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Listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Police Memorial

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



Badge Elizabeth L. MaGruder (Deputy)
Prince George's County Sheriff's Department
By Anonymous
Two sheriff's deputies were fatally shot when they tried to serve an emergency psychiatric petition at a house in the Adelphi area. It was still unclear for whom the psychiatric order was issued, who requested it and whether the home's owners, James and Karen Logan, or their two college-age children were involved in the incident at 9332 Lynmont Dr., said sheriff's Lt. Col. John W. Thompson. James Logan runs a TV repair business, Logan's TV Lab, out of his home, according to county records.

MacGruder was hit in the back of the head, a police source said. Arnaud was struck in the throat. It was unclear what kind of gun was used, Black said. One deputy was shot in the living room, and the other was shot in a back bedroom, sources said. Arnaud died inside the house; MacGruder was pronounced dead late last night at Prince George's Hospital Center.

BadgeJohn Pat Malone Sr. (Deputy Sheriff)
Holmes County MS
By Tracye Malone Prewitt
He was a father of three boys and a husband! He was killed in the line of duty by suspect Eddy Nolan in the 1950s Several other men also lost their lives in the suspects reign of terror! I never knew my grandfather thanks to Nolan's actions!

BadgeJohn Mann (Patrolman)
Tennessee Highway Patrol
By Lewis Brown IV
On the date of December 31, 2000, Trooper Mann was the fatal victim of an intoxicated Hit and Run Driver, while trying to apprehend a Carjacking Suspect on the side of Inerstate I-24. While fighting with the carjacking suspect, The driver of a red Dodge pick up struck and killed Trooper Mann and seriously injuring the Carjacker. The hit and run suspect turned himself in some 16 hours later and admitted to having been drunk when he killed our Brother.

Badge Donta J. Manuel (Deputy)
Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office
By Fred Weiss, Port St. Lucie, Florida
On 11/28/07 at about 1:09am the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office recieved a 911 call from a citizen in Belle Glade advising that a neighbor's car described as a 1990 gold Toyota Camry was being stolen.

A PBSO sergeant authorized the pursuit of the vehicle based on the circumstances presented. Three PBSO marked patrol cars were behind the stolen vehicle traveling northbound.

Two additional deputies depolyed tire deflation devices on the roadway in front of the pursuit. The suspect vehicle crossed over the devices and while the deputies were removing the devices from the roadway for additional units to pass in pursuit the two deputies were struck by a pursuing cruiser and tragically died on the scene.

Deputy Jonathon Wallace and Donta Manuel were deploying stop sticks in the road near the Pahokee Airport at about 1:30 a.m. when they were hit and killed.

Bradshaw said the tactical plan was for the two patrol cars to pull over at the stop sticks and for the K9 unit to drive after the suspects.

The two deputies who were killed knew this, he said, and made a split-second decision to go into the road and remove the sticks so the third officer could get through.

BadgeTrp. Bobby Maples (Trooper)
Tennessee Highway Patrol
By Trp. Johnny A. Briley, Jackson, TN USA
Trp. Bobby Maples suffered a massive heart attack in the line of duty on Nov. 5 1999. He was working traffic control with a vehicle that was abandoned in the roadway on U.S. 45N in Madison Co. Trp. Maples started with the Dept of Safety in 1985 with the Motor Vehicle Enforcement Div. He then transferred to the Highway Patrol in Feb. of 1991. We have lost a wonderful Trooper.

BadgeDavid March (Deputy Sheriff)
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
By Deputy Brian Lendman, Los Angeles County, California
On 04-29-02 at 1252 hrs Deputy David March, a seven-year veteran assigned to the Temple City Sheriff's Station, was murdered in cold blood while conducting a traffic stop in the city of Irwindale, California by a known drug dealing, illegal immigrant coward. Deputy March will be remembered by his family and friends as a hero who died doing what he loved to do.

