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Listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Police Memorial

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



BadgeJerry Haaf (Officer)
By James Bond, Minneapolis, MN USA
Officer Haaf was shot in the Back while having a cup of coffee. It happened during the early morning hours of September 25, 1992. Officer Haaf was nearing the end of his shift and he stopped by a favorite cop hangout to get a cup of coffee and finish some paperwork.

He never saw the two gang members enter the dimly lit restaurant. He didn’t even have a chance to draw his weapon. The murderers quickly walked up behind him, shot him twice in the Back and then ran out the door. The entire incident lasted less than 30 seconds.

It turns out that the gang members who committed the cowardly assassination didn’t even know Officer Haaf. They just wanted to kill a police officer. Ironically, Jerry Haaf did not even have any dealings with gang members. He was an old-fashioned cop, three months shy of retirement. Just a traffic cop, who wrote thousands of tickets, who was known to talk baseball and fishing while making an arrest. He was an officer who took the time to make a difference in the lives of the people he met.

Some turned Jerry Haaf’s murder into a race issue. But, while it was true that Jerry was white and his killers were black, his death had nothing to do with the color of his skin—it had to do with the blue color of his uniform. Jerry Haaf was murdered simply because he was a police officer.

BadgeLarry G. Hacker (Senior Trooper)
WV State Police
By Charles & Cheryl Dobbins, Ravenswood, WV USA
On Thursday, April 9, 1993, Senior Trooper Larry G. Hacker and Trooper S. J. Verdow were called to investigate a dispute between two neighbors in a rural community of about 200 in southern Ritchie County. At approximately 9:30 PM they attempted to locate someone in the house on the property, they were fired upon from the hillside behind the house. Sr. Trooper Hacker was shot in the stomach and fell to the ground. He was conscious and at times alert before he was airlifted to Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital in Parkersburg. He died of a gun shot wound to the abdomen at 12:10 am. on Friday, April 9, 1993. Trooper L. G. Hacker was 34 years old and left behind a wife, two daughters aged 16 and 10, and many of us who loved him dearly. He is sorely missed.

BadgeElmer Hafer (Chief of Police)
Aberdeen Police Dept
By Gary Hafer Jr., Chilhowie, Va
He was killed after being struck by a tractor-trailer while on patrol on U.S.52 in Aberdeen, Ohio

BadgeLee Hafer (Patrolman)
Aberdeen Police Dept
By Gary Hafer Jr., Chilhowie, Va
Killed in the line of duty while pushing a drunk citizen out of the way of an oncoming tractor-trailer.

BadgeJimmy D. Halcomb (Patrolman)
Baltimore City Police
By Angela R. Halcomb, Baltimore, MD
Jimmy was killed in the line of duty on April 16, 1976 (Good Friday) by a sniper who had also seriously wounded 2 other officers. Jimmy was married to Angela R. Halcomb on December 30, 1967, father of 3 daughters, Carrie Anne, Jacqueline Angela, and Amanda Katherine. Amanda was born after his death on June 15, 1976. Carrie was 6 years old and Jackie, 18 months.

Badge Richard F. Halloran (Sergeant)
Boston Police
By P.O. Robert E. Anthony, Boston, MA
Sgt. Halloran was on Duty the morning of November 06, 1975 aprox 5 AM when he came across a Orange in Color M/V parked at Neptune and Saratoga Street in East Boston. When Sgt Halloran exited his Cruiser to investigated he was shot in the Chest by the Assailant who fled in his M/V. Officers Responded to the Scene and transported Sgt Halloran to the Hospital where he passed away. Officers and Detectives searched for the Suspect and Detectives found evidence of a broken tail light, they matched it to the suspect car 10 hours later and arrested the suspect Leblanc and was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. The Officers of District 7 East Boston will unveil an New Memorial to Sgt Halloran on November 06, 2009 at the same location. "Fidelis Ad Mortem"

