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Listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Police Memorial

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



BadgeThomas Jablonski (Patrolman)
Bay City Police Department, Bay City, MI
By Anonymous
Slain in the line of duty as they where ambushed by two brothers. Both received life for the murder of our brothers in Law Enforcement.

Badge Jennifer Shirley Jacobs (State Trooper)
State of Alabama
By Irving Penalbert, Ozark, AL
Trooper Jacobs was a good friend of mine back when I was a county corrections officer with Dale County Jail and she was a policewoman with Ozark Police Dept. She was killed in a murder/suicide by her ex-husband on Jan.11, 2007. She was an exceptional human being when it came to family and took her role in law enforcement above and beyond the standards of her position. She will greatly missed and my heart and prayers goes out to her children and family.

Badge Julie Jacks (Police Officer)
Chattanooga Police Department
By Anonymous
Officer Jacks was shot and killed on May 6th, 2002 with her own service weapon while attempting to apprehend a suspect who had fled from a hospital during a mental evaluation. The suspect had been taken to hospital by another officer but fled before receiving any treatment. Officer Jacks, who was in the area, assisted the original officer in locating the suspect. When she located him at Vine and Kilmer streets, a struggle ensued and the suspect gained control of her service weapon and shot her.

Officer Jacks was Rookie of the Year in 2001. She was 26 years old. She had been with the Chattanooga Police Department for just over three years and is survived by her fiance, parents, and two sisters.

Badge Brian Jackson (Patrolman)
Buchanan County Sheriff's Department
By Chris Boos, Jesup Iowa
Brian lost his life to a boating accident. Brian will be remembered as "everyone's friend" We will never forget.

BadgeAnthony Edward Jansen Sr. ()
Newport Kentucky Police Dept.
By Anthony Edward Jansen Jr., Ft. Thomas, KY USA
Anthony was shot in the line of duty while responding to a "shots fired" call in the 700th block of York Street.

BadgeTom Jeffries
Portland Police Department - City of Roses
By Selia (Lady Trooper), Portland, OR USA
By Scott Foster, Portland, OR USA

By Selia (Lady Trooper),

Tom Jeffries
Portland P.D. - East Precinct

I pass by the spot
62nd & Glisan
It will never be the same.....
A lawman with a capital ''L''

*salute* ----- Selia

By Scott Foster,
Tom was ambushed and fatally shot while chasing a coward who had broken into his ex-girlfriends apartment and shot her child. Tom and his partner were chasing the coward when he ran behind a house. Tom was fatally wounded as he rounded the corner of the house. Tom was able to return fire, and wounded his murderer. Police K-9 units located the murderer hiding in the bushes nearby. Unfortunatly, the wound was non-fatal, and the murderer plea bargined and received life instead of the death penalty. Tom left behind his wife and unborn child. His death left a hole in all our lifes that can never be filled again. We all miss Tom.
Scott Foster
Portland Police Bureau

BadgeCarlton Daniel "Dan" Jenkins (Sgt.)
Camden County Sheriff's Office
By Anonymous
Badge No. 1111 will never be used again by the Camden County Sheriff's Office. The number worn by Sgt. Carlton Daniel "Dan" Jenkins, who was shot and killed Monday during a traffic stop on Interstate 95 north of Woodbine, will be retired in tribute, said William Terrell, a sheriff's office spokesman.

A Savannah man, Jason O'Neal Bryant, 33, was arrested and charged with the slaying. Prosecutors said Tuesday they will seek the death penalty.

Jenkins is survived by his wife, Jeannie, a sergeant at the Camden County Jail, and five children, ages 4 to 17.

BadgeOscar Jerkins (Police Officer)
Hartford Police Dept., Hartford, Alabama
By Deputy Ben Berry, Hartford, AL USA
Officer Jerkins was killed on August 7,1933. He was fatally shot by three suspects who were attempting to blast open the bank vault.

BadgeOfficer Steve M. Jerman (Patrolman)
Kane Police Department
By Leroy Harlan Jr, Kane, PA USA
Officer Jerman was killed on 2/20/99 after pulling a car over for a violation, an 18 year old kid shot the Officer and he died. Steve has been a cop for over 20 years, he was very active in Kanes Dare program. Steve was a good man.

He will be sadly missed
Leroy, Wendy, Brandon

Killed In the Line of Duty

by Deb Johnson

On February 20th 1999 Our Community lost a Great Police Officer and a Valued Friend. A life taken by an 18 year old with a hand gun.

Where does one begin to summarize the life of someone who gave his life protecting our community. Steve Jerman was proud to follow in his uncle and his stepfather's footsteps as a Police Officer. Along with his duties as a Police Officer Steve headed the DARE Program (Drug Abuse Resistance Program). He was thought highly of by his students and will always have a special place in their hearts. His Students wore their DARE Shirts and Dare Graduation Medals to school in remembrance of Steve.

