingold, former NYPD scooter cop
Shot by a burglary suspect in 1985/86. Scott was shot while trying to reload his S & W 6 shot revolver. We were not allowed to carry speedloaders until Scotts death, Then they finally allowed us to. I will try to find out more about Scott and get it to you., he was a young good NYPD officer.

Badge Thomas E. Gahl (Federal Probation Officer)
Southern District of Indiana
By James G. Brown, U.S. Probation Officer, Virginia Eastern - Richmond Division
Federal Probation Officer Thomas E. Gahl had went to the home of an offender who was newly released from prison to determine whether he had been taking drugs. Gahl went to the residence to obtain a urine specimen. But before he could do so, the offender pumped three shotgun blast in Gahl as he pleaded for his life according to witnesses. Prior to working for the U.S. Probation Office, Gahl worked for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the Indiana Department of Corrections and was a 1st Lt. in the U.S. Marine Corps during Vietnam.

BadgeSteven G. Gajda (Police Officer)
Los Angeles Police Department
By Ruben Rodriguez, Los Angeles, CA USA
Steve was a member of a gang enforcement unit, assigned to gang and gunfire suppression detail on New Year's Eve, December 31st, 1997. Shortly after midnight, Steve and his partners attempted to break up a gang party. Upon seeing the Officers, one particular gang member, later determined to be wanted for murder, fled on foot through the houses. Steve gave chase and, as he came around the corner of a house, he (Steve) was met with gunfire. Steve was shot in the head. Steve's partners returned fire and killed the suspect at the scene. Steve died later that day (Jan. 1st, 1998), after his family granted permission for doctors to disconnect life support equipment. Steve is dearly missed by all his fellow officers.

Badge Blake Gammill (Deputy Sheriff)
Douglas County Sheriff's Office
By Detective David Hindman, Dallas Georgia
Deputy Gammill was killed in the line of duty, He was shot by the father of the perpetrator the SWAT team had been sent to serve an arrest warrant on. While entering the perpetrator's home Deputy Gammill gave the ultimate sacrifice without hesitation and fear. Thank You Blake for protecting others before yourself.

BadgeAngelic S. Garcia (Deputy Sheriff)
Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office (BCSO)
By N. Gonzales, Albuquerque, NM USA
By Larry Tafoya, Matt Propp, Albuquerque, NM
By N. Gonzales,
On March 4, 2001, Angelic was responding to call to back up a fellow officer when she lost control of her patrol car and hit a tree. She died doing what she loved and that was helping people. Angelic was twenty-six years young.

When Angels Cry

When someone who was too young too die
Is taken away without a reason why
The angels sing, the angels cry
The tears that fall are not tears at all
But memories that will never die
When angels cry there is no pain
Just a never-ending constant rain
Suffering, there is no more
Just glory and safety to all
When angels cry
The whole world knows
They gather the tears up like
delicate petals from a rose
The scent from each one destroys all fears
When angels cry
People try to understand
How someone too young could
be placed under the Creator's hand
The answer to this question may never be known
When angels cry crystal tears
We glance up and have no fears
For that person who was too young to die
Is now also and angel
Singing their sons of mourning
and crying their tears of memory
Up in the sky

By Larry Tafoya & Matt Propp,
Deputy Angelic Garcia was killed in a motor vehicle accident in February of 2001, while en-route to back up officers on a fight with weapons call. She was running Code 3 when her vehicle lost traction and she hit a tree. She was 24 when she died, and will be missed by this department and all fellow law enforcement officers. "Greater love hath no one then this... that they lay down their life for their friends"

Badge Greg Gariepy (Deputy Sheriff)
San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department
By Linda Drott and all of your brothers and sisters from the Morongo Basin Sheriff's Station
Greg served 20 years in the Marine Corp and then continued to serve his community by joining the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. Greg was taken from us on the morning of Wednesday, June 22, 2005 while enroute to assist a fellow deputy. Greg lost his life when the patrol car he was driving went out of control and overturned several times. Greg will always be remembered by his fellow co workers and the community he served. We love you Greg and miss you dearly, you will never be forgotten. God bless his wife and children.

