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Listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Police Memorial

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



BadgeJohn Kalaman (Officer)
Centerville Ohio Police Division
By Robert K. Winkle Jr., Springfield, OH USA
Officer Kalaman was on scene of an accident when another car slammed into the accident scene killing him and fire fighter.

BadgeKenneth Kaner (Police Officer)
Chicago Police Department, 007th District
By Sgt. John M. McGivney, Chicago Police Dept.
Murdered while making a missing person report while assigned to a one man squad car

BadgeRon Kanze (Deputy Sheriff)
Seb County Sheriff's Office
By Reserve Officer Richie Hightower, Seb County, USA
Ron Kanze was killed instantly on 8-1-97 in a high speed crash while responding to a burglary in progress. Before the impact, he stretched out his arm to protect his ride along, Richie Hightower- an officer in training, which saved his life.

8-1-97 was Ron's 3rd year anniversary on patrol. Richie is now a reserve officer for the Seb Co Sheriff's Office. Ron was an exceptional deputy. He will never be forgotten. He will always be loved.

BadgeRobert Kaulfers (Sergeant)
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police
By William F. Hoover, Lieutenant, Retired, Port Authority of NY & NJ Police
On the morning of September 11, 2001 Sgt. Kaulfers was assigned as the NY Patrol Sgt on the PATH Communter Railroad of the Port Authority of NY & NJ. When the first plane impacted the World Trade Center Sgt. Kaulfers began rescue efforts to remove the tens of thousands of tenants in the WTC buildings. As thousands of people left the buildings for safety Sgt. Kaulfers moved swiftly into the complex and up into the buildings directing and assisting the fleeing people. After the second impact this Sergeant continued his rescue efforts and at the ultimate collapse of the two World Trade Center Towers he lost his life. Sgt, Kaulfers, a 23 year veteran of the Department leaves his wife, "Cookie", one son, Tim, and one daughter, Meredith. He gave until there was no more to give. He and the 36 other PAPD Officers who died that day will be forever cradled in the hearts of all members of the Port Authority Police.

BadgeJames R Kautz (Chief Marshal)
Long Beach Police Department
By Robert Sulkowski, Long Beach, IN USA
Chief Kautz was struck by a vehicle while directing traffic at another accident on 11/04/97. He suffered numerous injuries and had many surgeries. Jim died of his injuries on 12/04/97. Jim was a 20 year veteran of the Long Beach Police Department serving 17 years as Chief. Jim also served two tours in Vietnam and winning three bronze stars. Jim is very much missed within our Department of 5 Officers. Jim you may be gone but you will never be forgotten.

BadgeLeslie Keely (Police Officer)
Flint Police Department
By Heather Roman, Farmington Hills, MI USA
My uncle Leslie Keely was killed in a car crash while in a high speed chase in persuit of a wanted offender. I would like to thank any officer from the state of Michigan and Canada who came to pay their respects to my Uncle. Some of the officers who came had never even met Les. If any of them had met him they would have a more understanding of what a great loss this is. He is very known for his sense of humor and a wonderful contagious smile. To me, he was a great man, father-like. Leslie is a father of an 18 year old who is a senior in high school and also a 5 year old who is just starting school. Due to a high speed chase he will miss so many important things in both of their lives. Even though he will always be there he will not be able to have those experiences. I would love to hear any suggestions as how to stop any high speed chases. They are at times dangerous and unneccesary. Leslie Keely was also an organ donor. Please consider this option for yourself or one of your loved ones. Thank you Uncle Les for your courage and dedication for the community and your family. You will be greatly missed and loved always.

BadgeKenneth Keliipio (Police Officer)
Hawaii County Police Department
By Officer Sean C. Kobayashi and Rick Davis, Hilo, HI USA
Ken was one of the most loved officers in the Department. On March 27, 1997, while taking a stranded motorist for help, Ken was killed when he was struck by a speeding drunk driver. We miss you Ken!

Aloha Brother Ken

Until we meet again..

Ho'omaika'i Makua 'oe!

Respectfully submitted by:
Rick Davis

Officer Kenneth Keliipio was one of Hawaii's Finest!! A man of integrity, honesty and dedication, Officer Keliipio served with his heart and soul until his untimely departure. After responding to render assistance to a stalled motorist, Officer Keliipio's vehicle was struck from the rear by another vehicle, flipping his "Full-sized" Ford Bronco. Officer Keliipio died as a result of injuries received in this motor vehicle accident. He is dearly missed by all who knew him....HCPD has lost one of it's finest officers. We find comfort knowing that he is now with God, watching over all of us from Heaven...

Respectfully submitted by:
Officer Sean C. Kobayashi
Hawaii County Police Department

BadgeDan Kelley (Officer)
Maywood Police Department
By Officer Dan Winger, LBCCDPD, Lakewood, CA USA
Ofcr. Dan Kelley, Maywood Police Department, CA, died on July 18, 1999 as a result of injuries he sustained in an on duty motorcycle accident on July 8, 1999. Ofcr. Kelley's police motorcycle and another vehicle collided with another vehicle. Dan will be greatly missed. He had a great many friends here in the Southern California law enforcement community. May our brother Dan rest in peace. St. Michael now has another officer to patrol the streets of heaven. Never forget the fallen hero!