Badge Alvin Duane Hallum (Police Officer)
Dallas TX Police Dept.
By Anonymous
This former Crawford County, Kansas, Deputy Sheriff had been with the Dallas Police Department in Texas for about one year. While on patrol, Hallum, age 29, and a fellow officer located a vehicle which was wanted in an extortion case and pulled it over. A suspect immediately exited the vehicle and began firing at them. Officer Hallum's partner was wounded in the exchange of gunfire. Officer Hallum emptied his sidearm at the suspect and then took cover behind his patrol car to reload. At this, the suspect ran up and shot him in the head. The suspect then fled, leading other officers on a chase and was killed later in a second gun battle. Officer Hallum was survived by his wife and son. End of Watch: August 21, 1975

BadgeGilbert "Gil" Franklin Halma (Police Officer) Badge# 9-30
Cheraw Police Department
By Garry Deaver, Chesterfield, SC USA
Pfc. Gil Halma was killed in a single car accident on June 26, 1998. Pfc Halma was responding to a report of a drunk driver on Hwy 52 In Cheraw. As Officer Halma was responding he came upon a vehicle in front of him stopped to make a left turn. At this time Officer Halma swerved his vehicle to the right to avoid the stopped car and lost control of his vehicle striking a bridge guard rail causing the car to overturn and throwing him from the vehicle. Even though Officer Halma was dead on the scene fellow Officers still performed CPR on him hoping they could revive him but all efforts failed. Officer Halma had been with Cheraw Police Department for about 2 years of which he started as a dispatcher and then was place on road duty. Officer Halma loved his job and his wife Maria. At the present Officer Halma's twin brother George has joined the depatment to carry on his brothers memory. God Bless you Gil and we will never forget you. Officer Halma is survived by his wife Maria, Mother and several Brothers and Sisters and other family members.

BadgeLeo G. Hamel (Officer)
Springfield Massachusetts
By Eric P. Hamel, Valdosta, GA USA
Killed in the line of duty Oct 31, 1955

BadgeCharles T. Hammock (SGT)
Augusta Police Dept. (GA)
By T.E. Price Mccormick Police Dept. S.C. USA
Sgt. Hammock, a 31 year veteran of the dept. had just finished working special duty at a basketball game where he was awarded for his contributions to the school and community, had stopped at hardees to get a burger and asked a couple of young blk males in the parking lot to turn down their loud stereo. The young males followed Sgt. Hammock home and as he exited his vehicle, he was shot once in the chest. I am proud to have known and served with such a fine human being.

Badge John R. "Skip" Hanchera (Officer)
Department Unknown
By DJ Malloy, Kincheloe, MI
Dad was killed in the line of police duty on 7/14/81 while arresting a man for beating his girlfriend. He was only 49 years old and never had the chance to see his one desire fulfilled; his grandchildren. He was a loving man and a great Dad.

BadgeWilliam "Bill" Gerome Hardy (Deputy Sheriff)
Jefferson County Sheriff's Department
By Walter Hendrix, Birmingham, AL USA
During the early morning hours of 19 July 1995, Deputy Hardy, a 23 year veteran, who was working an off-duty job at a local hotel, went outside to check on a problem in the parking lot. While in the parking lot, Deputy Hardy was ambushed, and shot twice in the head, by at least two animals. The first bullet dismembered the ring finger on Deputy Hardy's left hand (as he used it to try to protect himself), passed through his mouth, and out the back of his head causing him to fall to the ground; alive. As Deputy Hardy attempted to get up, one of these animals stood over him and shot him in the head again. Deputy HardY was taken to UAB Regional Medical Center where he died from his injuries a short time later. Deputy Hardy, who was affectionately known for always wearing his hat, was a very good friend and is missed by all who knew him.

Two animals (Toforest Johnson and Ardragus Ford) have been charged with the capital murder of Deputy Hardy. The two were tried once, in serperate trials, last year. Both trials ended with hung juries.