BadgeWilliam Frank Garner (Sr) (Police Officer)
United States Capitol Police
By Donald E Garner, Boston, MA USA
I am writing to honor my Father. He joined the US Navy at the age of 17 and served on destroyers off the coast of North Korea during the Korean War. He later was stationed in Panama and in 1964 participated in the rescue under fire of a wounded officer during civil disturbances there near the Canal. It was the only time he was ever under fire. Upon his retirement after 21 years of service, he joined the United States Capitol Police, fulfilling a ifelong dream of becoming a Police officer. He died at age 56 of heart disease after 13 years with the Capitol Police. He served his country for 34 years, but his greatest service was to his family, his wife, and his three sons. We will always miss him.

BadgeJeffery Marcus Gathings (Deputy Sheriff)
Oak Grove, La.
By The Gathing's Family
Jeffery was a kind, considerate, and living person. He was the youngest of four brothers. He was killed by a trustee whom he considered his friend. I loved him more than anything else in the world. This act has left a hole in our heart and in our lives for ever more. I take comfort in knowing he is on the right hand of God looking down and smiling on us daily.

BadgeFrank Genovese (Deputy)
West Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department
By Lt. Gary Hill, Palm Beach Sheriff's Office, West Palm Beach, FL USA
Killed in the Line of Duty 06/03/82

BadgeWilliam Billy Giacomo (Deputy)
Nicholas County
By Jerry Perdue, Boomer, WV USA
Was shot and killed in the line of duty Sept 11 2000 Summerville, WV. You will be missed my friend.

BadgeJohn (Jackie) P. Gibbons III (Officer)
Woburn Police Department
By Ellen Dellaia, Woburn, MA USA
Jackie was and still is a loving caring husband, son, father, brother and friend. He had an unbeleivable sense of humor, his artistic abilities were incredible. Jackie went to Dade County every year for forensic art, he had a talent far beyond that of many. He lived, loved and laughed. He was my brother, my Irish twin and I will hold him deep in my heart forever........ Ellie

BadgeAllen Gibson Jr. (Patrolman)
Town of Waverly Police Department(Virginia)
By Officer Kenneth Russell, Norton Police Department (Virginia)
One of the finest officer's that gave his life to make others as happy as he is now in heaven. Leaving his 8 year old daughter and wife behind, Allen Gibson Jr. Was killed in the line of duty protecting all that was good and pure on April 25 1998.

BadgeJames E. "Eddie" Gillis (Special Investigator)
Florida Highway Patrol
By Kathy E. Stone, Plantation, FL USA
My uncle Eddie, was with the FHP since he was 18 years old... he started as a dispatcher, then a trooper, then an investigator. He loved his job and did it well. His friends in the agency us to ask him when he was going to take the tests to join them in Tallahassee. He didn't want to be in an office, so he let many promotions go. He retired after 33 years and retired to Tuscalussa, AL... within a year he had a stroke and while at the hospital a large tumor was found on this brain... he died a few short weeks later, the same was he lived his life with honor and dignity....

A statememnt of the type of man he was showed at his funeral when the motor unit from Orlando, FL trailered their bikes to Tuscalussa for the service and rode to Dothan for the burial... along with the many other FL and AL troopers who attended. Troopers from AL escorted the percession all the way. Pall-bearers included Bobby Burkett(Director of FPH), Jack (Dpty Director), and my cousin, Mike Baxley who to this day serves FHP as a Lt... he was a good man and well liked.

Uncle Eddie, no one can ever fill the place in my heart that still keeps the love, respect, and never ending admiration for you... Love your niece and biggest fan... Kat :)

BadgeJohn P. Gisclon (Lt.)
Ashland County Sheriff's Office
By Lt. Terry A. Hamilton, Ashland, Ohio
Lt. Gisclon was shot in the back while on duty by a mentally disturbed subject at 3:00am on January 14th 1994 and died of his wound. He left behind a loving wife and two young girls. John will always be missed and loved by the people who worked with, and learned from him.