BadgeRoy H. Mardis (K-9 Officer)
Lexington-Fayette Urban County Police
By Lt. Robert M. Doane, Lexington-Fayette Urban County Police, NC USA
Date of Death: Aug. 23rd 1985
K-9 Officer Mardis was assisting the Kentucky State Police track a double homicide suspect in Mercer County Kentucky (Harrodsburg). After locating the suspect in a thick cornfield the suspect ran from the cornfield into an open field. Troopers on the outer perimeter open fire with Ruger Mini-14s. One round entered the cornfield and hit Officer Mardis between the eyes killing him instantly. Officer Mardis left a wife and 5 daughters. Officer Mardis had been with the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Police Dept. for 14 years and was well know within his field as a top K-9 officer.

BadgeLois M. Marrero (Police Officer)
Tampa Police Department
By Anonymous
On July 6, 2001 Officer Lois M. Marrero was shot 3 times in the neck and once in the side by a suspected bank robber. After a four hour stand-off with police the shooter learned of Officer Marreros death and then took his own life.

Officer Marrero was a wonderful person and a devoted officer. She was a 20 year veteran of the Tampa Police Department who loved children and made friends easily. She WILL be missed by many and will never be forgotton.

Badge Kevin M. Marshall (Trooper)
Michigan State Police
By Michael F. Brudzinski, Saint Clair Shores, Michigan
Kevin M. Marshall, 33, of the Newaygo Post was fatally shot early on 7/8/03 at a residence in Newaygo County. Officers from the Hesperia Police Department and Newaygo Sheriff's Department attempted to serve a felony warrant for criminal sexual conduct on the man who barricaded himself in the home. The Michigan State Police Emergency Support Team was requested at the scene. The suspect fired two shots at the officers when negotiations were attempted. After the negotiations failed, a state police entry team entered the residence where they were met with gunfire. Marshall was shot in the gunfire. He was transported to Gerber Hospital in Fremont and airlifted to Spectrum Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids where he died during surgery. Marshall was an 8-year veteran of the department and a member of the Emergency Support Team. He is survived by his wife and two children.

Badge Cole Martin (Officer)
Chatsworth Police Department; Chatsworth, GA
By John J. Garger, Dalton, GA
He was born into a law enforcement family, with his surviving father, Tony Martin being a GA State Patrolman, and his uncle, Terry Martin being the Chief of Police in Chatsworth. He always aspired to be the best he could be, while serving others unselfishly. He was only on the force for 7 months, and was only 20 years old, when he was killed moments prior to the end of his shift at 1:00am. An unsecured gate smashed through his windshield, striking him above his shoulder, ending his watch . He was patrolling a local carpet mill (Mohawk Industries) and mini-warehouse property at the time of his death.

His Badge # 4 was retired forever, as a sign of respect for the first and only Chatsworth Officer killed in the line of duty.

I wish he had lived to become my son-in-law, as he was an upstanding young man, well rounded, with great principals and manners, and treated my daughter with utmost respect, honor and love.

In loving memory of Officer Cole Martin, Chatsworth PD #4, EOW: 4/25/03.

BadgeGregory Keith Martin "Greg" (Sgt)
Jonesville Police Dept., Jonesville,N.C.
By Matthew Sloan, North Wilkesboro, NC USA
Greg was one of my best friends, and one of the reasons I became a police officer. Greg was shot during a traffic stop on October 5, 1995. The perpetrator has yet to be caught.

Greg left a family and a lot of friends behind, and we'll never forget him. He was a hero.

BadgeKilonzo Musili Masembwa I.D. #2586 (Patrol Officer First Class)
Prince George's County Police Department
By Prince George County Police-Academy Class-Session 93, Prince George's County, MD USA
Officer First Class Kilonzo Masembwa was killed in the line of duty on November 10, 2000, when answering the call to back-up his squad mate's on an alarm call, his patrol car left a rainy street and struck a telephone pole.

PFC. Masembwa graduated from the Prince George's County Police Academy on June 23, 2000 and earned a High Scholastic Achievement Award for maintaining a average of 98.7 in the Police Academy. He was assigned to District I, Hyattsville Station, Squad 31. He loved his family, friends, being a police officer and most importantly, he loved the Lord.

We, his brothers and sisters of Session 93, will miss PFC. Kilonzo M. Masembwa dearly. He will forever be in our heart.