******** UPDATE ********

Fri, 21 Aug 98, after just two hours of deliberations, Toforest Johnson was found guilty of capital murder in the Jefferson County (Alabama) circuit court. On Mon, 24 Aug 98, the same jury, after five hours of deliberations, recommended that 25 year old Toforest Johnson be sentenced to die in Alabama's electric chair (known as big yellow mama). Circuit court Judge Bahakel set Toforest Johnson's sentencing for 30 Oct 98.

On Friday, 30 Oct 98, Circuit Judge Alfred Bahakel sentenced ToForest Johnson to death by electrocution for his role in the fatal shooting of Deputy Hardy. His accomplice, Ardragus Ford is still awaiting retrial.

******** UPDATE ********

On Thu, 09 Mar 00, the second animal (Ardragus Ford) charged in the senseless murder of Deputy Hardy was acquitted of all charges against, despite a mountain of evidence against him. May he burn in Hell for all eternity.

BadgeCasey R. Harmon (Deputy Sheriff)
Lee County, MS. Sheriff Department
By John Harmon, Blue Springs, MS USA
Casey was 20 years old, working at the Julenile Detention center in Tupelo,Ms. A 16 year old suspect was being helded for shoplifting. The suspect was being released when he pulled a gun out of his shoe and fired a shot to the head of Casey, killing him instantly. The suspect escaped, but was captured later that night near Memphis. The suspect, Stephen Farris, was sentenced to life with out parole , Plus 70 years.

Casey Harmon came from a history of law enforcement, his grandfather was the chief deputy for Chickasaw County, Ms. , in the 1960's, his father was a deputy sheriff for almost 20 years, and his two brothers are currently deputy sheriffs with Chickasaw County.

BadgeGiles A. Harmon (Officer)
North Carolina Highway Patrol
By V.L. Wilson, Asheville, NC USA

BadgePaul Jeffery Harmon (Officer)
Huntington West Virginia
By Claude Watters, Huntington W.Va.
On December 14, 1981, at 01:41:30 Hours. Officer Harmon was dispatched to assist Officer Randy Byard that had observed two individuals looking in the windows of a gas station. Officer Harmon in uniform parked his marked police cruiser at 19th Street, and Jefferson Ave. and approached two white males. Officer Harmon stated to Officer Byard that he had the suspects. Ten seconds later Officer Byard heard gun shots that ended the life of a very fine police officer. The suspects Bobby Dean Stacy, and Wilbert Bethel Mayle had earlier attempted to rob a local fast food restaurant in Ohio, and believed that they were about to be arrested. Bobby Dean Stacy was convicted of Officer Harmon's murder, and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, were he died of cardiac problems, and Wilbert Mayle was sentenced to life with mercy, and has been deined parole everytime that he has been eligble.

BadgeDouglas Paul Hartman (Deputy)
Lehigh Sheriffs Dept.
By Pearl Lance, Bethlehem, PA USA
On July 7, 1991 Doug was sent to serve a warrent for failing to show for a hearing. It was his day off but since he had done all the research in finding this person they called him and he went. Doug was a very dedicated officer and gave more then 100% to his job. Doug had only been married 1 1/2 years when he was killed and we looked forward to seeing him become a Father, his wife had a misscarriage soon afterward. Doug had a dog named Wolfie who had been trained as a K-9 dog and he would sit and wait at the door night after night for Doug to come home. Doug's killer died that same day somehow Doug managed to shoot him before he died and although it may seem cruel I shed no tears for that man or his family. I use to think it was all a dream for a long time, at least I convinced myself, and I would wake up and there Doug would be with his smile that could brighten the darkest day. I have my memories, his Father and Mother still feel the pain as if it were yesterday he was their only son. I know we are blessed because we have our own angel cop in heaven now and he takes good care of us.

There have to be better laws to protect innocent people, the person who killed him had a record of threating to kill a New York State Trooper and he still was issued a gun permit.

BadgeRobert Hayes (Officer)
Phila Police Department 35th District
By Richard Hayes, Phila, PA USA
He was killed while stopping a vehicle for a broken tail lens and was shot and killed by an illegel alien.