BadgeWilliam D. Glover Jr. (Patrolman)
Ashtabula Police Department
By Family, Ashtabula, OH USA
On November 18th, 1997, Patrolman William D. Glover Jr. died from three gunshot wounds while chasing a suspect by foot. He had been on the APD for six months and made a tremendous impact on many people's lives. He had taken a special position on the Ashtabula Metropolitan Housing Authority community policing unit. He made the children in the projects see that there was a better life waiting for them and tried to be a positive role model for the entire community and police force. His name was added to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington for his bravery and dedication. He is an inspiration to us all. We love you very much and will never forget you.
With love always,
Renee, Aunt Barbara, Grandma,
Aunt Linda and Uncle Curt, and family

BadgeIppolito Lee Gonzalez (Sergeant)
Franklinville Police Department, Franklinville, NJ
By Enrique Gonzalez, Buena, NJ USA
Lee we will always love and miss you, luv mom, dad, Ricky and Jen, and Linda, Carlos Sr. & Jr. Anna, Jason, and Maria, George, Christopher, Johnathan, Joshua. Till we meat again...

Badge Manuel Ariza Gonzalez Jr. (Officer)
California Department of Corrections
By Angela Ariza, Santa Fe Springs, California
Manuel is my cousin. He lost his life in the line of duty to an inmate at Chino's Correctional Institution for Men on Monday Janurary 10, 2005. He has left behind six children, ages 22 - 3. He will be forever remembered as a GREAT father, wonderful son and giving cousin. He had the biggest heart and would do absolutely anything for anyone. I will NEVER forget you cousin!! RIP

BadgeCarl Richard Goodman Jr (Deputy Sheriff)
Madison County Sheriff's Department, Arkansas
By Loretta Nottingham, Fredonia, KS USA
born: Feb 19 1947 in Doniphan, Mo
The son of: Carl R and Daisy F Goodman
died: In the line of duty in Madison Co. Ark on August 21 1981
cause of death: He was hit head on by another vehicle while responding to a call of an officer in distress. He died on impact.
His family: He was married twice, (1) He married Babette Allen with who he had a daughter, Barbara Fay Goodman (2) He married Candice Clark with who he had his second daughter Amanda Sue Goodman He is survived by his parents, 2 sisters .. Lova Busch of Ks, Linda Ellenbarger of Ks 2 brothers .. Clarence Goodman of Ks and Daniel Goodman of Ark. He served in the 101 airborne division in Vietnam, and was given a purple heart for injuries sustained in the "D" zone. He will forever be loved and remembered.

BadgeSherry H. Goodman (Deputy Sheriff)
Shelby County Sheriff's Office
By Annette L. Cotton, Memphis TN USA
Sherry was shot to death on July 26, 1996 while transporting a prisioner on warrant charges. She was the first officer in 50 years lost, in the line of duty, to our department. The shooter is now serving life with out the possibility of parole. Sherry is survived by her husband, two teenage daughters, her parents, sister and grandparents as well as numerous friends and co-workers. She was a 2 year veteran of the Sheriff's Office with two previous years as a Reserve Officer. Sherry was the storm in the calm and the calm in the storm. May the lessons that we learned in the wake of her death never be forgotten. We will always hold you in our hearts.

Respectfully submitted,
Reserve Capt. A. L. Cotton

BadgeThomas E. Goodwin (Patrolman)
Goshen Police Dept.
By Deborah Goodwin-McCarthy, Syracuse, IN
Tommy practically raised me. I would listen to him long before anyone, including my parents. After the death of my mother, he fulfilled all my emotional needs, included the role of mother it seemed. But I wouldn't fully appreciate that till after he was killed.

Tommy was shot in the back of the head by a "sniper". The "man" accused of killing him may never stand trial due to his mental state. The shooter held our town captive for over five hours while police tried to find him. He shook our community.

The closest I can explain my bond to my brother is, we were twins with an age difference. I keep on living, but such a big part of me is missing.