Badge Sherman Robert (TIC-TOC) Massey (Deputy)
Laurens County Sheriff's Department
By Tammie Patterson-Barfield, Laurens, SC
My Uncle Tic was killed in the line of duty September 20, 1977 in a domestic disturbance. He was loved my more than my family, every one knew him & knew that he could be trusted.

BadgeJeffrey Matheny (Deputy Sheriff)
Craven County Sheriff's Office, NC
By Deputy J. B. Bondley, New Bern, NC USA
In the early morning hours of Saturday, October 21st, 2000, Deputy Jeffrey Matheny, call sign 135, was killed in the line of duty by an accident caused by a careless driver while he was giving a citizen a ride home. The citizen and a reserve deputy in Jeff's car escaped with minor injuries. Jeff was a retired Marine, a two year veteran of the force, and leaves behind three wonderful children. Those who knew Jeff are fortunate to have had the chance to experience his wonderful qualities. No matter what your lot in life, you were always "Sir" or "Ma'am" to Jeff. He was truly the most professional officer I have ever known, a dedicated father to his children, a comrade, a partner, and my friend. Jeff, I miss you my brother. You will forever be in my heart and never forgotten. Semper Fi

BadgeKevin D. Mathews (Deputy)
West Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department
By Lt. Gary Hill, Palm Beach Sheriff's Office, West Palm Beach, FL USA
Killed in the Line of Duty 03/06/92

BadgeArthur Mayhak (Police Officer)
By Lorraine Somers
My Father-in-law, was killed in the line of duty when my late Husband was about five years old. This would have been about 1922-25 in Gary Indianna. According to family members, there had been a bank roberry, and he was shot while apprehending the criminal.

Badge Michael V. Maynor (Sergeant)
Blount County Sheriffs Department
By Kimberlee Maynor, Hayden, Alabama
Not a day goes by that me and the kids don't think of you. We love and miss you so very much. You will forever be in our hearts.

BadgeKevin Mayse (Deputy)
Cass County Sheriff's Dept., Harrisonville, Mo.
By Mark Jones, Belton, MO USA
In 1995 Deputy Mayse was killed in the line of duty during a vehicle pursuit. His vehicle lost control and struck a tree, the suspect was later arrested and charged with Manslaughter. Deputy Mayse was a loving father and husband and is missed by many that was blessed to have known such a fine man and fellow Officer.

Badge James C. McBride (Police Officer)
By Monica Beck, Astoria, NY
Jim was my soulmate, the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. He was an incredible human being, only 25 at the age of death. He died training to be a mountain bike officer for Washington, DC. He wanted to make a positive impact in the city he chose to live in. He was not only a police officer, but also a law school student. I love and miss you baby!

BadgeKevin McCarthy (Police Officer)
Baltimore City
By Steph, Sykesville, Md
Kevin McCarthy... when I think of the name, I cry. Kevin was my dads best friend, but not only that he was my best friend. We would always joke around and play around. I miss him so much. Everyone needs to remember that he was, and still is, a good person, and that everyone misses and loves him dearly.

BadgeKevin J. Mccarthy (Police Officer)
Baltimore City Police Department
By Steve Mccarthy, Baltimore, Maryland
He was a great brother and he will be forever missed.

BadgeChris McCurley (Commander)
Etowah County Sheriff's Department
By Donna McCurley, Rainbow City, AL USA
Etowah County Sheriff's Department body=Chris McCurley had spent almost 20 years of his 46 years in law enforcement. Chris was murdered October 10, 1997, while serving a drug search warrant. He was shot multiple times through a door with an AK-47. As the commander of the task force, Chris was the first at the door. Gary Entrekin, a wonderful friend and brave officer, came to Chris' aid and lost his leg in the gun battle.

The untimely loss of a skilled, competent law enforcement officer is a crime. The loss of a beloved husband and father is a sin. I thank God that He let me spend 23 years of my life with Chris.

BadgeCharles McDonald (Officer)
Forest Park Police Department
By Gary Clarke, Cincinnati, Ohio
Charles and I have been friends for about 30 years. Officer McDonald was 35. He passed away on June 9 after passing a test for the swat team. Charles kidneys failed at the hospital. Charles has been on the force for 6 years and was loved by everyone whom he had contact with. Charles left behind a son age 11. I just wanted to pay tribute to a great friend who is loved and missed very much.