The outpour of support for his family has been tremendous. On Saturday Morning at the Kane radio station, WLMI, the lines are opened up for dedications. Realizing that he would have several calls for a song dedicated to Steve, Chuck Crouse owner of WLMI, decided on one song "Go Rest High on that Mountain" by Vince Gill, and at noon they would play that song and read the list of name dedicating that song, expecting maybe 20 to 25 calls, they were amazed when they had 540 calls pour in. And every single name was read on the radio.

He will me missed, but never forgotten. Go Rest High on that Mountain Steve

BadgeRonald Jeter (Specialist)
Cincinnati Police
By Jeff Shari, Cincinnati, OH USA
Ron 34, was gunned down along with his partner Dan Pope 35,as they attempted to serve a warrant on Dec 6, 1997. Their killer took his own life shortly after. LET US NOT FORGET!

Badge Billy Ray Jiles (Lt.)
Carroll County Sheriff's Dept
By Helen Stephens, Jail Admin. Asst, Carroll County Sheriff's Dept, Carrollton, Ga.
On September 3, 2002, Lt. Billy Ray Jiles was murdered after joining the chase of a domestic arson suspect in Carroll County, Georgia. Lt. Jiles will be sorely missed.

Lieutenant Jiles was shot and killed after responding to reports of a man attempting to set his ex-wife's house on fire. When the suspect left the home he was followed by a citizen who alerted Lieutenant Jiles to his location. After a short foot pursuit the man ran into another home where he murdered the elderly owner. Lieutenant Jiles took a defensive position outside of the home but the suspect came out and opened fire with two handguns, striking Lieutenant Jiles several times. Lieutenant Jiles was not able to return fire. The suspect was shot and killed by other responding units. A suicide note was found on the suspect and it is believed he was attempting suicide-by-cop.

Lieutenant Jiles had been in law enforcement for 20 years with three different agencies. He is survived by his wife and two children.

BadgeRonald S. Jitchaku (Police Officer)
Hawaii County Police Department
By Officer Sean C. Kobayashi, Hilo, HI USA
On May 7th, 1990, Officer Jitchaku was killed in the line of duty while he and several other officers had responded to a report of a large gathering of people in a popular "hang-out" area known as Banyan Drive on the Big Island Of Hawaii. After a fight had erupted in the area, Officer Jitchaku was struck on the head with a police baton by a large male party. Officer Jitchaku fell to the ground and struck his head on the roadway which caused injuries leading to his death. "Shige" to all his friends, was a good man and a dedicated police officer. He is missed dearly by friends, family and fellow police officers.

Aloha Officer Jitchaku....may you enjoy the Grace Of God while you reside in Heaven....

Badge Michael M. Johns (Officer)
City of Coppell Police Department, TX
By Gale Johns
He was a terrific father, a wonderful friend and husband, he would defend you no matter who you were if you were in trouble, he was an expert marksman, a Field Training Officer, he was an officer for 20 years. Over 9 in Desoto, TX and the rest with Coppell, TX. He was a motorcycle officer for 1 1/2 years and also a School Resource Officer for 2 years at Coppell High School.

He is listed on the Officer Down Memorial Page, Michael Maurice Johns.

And he could make you laugh yourself silly.

Badge Robert Johns (Police Officer)
Perry Police Department
By Michael Maurice, Madison, Fl
Perry Police Officer Robert Johns, along with his wife, Kimberly, and son, Brett, were killed early Christmas Eve morning when their SUV was struck by a drunk driver in a pick-up truck. Robert had been with the Perry Police department for 17 years. He was also an instructor at the North Florida Community College law enforcement academy. If you were Radar certified in north Florida then he probably instructed you. You will be missed by all.

Badge Tommy Johns (Investigator)
Rochester, NY Police Department
By Winford Lewis
Retired 5/2003 with 33 years of service to the Rochester Police Police Department. Age 55 Unexpectedly 2/21/2004, Tommy was called to serve in the Heaven's Patrol. We on Earth shall mourn his passing, but we gain him as our Guardian Angel, First Degree. Tommy was a Cop's Cop and a Civilian's Protector. "Rest easily Tommy, you gave us your best" I hope you know how much we thank you for that. Win Lewis, Public Relations Chair: International Society of Crime Prevention Practioners, retired & a resident in the area of the majority of your Service

BadgeDon C. Johnson Jr. (Deputy)
Bay County Sheriff's Department, Bay County, Florida
By Juanita Johnson-Haynes, Flint, MI USA
Don was 36 years old and an eight year veteran of the Sheriff's Dept. He was a motorcycle officer killed in the line of duty. He was leading a funeral procession on July 11, 1999 when he was struck head-on by a Ford Ranger Pick-up truck, driven by Jennifer Beth Knight of Southport, FL. She was only ticketed for improper lane change. No criminal charges were filed. According to witnesses, she was tailgating for miles and attempting to pass. When Don motioned the oncoming traffic to pull over for the procession, Knight went into the oncoming lane and struck and killed him. He is survived by a wife and two young children. He is sadly missed and will never be forgotten.
Submitted by his brother, Dan, and his sister, Juanita.