BadgeRodney Kendricks (Officer)
Lubbock Police Department
By Renee' Kendricks-Atkerson, Southlake, Texas
Rodney was escorting a funeral on July 2, 2001 when a car pulled out in front of him. He swirved to miss and went into head on traffic being struck by a truck. Rodney died 1100 on July 8 from a head injury. He also had a broken jaw, broken arm, broken ribs and a punctured lung. He was with the department 12 years and a motorcycle officer since April of 2000. He was also an motorcycle instructor. He is survived by our daughters who are ages 6 and 10.

BadgeThomas Kenley (LT)
Cayce DPS
By Jaime Gunter, Cayce, SC
You will be missed by our entire city; officers and citizens included. The department without him is not the same, but we keep on trucking because he would expect us to. "T", you will always be loved and remembered.

Badge James R. Kenney (Deputy Sheriff)
Clay County, Kansas, Sheriff's Dept.
By Anonymous
End of watch, 11/16/1999. James R. "Monk" Kenney, 62, a Deputy Sheriff with the Clay County, Kansas, Sheriff's Dept. entered a house in Morganville, KS, along with other officers in order to execute a search warrant. The object of the search an escaped inmate from an adjoining county and the house was his normal place of residence. Once the first floor was secured, Deputy Kenny and his K-9 "Copper" proceeded to the second story of the residence where both were immediately shot and killed. The assailant was taken into custody and is currently serving his sentence in a Kansas penal institution. Kenny has served six years with the sheriff's department and had formerly served with the Arkansas City, KS, and Wichita, KS, police departments. He is survived by his wife, a son, two daughters, a stepson, and three stepdaughters.

Badge Kevin Kight (Sergeant)
Panama City Police Department
By Eric Turnmire, Medway, OH
Kevin Kight was shot and killed late at night on March 27th while on a traffic stop in Panama. The suspect shot him twice in the chest but it was said that they struggled for the gun before Kevin was shot. Kevin was a great officer getting many medals. The most important medal that i think he has had was for saving a drowning woman from dieing. Kevin will be dearly missed and loved always

BadgeRobert G. Kimberling (Sergeant)
Missouri Highway Patrol, Troop H
By George E Bascue, St. Joseph, MO USA
By Alan Hale, Cameron, MO USA
Sargent Robert G. Kimberling was shot in the line of duty Wed, evening Oct 6, 1999. Sgt. Kimberling had stopped a suspect who drove off without paying for about $24.00 of gas. Sgt. Kimberly had been with the Missouri Highway Patrol 14 years. Sergeant Kimberling was one of Troop H's best officers and will be greatly missed. He will be missed by many.

BadgeKent Kincaid (Sergeant)
Houston Police Department
By Michael Leap, Blue Springs, MO USA
I don't know if it makes a difference telling you after you're gone but.... Yes, Kent, we admired you and your commitment, we knew you were the best and, yes, we loved you. I know you're glad I said that last after you've gone (inside joke). We miss you lots!

Badge David King (Deputy Sheriff)
Liberty County Sheriff's Dept, Liberty, TX
By James P. Chesser, Rio Frio, TX
Responded to a call at approximately 3:00 a.m, concerning a "man down." His patrol unit struck a horse standing in the middle of a deserted county road. Deputy King was mortally injured, and died a few hours later at Hermann Memorial Hospital in Liberty. He comes from a law enforcement family; his father, Wesley King was Chief Deputy Sheriff in Chambers County, his uncle is Hon. Joe King, Sheriff of Brazoria County, TX, and both his brothers, Wes and Tony, are sheriff's deputies in various nearby counties.

BadgeBrian Kinsey (Patrol Officer)
Jackson Police Department, Jackson, Mississippi
By Tammi Thornton, Brandon, MS USA
Officer Kinsey was responding to a domestic dispute at 4:30 one October morning in 1997. Upon arriving at the scene and approaching the front door of this residence, the instigator pulled a shotgun on Officer Kinsey and he was shot 2 times, fatally. Brian was a good, dedicated officer. All of us who knew him miss him very much.

Badge James D. Kirby, Sr. (Sergeant)
Lady Lake Police Department
By Maile DeLand, Lady Lake, FL
Sgt. Kirby was a dedicated police officer who took pride in his work. He was a loving father of 5 (myself included), husband, brother, uncle, and friend to many. He risked his life every day, and almost lost his life several times. He always went out of his way to help his family. He served in Vietnam in the U.S Army, and also helped his brother-in-law with his wrecker business on his days off. On January 3, 1998, Sgt. Kirby apparently took his and his wife's life due to marital problems, and possible mental problems. (It was never proven if it was a murder-suicide.) While we will never forget the hurt this caused us, but we forgave him the night it happened. We knew that what he did was not "really him." We feel that he was in a different frame of mind when it happened. He had never even shown any sign of possible violence. The night it happened, my father told me he wanted to start attending church as a family. This was a turning point for my family. My sister, and three brother's and I struggle to make it through every day of our lives because of what have been faced with, however, our faith remains strong, and we know that our parent's are in heaving, smiling down on us!!