Badge Scott Hearns (Officer)
Glendale Police Department
By Kimberly Mckendricks-Laney, Litchfield Park, AZ
Officer Scott Hearns, thanks for being the best D.A.R.E instructor I had when I was in sixth grade at 'desert gardens elementary"! I know it has been about 8 years since you passed but you are never forgotten and I will forever cherish your memories in my heart! R.I.P officer scott, I cried the day you died and when I think of you I feel like crying, thanks for being the best d.A.R.E instructor I had and thanks for being a wonderful friend!!! May god bless u, your son (who lost you at a young age) and your family!!!!! - love always & sincerely, Kimberly Mckendricks-Laney

BadgeGary Heath (Officer)
Greenville Police Department
By SOS, Greenville, AL USA
Killed in the line of duty. He will be greatly missed.

BadgeEryk Todd Heck (Deputy Sheriff)
Allen County Sheriff's Department
By Officer David Gerlock, Fort Wayne, IN USA
Eryk became a police officer on September 21, 1992, into a department where his mother was already serving. This is the first time a mother and son had served on the same department and the same time. Eryk graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy with honors, and later was a member of the METRO SQUAD and SWAT team, where he was very highly respected.

On August 15, 1997, Eryk had just gone off duty and was on his way home, when he heard a call from Officer Robert Hefner asking for a backup to approach a vehicle suspected of being involved in a residential burglary. Eryk responded to the call. When the driver of the vehicle returned, Officers Heck and Hefner approached him, at which time the driver immediately opened fire, shooting Officer Hefner in the arm, disabling him. When Eryk saw that Officer Hefner was unable to defend himself, he placed himself between Officer Hefner and the driver, who continued to approach while firing his weapon. Even as Eryk was being shot in the neck, head, and leg, he was able to shoot and kill the driver, before dying himself.

While an officer with the department, Eryk had been awarded the Bronze Star, Unit Citation, Distinguished Expert Marksman Status, along with numerous Letters of Commendation. He was posthumously awarded the departments Lifesaving Award and became the first ever Allen County recipient of the Gold Star for Bravery.

Eryk is survived by his wife Debra, and his daughter, Taylor Payge, who was only an infant at the time of his death.

I had the opportunity to meet Officer Heck on two occaisions. Even though I never really knew him, I feel as though I've always known him. This the the impression he left with people who came in contact with him. He made the ultimate sacrifice when he crossed the thin blue line, laying down his own life, to save the life of Officer Hefner.

As GOD wraps his arms around your wife and daughter, and you patrol the streets of heaven, remember Eryk, we love you and will eternally miss you.

BadgeAllen Heirtzler (Deputy Sheriff)
East Feliciana Parish Sheriffs Dept
By John Rutherford (a friend and a co-worker), Ethel, LA USA
Allen Heirtzler was killed in an automobile accident at 02:00hrs on Friday, September 4, 1998 while responding to a house fire in Ethel, LA. He was 22 years old born July 17, 1976. Allen was a full time Deputy with the East Feliciana Parish Sheriffs Dept for 15 months and also a volunteer fireman for the Slaughter and Ethel Fire Dept for 18 months. He was a member of the East Feliciana Special Response Team where he served as the team's medic. Allen was a 1994 graduate of Silliman Institute and also Louisiana State University P.O.S.T. Acadamy where he became a Certified Peace Officer on March 6, 1998. He had attended Louisiana Tech in Ruston, LA and was planning to attend Southeastern Louisiana University to enter the field of criminal justice. He was also planning to become a member of the Fraternal Order of Police. Allen was a tall young man with a special smile and a one of a kind personality. Allen was always there whenever he was needed to perform any type of duties or whenever someone needed a friend. He was always a polite and courteous person. For example, on the night of Allen's wake a man had came to the funeral home with a sympathy card. When the man was asked how he knew Allen, he stated that he had only met Allen once when Allen had issued him a ticket a few months before. The man stated Allen was a nice young man and he wanted to express his sympathy to his family. Allen was always very supportive and encouraging, no matter what the situation. If anyone needed anything, no matter what it was Allen was always there to give it. He would give you his last dime if you needed it. Allen was the type of person that was easy to love and hard to dislike. If someone happened to get irritated or upset with him, all he had to do is smile that special smile and everything was alright. Beyond his devotion to duty his dismeanor with the public was exceptional. Regardless of the situation, he was always polite to the public, answer ring "yes sir, no sir" "yes ma'am" no matter the age of the person he was responding to. Even when it was requested that he not call someone sir or ma'am, a lifetime of politeness would not allow for it. Although young in years, he was greatly respected by everyone who came in contact with him. Allen will be deeply missed by his co-workers and especially by his family and friends.