BadgeTerry McDowell (Patrolman)
Whitehall P.D.
By Mark Swartz, Whitehall, Ohio
Officer Terry McDowell and Officer Eric Brill were going to issue a ticket at the suspect residence, when the suspect fired a .357 through the front door hitting both officers. The suspect exited the house, stood over top of Officer Terry McDowell and executed him. The suspect then killed himself. Terry was a leader and a man to look up to... you will be missed.

BadgeRichard McGilvery (Detective)
Rutgers University Police Department
By Robert M. Franz, Capt. Retired, Rutgers University Police, New Brunswick, NJ USA
Detective McGilvery was killed in the line of duty in 1978 while answering a silent burglar alarm at an on campus residence. While running to the location of the alarm his service revolver fell from its holster discharging once striking him in the lower stomach. Detective McGilvery left a wife and three children.

Badge Elizabeth L. MaGruder (Deputy)
Prince George's County Sheriff's Department
By Anonymous
She was a great officer and a great mother. She graduated with my husband from the acadamy. It was to close to home knowing that it could have been my husband in that situation (but in a different county). There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her and wish it didn't happen. She is missed by all of her classmates. We love you Liz.

BadgeMike McKee (Sheriff)
Kemper County Sheriff's Office, Kemper County, MS
By Darryl Dukes, Scooba, MS USA
Sheriff Mckee died in the line of duty answering a disturbance call concerning and individual he knew. He was loved by everyone in the county he served and respected by all in this county and the law enforcement community throughout the state. He was a christian man that was caring and compassionate to all that he dealt with. Sheriff Mckee, you are loved and missed tremendously.

Badge Gerald "Butch" McKenna 51 yrs old (Inspector, Sex Crimes Unit)
Oklahoma City Police Department
By Deb McKenna, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
He was a 24 year veteran of the police department with 14 years in the Sex Crimes Unit. He solved numerous serial rape cases and was one of two officers who pushed the Sex Offender Registration Act through the Legislature. He took his life while at work on 12/17/03, leaving behind his wife and two children.

BadgeBrian Mckenzie (Patrolman)
Jackson Police Department
By Fellow Officer Madison P.D., Madison, MS USA
Officer Mckenzie was killed answering a Domestic Disturbance. He was a very good officer and did not deserve to go out like this. All our thoughts and prayers go to the family and fellow officers of the Jackson Police Department.

BadgeWilliam Dustin (Dusty) McKim (State Trooper)
California Highway Patrol, San Jose Office
By Mary McKim, Hatch, UT USA
Killed in the line of duty, on February 06, 1973, after 18 years of selfless service, to his community. Daddy was joined by his loving wife, Mazie, on July 23, 1997. I love you and miss you both, every day, but rejoice in your being reunited, after so many years. I'll keep you both close, in my heart, until the time comes to meet you, again.

Badge Ronald F. McLeod (Officer)
Miami Florida Police Department
By Betty McLeod Cates, Hinesville, Georgia
On Wednesday, May 7, 1969, Ronald F. McLeod, age 30, a nine year veteran of the Miami Florida Police Department was shot and killed while on duty by an armed robber. He was shot at close range while on his motorcycle with his gun still holstered. He left behind a wife, three young children, his mother, brothers and sister plus numerous other relatives and friends. Many years have passed but missing him still remains. His killer is in prison but is up for parole every two years.

BadgeThomas McMahon (Officer)
Richmond City Police Department
By Jennifer Snider, Richmond, VA USA
By Mark P. Hopkins, Hanover, VA USA
By Jennifer Snider,
Officer Thomas McMahon patrolled the streets of Church Hill for 20 years with a sense of excellence and grace, his heart full of passion and enthusiasm for a career he loved with his life. Officer Thomas "Mongo" (as he was known) McMahon touched the lives of several residents in "the Hill", but even more so touched the lives of several of his co-workers, superiors and fellow EMS employees. A man that would give all his support, attention and most importantly his precious life to keep others out of harms way is one that should never been taken from us, and most importantly, should never be forgotten. The sacrifice of his life throughout the many years of service has enabled many others a safe trip on the city streets today. For this he will never be forgotten and we will always remain grateful. Officer Mongo McMahon was shot to death on October 14th 1998 and is survived by his parents and a platoon of fellow officers/friends who will miss him dearly. God bless this quardian angel who is now looking over all of us.