Badge Lionide Nicholas Johnston (Constable)
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
By Noel, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Const. Lionide Nicholas Johnston, 32: He was born Lac La Biche, Alta., and that is where he joined the force. He graduated from training on April 17, 2001. In Mayerthorpe, he worked in both general and First Nations policing. This was Canada's worst assault on RCMP since 1885... these 4 men, Const. Peter Christopher Schiemann, Const. Lionide Nicholas Johnston, Const. Anthony Fitzgerald Orion Gordon, Const. Brock Warren Myrol, were gunned down after a raid on a drug farm.

Badge Michael Walter Johnson (Sergeant)
Vermont State Police
By Family, Vermont/New Jersey
Michael was struck and killed by a vehicle, on Father's Day 2003, after he put spike strips down on I-91 in order to stop the vehicle , which was being pursued by other officers. After laying down the spike strips, he parked his cruiser in a crossover between the north and southbound lanes. The suspect approached the spike strips and swerved into the median, striking him. Michael had served with the Vermont State Police for 16 years, was married and had a daughter and two sons. He was the light of our family and will always be missed.

BadgeMillie Johnson (Police Officer)
New York City Police Department
By P.O. Haarstick, New York
Taken From Us Way Too Soon

Badge David Jones (Deputy Sheriff)
Garfield County Sheriff's Department
By Kirsten Morrison
On January 26, 2003 we in Garfield County lost a very special man. His name was Deputy David Jones. During a routine traffic stop he'd pulled over two men. Because he caught them drinking and driving. After stopping them he called for back up and a tow truck. Then proceeded to give the driver a field sobriety test and ended up arresting him. After placing the driver in his patrol vehicle, he proceeded to work with the passenger. As he approached the truck the passenger grabbed his rifle. Deputy Jones repeatedly tried to get him to drop his weapon. The passenger fired and hit Jones in the chest, Jones returned fire and hit the passenger twice. The passenger then walked up to Jones as he lay dying, threatening to shoot him again if he did not hand over the keys to the hand-cuffs. Deputy Jones also spent time prior to putting himself through POST training in the US Army and US Army National Guard. He leaves behind a wife of 23 years and five kids. The people in this County will surely miss him. May God bless his family!

BadgeLloyd Michael Jones (Chief of Police)
Red Bud, Police Dept.
By Angela Vega, Litchfield,IL USA
He was a 20 year law enforcement officer and father of seven children. I try to think of what I could say about him that would only take a few words - the fact is that he was so much- all wrapped up in one person! He was a dedicated officer, friend, and father! He loved all of his children so much! He was my father, my mentor, my hero and will never, ever be forgotten! I love you daddy!

BadgeTim Jones (K-9 Officer)
St. Paul Police Department
By Pat Fitzgerald, St. Paul, MN USA
In 1997 Tim was called in when fellow officer Ron Ryan Jr was shot and killed. It was Tim's day off and he decided he was going to go in with his K-9 Dog Lazer. They were walking in the woods of Parkway little leauge on Third and Earl. Tim was shot and died shortly after, his dog Lazer was shot and killed too. The man was Guy Harvey Baker and was then was charged with murder for killing two Police Officers and Tim's K-9 Lazer. TIM AND RON YOU'RE HERO'S ALL OVER THE STATE OF MINNESOTA. WE WILL MISS YOU GUYS

BadgeWilliam D. Jones, Sr. (Officer)
Austin Parks Police
By Roland Dahin
Jones was killed on May 28, 2000 when he was shot twice in the neck and chest on a traffic stop in one of Austin, Texas' Parks. He was in the United States army for seven years and received an honorabel discharge along with other awards. Officer Jones left behind a wife and five children. This is the first officer funeral I had been to in my life. It was an experiance I shall never forget no matter where I am or what I am doing.

Badge Kenneth Jordan (Officer)
Colorado Springs Police
By Steve Henry, Littleton, CO
Ken Was gunned down during a routine DUI stop, as he approached the vehicle to remove the suspect shots were fired. Gunfire was returned by two other officers on the scene and the suspect was injured and captured. Ken is was and always will be number one in my heart and everyone that knew him. He was taken way to young but lived way beyond his years. We miss you Ken

BadgePam Jordan (Deputy Sheriff)
Pierce County Sheriff's Department, Tacoma, WA
By Jeff Salter, Puyallup, Washington
Pam died in January of 2003 of a malignant brain tumor, after 18 years of service as a deputy sheriff. One of the first female deputies in the area, Pam proved herself as a capable, competent deputy and endeared herself to the public and fellow officers. I had the good fortune of dating and getting to know Pam in 1985, shortly before she became a patrol deputy. A beautiful, loving person, Pam is deeply missed by many, including family, friends and fellow officers. She was truly a shining star in our world.

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God." Matthew 5:9

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



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