BadgeBrian Heller (Deputy Sheriff)
Worcester County Sheriff's Office
By Trooper Tracy Ilczuk, Maryland State Police, Salisbury Barrack, Salisbury, MD USA
By Jacqueline Francis, Venice, Fla.
By Trooper Tracy Ilczuk,
Deputy Brian Heller of the Worcester County Sheriff's Office died (6/14/00) as the result of injuries sustained in a single vehicle accident on Rte 113 near Blades Rd. Pocomoke, Worcester County, Md.

It happened at 10:20 PM while enroute to assist another deputy with a mental subject with a possible weapon. He was traveling S/B on Rte 113 near Blades Rd. Worcester County, Md., Brian's 2000 Ford Crown Vic. skidded off the wet roadway at a curve and struck a tree in the median strip thus ejecting Brian. The car subsequently burst into flames. Brian was transported to Peninsula Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. He is survived by a wife and two daughters, ages 14 and 9.

Brian was hands down the best police officer I have had the privilege of working with in my 10 years as a LEO. He was extremely proactive in the fight against drugs. He was never down and always had a great attitude and a smile. Brian was larger than life and loved his job.

By Jacqueline Francis, Venice, Fla.
I was a police dispatcher at the Bucks County radio room in 1990 when Brian Heller was a Morrisville Boro Police Officer.I often worked his zone and had the privelage to meet Brian for the 1st time when he stopped in the radio room one morning & thanked me for a job well done. Brian was a big 'ol bear of a guy with a tremendous sense of humor and an even greater sense commitment to protecting the citizens in the town in which he worked. And now, sadly I remember the last time I ever saw him, he was following behind me in his patrol car,we tooted our horns, waved our hands & that was the last I'd ever seen of him, that was on 6/6/01. He never knew it, but he played an intrigal part in of my life and I wouldn't be where I am today had it not been for him. Words can't express how devesatated I am & how dearly he is missed. I'll 4ever thank u and think of u, RIP Budddy..& wait for me at the pearly gates, & help me fight my plight with the big guy up there as to why I should be let up there with you and all of the other ANGELS... Disp #473

BadgeRussell Herrick (Patrolman)
Burton City P.D.
By Officer James F Duplanty, Burton, MI USA
One Hell of a Friend and a Police Officer.

BadgeArthur L. Hershey (Sergeant)
PA State Police
By Tpr. Bradley E. Hershey, Bedford, PA USA
On Jan. 3, 1999, while driving to the Pennsylvania State Police Academy in Hershey, PA, Sgt. Arthur L. Hershey stopped along the PA Turnpike in Dublin Twp., Fulton Co. to assist another Trooper at an accident scene. While standing outside of his patrol vehicle, a female motorist lost control of her pick-up truck and skidded off of the roadway and up an emankment behind where Hershey was standing. The truck then began to rolled side to side down the embankment and rolled across Hershey's patrol vehicle and rolled over him, killing him instantly.

Hershey was the Crime Section Supervisor at the Bedford Barracks at the time of his death. He was well know for founding Camp Cadet of Bedford County, which is a week long camp for youths that is run by local State Troopers.

Hershey was the 86th PA State Trooper killed in the line of duty. At fifty-one years of age, he was the oldest PA Trooper killed in the line of duty and had the longest service record of any PA Trooper killed in the line of duty with 27 years and 8 months of service.