Badge Anthony Fitzgerald Orion Gordon (Constable)
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
By Noel, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Const. Anthony Fitzgerald Orion Gordon, 28: He was born in Edmonton, Alta., and joined the RCMP in Red Deer, Alta. He graduated from training Oct. 15, 2002, and was posted to Whitecourt, Alta., where he worked in general policing and highway patrol. This was Canada's worst assault on RCMP since 1885... these 4 men, Const. Peter Christopher Schiemann, Const. Lionide Nicholas Johnston, Const. Anthony Fitzgerald Orion Gordon, Const. Brock Warren Myrol, were gunned down after a raid on a drug farm.

Badge Michael Patrick Gordon, #18751 (Patrol Officer)
Chicago Police Department, Illinois
By Mike's Dad; Robert Gordon, Darien, Illinois
While on patrol in the 11th District in Chicago on 8/8/04, Michael's patrol car was struck broadside by an intoxicated driver who ran a red light. Michael received fatal injuries and the other driver who brought on all this heartache was also killed. Michael was only 30 years old and left behind a loving wife, 3 sons and a 6 month old daughter. Son, we love you and miss you with all our hearts, you will never be forgotten.

BadgeRandall Graves (Deputy)
Pima County Sheriff's Dept. Tucson, Arizona
By Bill Young, Eldorado, IL USA
Randy was working undercover when he was killed in a traffic accident. He was a good friend and a fine officer.

BadgeThomas J. Gray (Detective Sergeant 1930-1987)
Nassau County Police Department
By Kathleen B. Gray
I would very much like to honor my dad for gave his entire life to the police force as finally a Detective Seargent.... 35 years... and died unexpectedly at work in the station house as he loyally climbed the stairs to once again sit at his desk . We had no idea how many people's lives he had touched until his wake, when so many kind strangers (to us, his children and his wife, our mom) came up to us and thanked us and told us of his quiet acts of compassion. My father was a loyal and honest cop and we are proud that he like all of my family gave his life to public service . He died on February 14th, 1987..age 57..on the anniversary of my parent's marriage. They are together now and it's only in hindsight as their eldest child that I understand what committment professionally and personally means.

Badge"Stetson" Eugene Gregory (Deputy Sheriff)
Seminole County Sheriffs Office
By Exp. Fisher, Altamonte Springs, FL USA
Deputy Gregory was loved by many and still is. And, won't be forgotten so please don't forget him, and any other that died in the line of duty!!

BadgeTrooper Mike Green (Capt)
Indiana State Police
By Sgt Matthew Bartlett United States Marine Corps, Lebanon, IN USA
Semper Fidelis to all police officers to make the ultimate sacrifice every day when you leave your loved ones behind.

Badge Nikky J Green (Trooper)
Oklahoma Highway Patrol
By Whitney Griffin, Randlett, Oklahoma
Nikky Green, after 6 years of duty, was shot and murdered on December 26, 2003. He stopped to help a vehicle and was shot and killed during a struggle. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is still searching for the man responsible. Nik was a true hero. He leaves behind a wife and three daughters along with many other family members and friends. Nik was also the youth pastor at the Devol Baptist Church. His life was and continues to be a testimony of the grace of God. He will be missed.

BadgeScott Griffien (Officer)
Carthiage Police Dept
By A Family Member
We all love you and miss you... Thank you for protecting us no matter what.

BadgeTerry Griffith (Officer)
Christiansburg Police Department
By Harley Castor, VA USA
We Love you.

Badge Peter Alan Grignon (Officer)
Louisville Metro Police Department
By Samantha, Louisville, Kentucky
Peter was brought into this world on Sept 30,1977 and taken too soon after responding to a routine hit & run call the morning of March 23, 2005. He left behind a beautiful wife, Rebecca and wonderful family. Jefferson County & Louisville Police Departments merged in 2003 to become Louisville Metro Police. Peter was sworn in March 21, 2003 as one of the first metro classes & was the first Metro officer killed in the line of duty. He had just celebrated his 1st wedding anniversary on March 20. His killer, 17 yr old Travis Ballard, committed suicide shortly after killing Peter. We will never forget. We love you. (Memorial site for Peter:

BadgeTina Griswold Officer #LK101
Lakewood Police Department
By Ed Munoz, Radio Communications Supervisor, Pierce County Sheriffs' Department, WA
The Lakewood Police Department lost four great souls on 11/29/09. While enjoying a cup of coffee before their shift in the Forza Coffee Shop in Parkland WA, they were gunned down in cold blood by a murderous coward. One of them managed to wound the suspect but he escaped and was later killed by a Seattle Police officer as he was sneaking up to kill yet another police officer in yet another cowardly act.