By Mark P. Hopkins,
The gentle giant "Mongo" McMahon died in the line of duty in October,1998. He was a "policeman's" policeman and was always concerned about the people on his beat. Loved a cookout and was the master of the Christmas light. God Bless and you will never be forgotten.

BadgeBrian Edward Meilbeck (Deputy Sheriff)
Yuba County Sheriff's Department
By Natalie Loebel, Virginia Beach, VA USA
Deputy Meilbeck, not only a respected officer, but the best friend that I have ever had, was killed while on duty, April 1, 1997, in Olivehurst, California. Brian and two fellow officers were responding to a domestic disturbance, when Brian was struck in the throat area by the shell of a shotgun. After the impact, Brian immediately got to his feet and took cover around the side of the house. He had bled to death within minutes. The shooter was apprehended at the scene and is now awaiting trial. Brian was taken from family, many friends and a two-year old son.

I love him dearly
I miss him terribly

Badge Emilio Mestas (Sergeant)
Clayton Police Department, New Mexico
By Billy Sipes, Hobbs, NM
Sergeant Mestas was shot and killed while responding to a disturbance caused by a large group of teenagers. Several suspects had led officers in a vehicle pursuit and led them to a home where approximately 40 teenagers had been causing a problem all night. As several officers got out of their patrol car one of the teenagers opened fire, striking Sergeant Mestas in the head. He was taken to a local hospital where he succumbed to his wound the following morning. The suspect was apprehended, convicted of involuntary manslaughter, and sentenced to ten years in jail.

Sergeant Mestas had been with the agency for 13 years and was survived by his wife and nine children. I was the Chief Of Police in Clayton several years after the death of Emilio and I never knew him personally but others on the department spoke very highly of him amd he is missed.

BadgeThomas R. Meyers (Police Officer)
Kansas City Police Department
By Margaret Atkins, KCPD Police Dispatcher, Kansas City, MO USA
Police Officer Thomas R. Meyers, Officer, Kansas City. Missouri Police Dept. PO Meyers was killed almost 2 years ago on a routine traffice call by a drunk driver. I was working the morning that PO Meyers was killed. The pain and sadness in our unit for our fallen officer is something that I will never forget. To the Meyers family, our prayers are still with you over your loss. To all KCPD PO who have given their lives in the line of duty, you too are missed.... Margaret Atkins, KCPD Police Dispatcher

BadgeDon Miller (Detective)
New Bern Police Department
By Officer J D Williams, New Bern Pd, New Bern, NC
Don left us on Christmas day of 2002 after his wife gave birth to a new child. We love and miss him so much. But, if he were here he would say to us "rest is rust".

Badge Leonard Miller (Patrolman)
Apollo Police Dept., Armstrong County Pennsylvania
By Robert Johnson
Mike Trovaglia, and John Lesko are sitting on Pennsylvania's Death Row for the cold blooded murder of Officer Miller.

BadgeLonnie C. Miller (Det.)
Jacksonville Sheriffs Department
By Bob Skipper, Jacksonville, FL USA
Lonnie's death was a great loss to the community of Jacksonville the city lost a good man both on and off the job. I myself lost a good friend I could always count on if I needed him.

BadgeRobert Scott Miller (Deputy Sheriff)
Cocke County Tennessee Sheriff's Office
By James L. Wilson, Maryville, TN USA
R. Scott Miller was ambushed and murdered on October 11, 1994 while attempting to capture two escaped felons. I wear a wrist band every day to honor his sacrifice and that of our other brother and sister officers who have given their lives in the line of duty. It reminds me to remain vigilant in mind, body, and spirit. Rest well, brother, and know that we will keep the faith and hold the line until we meet again. Your spirit is always with us and helps to keep us strong.