Badge Richard Herzog (Deputy Sheriff)
King County Sheriff’s Department
By An Admirer
Deputy Richard Herzog, of the King County Sheriff’s Department, died June 22, 2002 when a crazed, naked man overpowered him. The suspect was running through the streets and was beating on the doors of a bus when confronted by Deputy Herzog. The man wrestled Deputy Herzog to the ground, grabbed his weapon and shot him to death. He leaves a wife and two daughters. He served his country twice with honor: first in the Army, then as a law enforcement officer.

Badge James Hesterber (Prisoner Transport Officer)
Alaska Department of corrections
By Anonymous
Officer Hesterberg died December 19,2002 while transporting 7 inmates from Anchorage to Seward. A semi truck crossed over the line stricking Hersterberg's vehicle and killing him instanltly along with four inmates. Officer Hersterberg is the first officer to die in the line of duty and was only one year away from retirement. Officer Hesterberg is survived by his wife and 3 children.

BadgeWilliam "Billy" Hetrick (Officer)
Clay Township Police Department, Genoa Ohio
By Corrina Hetrick-Coffman, Elmore, OH USA
My brother age 30, was killed in the line of duty July 10 2000. He was a patrolman for 5 years at Clay Township Department. He was helping out Genoa Police Department on his days off that was under staffed at the time. A semi truck pulled out in front of his cruiser and he was killed instantly. He leaves behind a wife of 13 years a son Tyler age 6, daughters Aliese, 5 and Aubrey 6 months. He will be deeply missed by all that knew him.

Badge Jeffery (Jeff) T. Hewitt (Sergeant)
Buncombe's County Sheriff Department
By Amanda Hughes, Asheville, North Carolina
Badge # E-2 Sergeant Jeff Hewitt was shot and killed while serving mental commit papers. The suspect obtained a shotgun and shot Sgt. Hewitt in the head and chest before commiting suicide. Sgt. Hewitt was a proud Marine for 6 years, Served in the Gulf war, and served with the Buncombe Co. Sheriffs Dept. for 11 years. He was 34 years old when he was taken.He is survived by his wife, stepson, and many other family, andfriends that miss him so very much. God Bless E-2. You are missed

BadgeMark Damon Hiatt (Officer)
Bryan Texas PD
By Jerry Moore
On Saturday December 2nd, 2000 Bryan Police Officer Mark Hiatt was performing his duties as always, with competence, professionalism, and compassion. Neither Mark, his family or coworkers expected that on this day he would be called upon to give his life for our community. At approximately 10:31 am while enroute to a funeral procession call, Officer Hiatt was travelling east on the 800 block of E. 29th street in Bryan operating his Police Kawasaki Motorcycle. As Officer Hiatt approached the intersection of E. 29th and S. Hutchins, a pickup travelling west on E. 29th attempted a left turn onto S. Hutchins. The front left of the pickup collided with the motorcycle. Officer Hiatt was taken to St. Joseph hospital by ambulance and died a few minutes later of his injuries.

BadgeG. D. Hibbs (Officer)
Jefferson County Police Department Louisville, KY
By Dianne Logsdon, Louisville, KY USA
Officer G.D. Hibbs was one of the first motorcycle patrolmen in the state of Ky., who instructed the other 12 officers for the program in 1951 until the time of his death in 1956. The program for the Police Force was The Jefferson County Police Department in Louisville, Ky. Office Hibbs died of illness at the early age of 31 years old. He was buried in uniform and the funeral was escorted by the Jefferson County Police Dept. Morotcycles and patrol cars. He is survived by two daughters, Dianne Logsdon and Pam Jackson, two grandchildren, Penney Potts and Jeremy Monroe, and 1 Great grandchild, Branden Potts.