BadgeJames Guelff (Northern District Police Officer)
San Francisco Police Department
By Sergeant Eugene Yoshii, San Francisco, California
Officer James Guelff was dispatched to the scene of a "Man with a Gun" call on November 13, 1994. The gunman had planned a shootout for many days. He was equipped with a police scanner, full body armor, a kevlar helmet and a cache of high powered weapons. The gunman, Victor Boutwell hid in the darkness of some trees and opened fire on Officer Guelff when he arrived. Officer Guelff managed to return fire, striking Boutwell several times but it did no good because of the heavy body armor. Boutwell shot and killed Officer Guelff while he was reloading his six shot revolver. After the 30 minute siege was over, Boutwell had fired over 1000 rounds at over 200 officers who responded. Boutwell injured two other officers and a paramedic. Officer Guelff's death prompted The City of San Francisco to purchase and arm all 2200 officers with Beretta .40 caliber pistols in order to provide us with more firepower. Officer Guelff was a decorated 12 year veteran and he is still sorely missed by his friends. A memorial was placed at the location where the gun battle ensued. He left behind a young son and a young daughter.

BadgeSpencer Guerry (Deputy Chief - Major)
Georgetown City Police Department
By Georgetown City Police Department, Georgetown, SC USA
Even though your killer has not been brought to justice yet, we promise we will get him one day.
Love your Department

BadgeCecil Gurr (Chief of Police)
Roosevelt City Police Department (RPD)
By Kristie Russell, Roosevelt, UT
End of Watch, July 6, 2001. Tour of Duty, 27 years. Chief Gurr, age 50, was shot and killed while responding to a domestic disturbance call. As Chief Gurr exited his cruiser when he arrived on the scene the male suspect immediately opened fire with a rifle, fatally wounding him. Other officers on the scene returned fire, but missed the suspect. Chief Gurr was a Vietnam War Veteran, and had been with the agency for 27 years, being Chief for over 20 of those years. He is survived by his wife, and three grown children. Chief Gurr was a great man and will be deeply missed. We love you.

Badge Stephen R. Gyurke (Trooper)
Pennsylvania State Police
By Jeffrey A. Gyurke (nephew), Uniontown, PA
Trooper Stephen R. Gyurke of Somerset, PA was checking the credentials of a stopped truck driver on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, about five miles east of New Stanton. A tractor-trailer left the main portion of the highway, struck the parked truck and pinned Gyurke between both trucks. Gyurke, who was on the Pennsylvania State Police Force for three years and ten months, died from his injuries three days later at age 29 at Frick Memorial Hospital, Mt. Pleasant, PA. Stephen is buried in Saint Mary's Cemetery, Nanty-Glo, PA. Memorial web site, with photos, at

Badge William P. Gyurke (Corporal)
Pennsylvania State Police
By Jeffrey A. Gyurke (son), Uniontown, PA
Born 1923 in Nettleton, PA.
Passed away due to heart disease in 1987 in Uniontown, PA.
Enlisted in the Pennsylvania State Police 1946 following his honorable discharge from the U.S. Army, where he served in the Pacific Theatre. William was stationed at several western Pennsylvania locations during his 28 years of service with the State Police; but mostly in Uniontown. Retired from Troop "B", Washington, PA (Uniontown Barracks) in 1974. William's brother Stephen was also on the Pennsylvania State Police Force and died in the line of duty in 1958 with a little less than four years of service. A memorial web site to both brothers, with photos, is at

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God." Matthew 5:9

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



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