Badge Timothy Shane Miller (Police Officer)
Tabor City Police Department
By Tony & Sue MIller (parents), Whiteville, North Carolina
From a child the age of 5, Shane always spoke of becoming a police officer. He worked with the Dept. of corrections for several years in Columbus County. Wanting to futher his career, he left the Corrections Department and attended Southeastern Community College fulltime in the BLET (Basic Law Enforcement Training) program. He also was a Firefighter with Williams Township along with his Dad, he was an EMT with Tabor City Rescue Squad. Upon graduating from SCC he worked with the United States Postal Service while waiting for a position in law enforcement. On May 14, 2004 Shane was sworn in with the Tabor City Police Dept. He reported for work that same evening at 7 p.m. Shane was riding with his training officer, which was a lieutenant. The lieutenant went in pursuit of a vechile for a traffic violation, went around a curve, saw a car with its brake lights on , hit the brakes on the patrol car, went left of center lane and struck an oncoming suv. Shane was pinned in the patrol car and lost his life at 1 a.m. on Saturday morning. He worked as a police officer for only 6 hours. The suspect was caught 5 months later, went to court, received 6 months in jail and 3 years probation. Is this all our sons life was worth? WE are very disapointed with the system.

BadgeJessie Mills (Police Officer)
Greenville Police Dept. (Greenville NC)
By Phillip Sutton, Raliegh, NC, USA
He gave his life for other's safety. He was a loyal law officer.

BadgeFrank Minnie (Deputy Sheriff)
Washoe County Sheriff's Office
By Chaplain Tim O'Shea, Washoe County Sheriff's Office, Reno, NV USA
Deputy Frank Minnie a Motor Officer with the Washoe County Sheriff's Office was in pursuit of a suspect, when for an unknown reason he lost control of his motorcycle. He was hospitalized for massive head injuries. He died three days later on June 1, 1997. Frank left a wife and 4 children.

Badge Timothy Minor (#109 Motor Officer)
Charles County Sheriffs Office
By Mike Holt, 193, Charles County Sheriff's Office
Tim was one of our motor officers, he was responding to a call when he was involved in a fatal accident. That was in Feb 1996. The call that Tim was going to was to check on the caller wife, the caller was an elderly man whose wife had passed away years before but he suffered from the idea that she was still alive. Tim was happiest on his bike, he was a huge man but one of the nicest people one could ever know. He left a wife and 2 children. We recently dedicated a new HQ with information on the officers from our agency. Mrs. MaGruder who was killed earlier this year went through our academy here in Southern Md.

BadgePaul W. Mitchell (Officer)
Lake County Police Department
By Michelle Gauler, Griffith, IN USA
Paul Mitchell had just made it through his one year probationary period with the Lake Country Police Department (Northwest Indiana) when he tragically died in the line of duty while responding to a burglary call. He is remembered fondly and will remain in the hearts of everyone who has ever met him and had the opportunity to know him. Paul was a wonderful young man that touched many lives and will live on in the hearts and souls of everyone he has left behind. Rest in Peace, Paul --- save a spot for me in heaven dear cousin of mine.

BadgeEmilio Miyares (Officer Badge #246)
Hialeah Police Dept., Florida
By Terry Miyares, Hialeah, Florida
God needed a "Good Police Officer" on 11/6/86, and he took my husband, Emilio was only 27 years old when he was shot and killed in the line of duty. That nite I was left to care for our son Emilio, jr (7 yrs old) and our daughter Jessica (4 yrs old) at the time of his death. I did not know what to do and how to tell our children, but God and you were there to help me through. Our beautiful memories and our faith in God kept us going without that beautiful smile of yours, but always knowing that you are here with us. Today (11/86) 15 years later, our son is 22 and our daughter is 19, they are wonderful persons and I know that you are very proud of them, they both look like you in their own way.

Your family, friends and our city, misses and talk about you every day. You will always be our HEROE, GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN.

your wife and kids Terry, Emilio, jr and Jessica Miyares

BadgeJohn Paul Monego (Deputy - Badge #410)
Alameda County Sheriff/ Dublin Police
By Sara Biesecker, Dublin, CA USA
My Uncle John Monego was killed responding to a 911 call on December 11, 1998. He was murdered! Shot six times, execution style as he entered to investigate the call. John left a wife, a son, mother, father, two sisters, six nieces and nephews. He will always remain alive in us, and we will always love him.