Badge Sam Hicks (Sergeant)
King County Department of Public Safety (Now the King County Sheriff's Office)
By A Fellow KCSO Deputy
On June 24, 1982 Sgt Sam Hicks and another deputy approached an isolated farmhouse near Black Diamond to question a 31 Y.O. suspect about the murder of a south Seattle rock musician. Bullets came at them from somewhere inside a barn as they crouched, unprotected, in the open-they had had no forewarning that the suspect might be dangerous. As he fired at them from his secure position, Sgt Sam Hicks was killed and the other deputy was injured.

BadgeMicheal Hisaw (Deputy Sheriff)
Prentiss County Sheriff Department
By Gail Rutledge, Corinth, MS USA
Micheal lived his entire life for law enforcement and the good he felt he could do for his community through service. He served as a juvenile officer but jumped to respond to any call, especially when help was needed. When Micheal responded to a call on March 11, 1999, his thoughts were not on himself but on the community he was serving. Micheal was gunned down within seconds of leaving his cruiser by an animal who neither knew Micheal or the good he sought to do. Micheal was 27 years old when his life and career were cut short. He left behind his parents, brother, fiance and her two daughters. He also left a community to grieve for an officer who felt that his love of God called him to serve his community through law enforcement. We will never be the same.

Badge Erik Hite (Officer)
Tucson Police
By Neal Wilkins, Tucson, AZ
Tucson police Officer Erik Hite died at 12:53 p.m. Monday (2 June 2008), one day after he was shot in the head during a crosstown pursuit.

As Hite was disconnected from life support and died with his family by his side, Tucsonans were drawn to the Northeast Side spot where he died to leave flowers, American flags and cards. When Hite's body was taken from University Medical Center, local law-enforcement officers cleared the route by blocking intersections and saluting their fallen comrade.

Badge Ezekiel W. Hodsdon (Police Officer)
Boston Police Department
By P.O. Robert E. Anthony, Boston, Mass
1st Boston Police officer Killed in the Line of Duty on October 18, 1857. Officer Hodsdon was shot in the Back of the Head while attempting to Arrest a Suspect for B&E in East Boston. Both Suspects were later arrested and sent to Jail.

BadgeJason Hoerauf (Police Officer)
Albany Police Department
By Dustin Wyatt
On September 4th 2001 while riding along with a SGT from the Oregon State Police, Albany Police Officer Jason Hoerauf was killed when he and two Oregon State Troopers were struck by a vehicle while standing off of I-5. Jason and the Troopers were stoped to assist a broken down vehicle. Jason and an Oregon State Trooper were killed, A Oregon State Police SGT remains in critical condition from injuries sustained from the crash. Jason was the best friend a person could have. Jason you will be missed, but NEVER Forgoten.

BadgeTroy Hogue (Trooper)
Howard County DPS
By Howard County DPS, Big Spring, TX USA
Troy Hogue was shot and killed in the line of duty on 12-30-95 by a drunk driver while investigating an accident.

BadgeRobert M. Holcomb (Patrolman)
Plainville PD Plainville CT.
By Robert R. Soli, Jupiter, FL USA
On November 21 1977 about 1721 hours Bob Holcomb was shot and killed while answering a house burglary call. He left behind a wife and a three year old son Mac at the time. He was the first Police Officer to be killed in the line of duty in the town of Plainville CT. He was my friend and at times we were partners. He will live in my heart forever.

Badge Thomas Hontz (Sgt.)
Scottsdale Police Deptartment
By Kat Martin, Scottsdale PD, Scottsdale, AZ
Killed in a department SWAT training accident, when a piece of equipment exploded. Several other officers and firefighters from various agencies were injured. Sgt. Hontz served 24 years with our Department and is truly missed. He leaves behind a wife and three sons.

BadgeCarnie F Hopkins (Deputy)
Livingston County Sheriff's Department
By Melany Waston, Ledbetter, Ky
Killed in the line of duty on September 9, 1983 when he stopped to check on an assumed hitchhiker, believing he was in need of assistance. His muder has never been solved.