BadgeBrian Kirlin (Deputy Sheriff)
Cibola County Sheriff's Department, Grants, New Mexico
By Dorothy Spindler; Dee's Potpourri of Webs
Died April 2, 1996 (suicide). Brian's big smile, gentle spirit, the love for his family, fellow officers, and his goal in life to be a cop will live in the hearts and memories of many... Brian's story can be seen at "I Heard The Angels Scream."

BadgeJeffrey "Jeff" Klein (Sergeant) 1964 - 2000
Collier County Sheriff's Office
By Kathy Cooper
By Sandy Long, Naples, FL USA
By Kandi Glick, Naples, FL USA
By Kathy Cooper,
Sgt. Klein had his life taken on May 21, 2000. He will be in our heart's forever.

By Sandy Long,
"Flags fly at half-mast in memory of a friend. Whose battle is over, but whose legacy will never end. It's the journey of a Deputy, the life of our friend. He righted the wrongs, and did what was right. He chose his path standing between the dark and the light. It's the life of a Deputy, the journey of our friend. God has called him home, his tour of duty done. It's hard to let him go, it's hard to let it end. The journey of a Deputy, the life of our friend. By Dodie Canova"

By Kandi Glick,
Jeff was murdered while off-duty on May 20, 2000 by an ex-lieutenant (who had been fired for drug use) of the sheriff's office. The ex-lieutenant, Roy Kipp, shot Jeff seven times & also murdered his estranged wife, Sandy Kipp. The ex-lieutenant turned himself in and is now awaiting trial on two counts of 1st degree murder.

Badge John R Klem III (Deputy Sheriff)
Forrest County Sheriff's Office (Hattiesburg, Ms.)
By John R Klem IV, Hattiesburg, MS
I miss you Dad.

Badge Donald "Charley" Knepple (Probation Officer)
Allen County Adult Probation
By Eric Zimmerman, Chief Probation Officer, Fort Wayne, IN
On April 28, 1997, Probation Officer Donald "Charley" Knepple was killed in the line of duty while trying to make his community a safer place. Charley met with a convicted child molester he was supervising who had requested the meeting at a local counseling agency. After a short meeting with the offender, the offender pulled a weapon and fired two rounds point-blank, immediatley killing Charley. The offender then turned the weapon on himself. Charley left behind a wife and two children and is dearly missed by all who knew him.

Badge Wayne Koester (Deputy)
Lake County Sheriff's Office, Florida
By Anonymous
Deputy Koester and 2 other deputies, Deputy McKane and Deputy Crotty, responded to a domestic violence call and were ambushed when they arrived at the residence of the suspect. Deputy Koester was shot in the head and died from his wounds. The other 2 deputies were shot also and are recovering from their wounds. The suspect was located after approx 9 hr manhunt involving several law enforcement agencies from central Florida. He was shot and is now paralyzed. He has been charged 7 felonies. All 3 deputies that were shot, are heroes but Deputy Koester paid the ultimate price.

BadgeLarry Kolb (Lt.)
Kendall County Sheriff's Department
By Henry James, Jr., San Antonio, TX USA
Lt. L. Kolb was shot and killed on October 2nd 1999 at approximately 1745 p.m. Lt. Kolb was answering a call for shot's fired in a trailer park. Upon arrival Lt. Kolb exited his vehicle and announced himself when the suspect opened the door of the trailer and fired a round from a mk-90 assault rifle the round struck Lt. Kolb in the chest causing his death. The suspect then fled the trailer and hid under another trailer next to his. A Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper arrived as the suspect ran from his trailer and was shot and killed by the Trooper. Lt. Kolb leaves a wife and two son's 12 and 5. This is a sad day in South Texas. God bless each and everyone of you and myself as I had just spoken to Lt. Kolb on Wednesday of last week in reference to a job with the Kendall County Sheriff's Department.

BadgeCharlie Kubala (Sgt.)
Sumter County Sheriffs Dept.
By Dave Adams, Sumter, SC USA
Charlie was responding to a suspicious person call and upon arrival was shot before he barely had opportunity to get out of his car. The suspect was out on bond at the time of the shooting. He was hunted down by local and state agencies that evening. Suspect was sentenced to death. He complained about police brutality during trial like that justified what he did. He didn't have to go to the ER before he went to jail so it couldn't have been too bad.

BadgeA. Kulp (Sheriff)
Bucks County Sheriff's Office
By Gary Killian Deputy Sheriff, Bensalem, PA USABR Killed by gunfire in feb 1927, during a domestic in boro of Penndel, suspect was later arrested, committed sucide in Bucks County prison. First law enforcement officer killed in Bucks County.

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God." Matthew 5:9

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



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