BadgeFloyd M. Moore Jr. (Sergeant)
Bay County Sheriff's Office
By Floyd Moore III, Panama City, FL USA
I am writing this in memory of my father. On January 26, 1986 my father was off duty and walking the apartment complex where he lived. He approached a man rumaging through a shed and asked him for his identificaton. The man produced his I.D. and gave a story of why he was in the shed in the early a.m. My father found the story suspicious and radioed for a backup officer to respond. As the two walked up to the parking lot. The man pulled out a firearm and fired one time into my fathers head from point blank range. He fled the scene. 20 hrs later in the hospital still with no leads they checked my father's pocket and found the ID of his killer. My father solved his own murder like he did on so many cases during his carreer. On this tragic day 8 heroes were killed. This is the same day the space shuttle Challenger exploded killing all 7 crew members. Dad I can't wait to see you on the other side of the gates.

Your son,

BadgeMichael David Moore (Officer)
Garland Police Department
By A.D. Crockett, Garland TX USA
Officer Moore was killed in the line of duty on February 15, 1997. He was responding to a call of a suspicious person at a local bank. On arrival Officer Moore contacted a suspect inside the bank. As Officer Moore attempted to escort the suspect from the bank, the suspect produced a weapon and a struggle between the two ensued. During the struggle Officer Moore was fatally shot. The suspect is now awaiting execution on Texas death row.

Officer Moore will be missed by his family and friends.

BadgeWillis Von Moore (State Trooper)
Alabama State Trooper
By Dawn Newberry, Huntsville, AL USA
Willis von Moore was one of the greatest men ever. I know that is said about many people, but in this case his funeral said it all. Willis Died in Feb. of 1996. There were over 2000 people in attendance at his funeral. And as I looked around at all these mourning people, it dawned on me. This man had such an impact in so many lives. Each and everyone at his funeral felt that they were special to Willis in some way or another. How did this one Man have the time to make each of these people feel this way? Because he was special... One of those people that God placed here to make you feel the way Willis made you feel. Willis died on duty in a wreck. He was responding to a call when a car pulled out in front of him. Instead of hitting that car, Willis took the ditch , causing fatal injuries to him. Not only was he a personal friend to me and my family, but to a whole community... Willis, you are GREATLY missed and thought of each and every day...

BadgeJeff Moritz (Officer)
Flagstaff Police Department
By Anonymous
A Flagstaff, Arizona officer, Jeff Moritz, was shot and killed 6-21-2000 during a traffic stop of a 17 year old male. The stop was for playing a car stereo too loud in a residential area. The punk who shot officer Moritz is still at large.

Officer Moritz is the first Flagstaff officer to die in the line of duty. He was a 4 year veteran of the Flagstaff P.D. and leaves behind a wife and 2 year old son.

ALWAYS remember: there is no such thing as a "routine traffic stop"!

****** UPDATE ******

The "punk" who shot Jeff Moritz was found guilty and sent to jail but not for very long...unfortunately I do not recall 'exactly' what the sentence was.... I believe because he was a minor, it was the minimum sentence with psychiatric counseling.

His wife found out she was pregnant with their 2nd child the day before Jeff was shot and killed. Officer Moritz's second son was born 9 months after he died.

He was a terrific man and will be missed!

Badge Robert J. Mortell (Chief)
Paxton Police
By Mike Giza, Paxton, MA
Robert J. Mortell was Chief of Police for Paxton in 1994, when he got shot in the line of duty while on a burglury alarm response. We all love him, we all miss him.

BadgeAnthony Mosomillo (Police Officer)
By Walker, Brooklyn, NY USA
Gone but never forgotten, your kindness and wisdom is truly missed by all who loved you. Until we meet again!