BadgeGlen Hourihan (Corporal)
Hazlet Township, New Jersey
By Stephen L. Guardino (friend-Ex-coworker), Palm Coast, FL USA
Died February 7, 2001: Corporal Glen Hourihan 58, died after suffering a fatal heart attack he suffered leaving the witness stand at the Monmouth County Courthouse, Freehold, N.J. The incident happened shortly before 3:00PM in Superior Court Judge Norman J, Peer's courtroom during a domestic violence case. Sheriff's officers rushed to his aid and emergency personnel tried to revive him. Deputy Chief James Broderick said Hourihan was a "very diligent and dedicated police officer". Hourihan who was promoted to corporal in the patrol division last year, had been with the department 23 years. He was a training officer, and a source of knowledge for younger officers. "He was a great guy to work with because you could always count on him being there when you needed him, said Detective Jeff Miller.
I'll always remember his friendly smile and his willingness to help others. Stephen L. Guardino ex-coworker

BadgeGreg Howard (Sergeant)
Floyd County Police Department
By Sergeant Dallas Battle, Rome, GA USA
Greg was killed on Dec. 16, 1994 while assisting another Officer at a traffic accident. Greg was struck by a vehicle while directing traffic. Greg left behind a daughter - Amanda Howard, a wife - Sybil Howard, parents - Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Howard, and the entire Floyd County Police Department, all of whom will never forget him.

BadgeWally Howard (Patrol Officer)
Syracuse Police Dept.
By Loretha Baums, Syracuse, NY USA
Officer Howard was shot and killed during an undercover drug investigation. Officer Howard was working in a joint effort with the DEA and was attempting to purchase narcotics from two drug dealers for $42,000 in cash. The two suspects shot and killed Officer Howard when they attempted to rob him of the money.

Officer Howard is survived by his mother, fiancee, and his two children.

Badge Amadeo T. Hubbard (Sgt.)
Bexar County Sheriffs Office
By Richard Hackett
Beloved husband, father, and grandfather, born July 2, 1938, passed away March 7, 2002. Sgt. Hubbard served 35 years in Law Enforcement with the Bexar County Sheriffs Office. Although, my uncle was not killed in the line of duty, he served with distinction.

BadgeLinda Huff (Officer)
Idaho State Police
By Dana C. Rand, US Army, Moscow, ID USA
Officer Huff died in the line of duty. She was coming out of a Idaho State Police Department in Central Idaho, when she was shot and taken down. She emptyed her weapon at the shooter and was not able to kill him before she ran out of amuniton. There are reports of this entire incedent on radio record. She was then Executed by a point blank shot to the head. I have been lucky enought to have the chance to work with her when I first became a Idaho Fish and Game Volunteer. In memory of Officer Linda Huff.

BadgeFord Tyson "Toby" Humphrey (Deputy Sheriff)
Stafford County, Virginia
By David George, Roanoke, VA USA
Toby was just 26 years old when he lost his life in the Line of Duty in October of 1980. Off duty, Toby responded to a domestic disturbance call with other officers. Upon arriving, he realized that he had gone to High School with one of the people involved and took the initiative and tried to calm the individual down. His killer bolted and ran and retrieved a shot gun that had been hidden near-by and shot Deputy Humphrey in the chest. Toby died at the hospital shortly thereafter. All of the Deputies, Police Officers and State Troopers who worked with and loved Toby will never forget him. Thanks for being my friend, Toby.

BadgeJames S. Hunt (Rocky) (Deputy)
West Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department
By Lt. Gary Hill, Palm Beach Sheriff's Office, West Palm Beach, FL USA
Killed in the Line of Duty 02/25/93

BadgeTim Hunt (Sgt.)
Alcoa, TN Police Dept
By Matt Johnston
On April 20, 2000 Sgt. Tim Hunt, of the Alcoa, TN Police Dept. was on duty ridding his police motorcycle on US Hwy 129. At appoxmitly 9:30 am a truck pulled in his path and he was criticaly wounded. Early the morning of the 20th Sgt Hunt died. Sgt. Tim Hunt was an outstanding officer, one that everyone could look up to. He will be greatly missed.

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God." Matthew 5:9

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