BadgeDavid W. Moss (Corporal)
Williston Police Department
By Lorrin Moss, Williston, FL USA
David was shot and killed in a gunfight July 1988. Before he died he fired 6 rounds, hitting his assailant with 5 of them, killing him. He died within seconds of being hit. He was not wearing a vest, it was too hot and the a/c in his patrol car was not working. The vest may have saved him. He was only 31 years old. He died doing the only thing he had ever wanted to do with his life. Working to help the world. I was amazed at the people who came to see him off, people you would not expect, people he had arrested, people who hate cops, kids he had chased home time and agian, local troublemakers as well as some folks he had ticketed for traffic violations. It was something he would have loved to have seen. He made a difference in their lives. A positive difference. That was his goal, to make the world a better place, and he did. He is sorely missed. Not just by me. It has been 11 years and I still miss him. I always will. Lori

BadgeFred J Mumpower (Deputy Sheriff)
Galion Co Ohio
By Vincent T Mumpower, Kettering, Ohio

BadgeWalter Kent Mundell Deputy
Pierce County Sheriff's Department
By Ed Munoz, Radio Communications Supervisor, Pierce County Sheriffs' Department, WA
On 12/21/09, Pierce County Sheriff's Deputy Walter Kent Mundell #423 and Sgt. Nick Hausner responded to a domestic call at a home in rural Pierce County. As they were escorting the male subject out of the home, he pulled a handgun and shot both officers multiple times. Deputy Mundell was able to return fire and kill the subject but sadly, he died of his wounds on 12/29/09. Sgt. Hausner recovered from his injuries and is back on duty. Deputy Mundell was a dedicated law enforcement officer that was loved by all who knew him. He was funny, generous and enjoyed outdoors and life in general. He is greatly missed.

Badge Emory Munford (Detective)
Atlanta Police Department
By Officer Tommy Uhlis, Atlanta, Georgia
Investigator Emory Munford was killed by a drunk driver in route home after working a police extra job on his motorcycle on October 2, 2004. Investigator Munford was a blessing to our department and a dear friend. He left behind his fiancee and children, countless family members, and countless brothers and sisters in blue. He will never be forgoten.

BadgeThomas Munse (Police Officer)
Atoscosa County Sheriff's Department
By David Tucker, Pleasanton, TX USA
Tom was killed by a man he planed a perfect ambush. He set in the brush and waited till he showed up after making a 911 call. He killed Tom and two other officers. Mark Steveson and Steven Miller that night, The gunman also wounded two other officers in the process. The gunman was mad because his wife left him and took there kid. The gunman shot himself afterwards.

BadgeNorman Murkerson (Police Officer)
Bainbridge Georiga
By Anonymous
He was Killed in a hight speed chase. his patrol motorcycle left the road and hit a large oak tree he left behind his wife 2 sons 1 daughter 2 brothers 5 sisters his mother and daddy. He was killed on 11-17-1953 in Bainbridge Georiga

BadgeNathan Ralph Murphy (Chief Deputy)
Oregon County Sheriff's Department
By Phillip D.Hulvey, Alton, Missouri
Chief Deputy Murphy was killed in the Line of Duty on Feb.19, 2001 while assisting the Missouri State Hwy Patrol that were in pursuit of a subject that failed to stop for a traffic violation. The subject hit Chief Deputy Murphy head-on on a gravel road in Oregon County. He will be remembered by many for his unselfish nature and always upholding the laws of the State of Missouri. "though he, being dead, yet speaketh" Hebrews 11:4

BadgeFrancis Adrian Murray (Patrolman)
Bangor Police Department
By Frank Murray, Bangor, ME USA
A brave man who died too young.

Badge Brock Warren Myrol (Constable)
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
By Noel, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Const. Brock Warren Myrol, 29: He was born in Outlook, Sask., and joined the RCMP in Red Deer, Alta. He graduated from training on Feb. 7, 2005, and was posted in Mayerthorpe where he worked in general policing. This was Canada's worst assault on RCMP since 1885... these 4 men, Const. Peter Christopher Schiemann, Const. Lionide Nicholas Johnston, Const. Anthony Fitzgerald Orion Gordon, Const. Brock Warren Myrol, were gunned down after a raid on a drug farm.

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God." Matthew 5:9

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