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Listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Police Memorial

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



Badge Richard W. Oetinger (Deputy Sheriff)
Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
By Amy Oetinger, West Palm Beach, Florida
Rick was my dad and he was the greatest person I've ever known. I have not yet in my life met anyone who did not love my father and I think that's saying something. My dad never hesitated to go out of his way to help someone, he was not the kind of person to just do his job and go home. He was the kind of person that truly wanted to make a difference not just by bring justice to victims and their families but to help those who didn't always make the right choice turn their lives around as well! My father was "injured in the line of duty" before I was born but it affected him my entire life until I was 18 and his body just couldn't take it anymore. My father never once in almost 25 years of service called in sick because he was in to much pain and please believe me he was but that's just how much he loved his job. So much he gave his life to it!

I love you dad and you always in my heart!

Amy Sue

Badge Joshua J. Olenik (Patrolman)
Hebron Police Department
By Cpt Dan Winn, Hebron, Indiana
Joshua J. Olenik, Age 24 was killed in a motorcycle accident on March 26, 2006. Josh was a Fireman, EMT and newly appointed Police Officer. Josh lived to help others and will greatly be missed.
Josh - May you rest in peace, you have touched so many lives. "20-11"

Written by: Shandra Evans, Hebron Police Dept Dispatcher

The sky was blue,
the wind was blowing
The air was cool
But without knowing.

12:19 the phone rang,
there was an accident.
Help is on the way,
they came to help.

You are a hero,
in all the colors you draped
EMS, Fire and Police
You will be remembered.

As a hero, a colleague, a friend.
With the skies blue, the wind blowing,
the air cool,
One last ride without knowing.

Badge Tukaram Omble (Senior Constable)
Crime Branch, Mumbai P.D.
By Ramesh Gupta, India, Bombay
I know this is dedicated solely to American police officers killed in line of duty. But i would just like to add the name of this brave man who sacrificed his life too for another country because I think police officers do the same job in every country around the world, protect and serve. On 26/11/2008, Islamic terrorists unleashed a barrage of automatic gunfire in the city of Mumbai in India. As they were trying to make their getaway in a stolen car, they were stopped by the police barricades. The police shot dead one of the 2 in the car. Even though the other terrorist was heavily armed with automatic and semi automatic weapons as well as hand grenades, this brave officer pounced on him armed just with a baton. Not caring for his life he held him till the other officers could get to him. But unfortunately he opened fire with many rounds hitting him in the chest and abdomen resulting in death on the spot. But it was solely because of him the other officers could nab the terrorist alive.

Badge Michael Osornio (Police Officer)
La Habra Police Dept
By Anthony Duarte, El Monte, CA
Officer Osornio was with La Habra police for just 14 months. He was on routine patrol, when a drunk driver struck him broad side killing Officer Osornio. EOW 10-31-94

BadgeAnthony Overberg (Sergeant)
Norwood Police Dept (Norwood, Ohio)
By Ron Mallon, Valrico, FL USA
Killed July 8th, 1942, while on stakeout at a drugstore. Left wife and two children. This could have been my dad, as he was on stakeout, also, but at another drugstore. Had he been at the one Tony was at, he may have been killed.

BadgeDon Overton (Officer)
Memphis Police Department
By Julia Poole, Memphis, TN USA
On October 12, 1999, Memphis Police Officer Don Overton, a 12 year veteran died after theft suspects speeding from pursing police struck his squad car broadside. The green chevrolet was going over a 100 (mph) when it struck and caved in the driver's side of Overton"s squad car. The four juvenile suspects inside the stolen green chevrolet malibu were trapped and seriously injured all four juveniles face murder charges.

The four youths were allegedly spotted at the Goldsmith's store at Raleigh Springs Mall minutes before the crash trying to steal more than $5,000 in clothing. They dropped the clothes in the parking lot, then sped off in the malibu.Minutes later killing Officer Don Overton.

His wife is expecting their first child in a few weeks.


BadgeWilliam L. Overton J.R. (Patrolman)
Charleston P.D. West Virginia
By Tina L Ford, Montgomery, WV USA
Always loved and Missed by his children, mother and sister and many friends and family. His smile will live forever in his beautiful children as they grow to be wonderful adults. We will miss Billy always.

Badge Robert Owen (Officer)
Erie Police Dept.
By Dennis O'Connor, Ret. Lt.
He was killed on December 29, 1980.

Badge Carlos Owens (Officer)
Birmingham Police Department
By Walter J. Hendrix III, Birmingham, Alabama
Three Birmingham police officers were shot and killed near 18th Street and Avenue P in Ensley about 1:30 p.m. Thursday 17 June 2004. The officers have been identified as Carlos Owens, Harley Chisholm and Charles Robert Bennett. A fourth officer, Michael Collins, was also attacked, but he was not injured.

The officers were shot by SKS automatic rifles as they approached a house to serve a warrant to Nathaniel L. Woods, a resident of Fairfield. According to officials, an SKS rifle would be powerful enough to penetrate the bulletproof vests that are a standard item issued to each Birmingham officer. A manhunt immediately ensued, involving Birmingham police, Jefferson County police, Fairfield police, Bessemer state police, as well as officers from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

At about 3 p.m., a Birmingham tactical police squad stormed a house near 18th Street as part of the investigation. At approximately 3:35 p.m., three men were taken in handcuffs from the house. Birmingham police also reported that Woods, a primary suspect in relation to the shooting, was one of the men in custody.

Birmingham police also took a woman into custody in the north Birmingham neighborhood of Collegeville. The woman was taken from the 29th Court Apartments at approximately 3:45 p.m. She is believed to be the sister of one of the suspects currently in custody.

Owens was described as easy to get along with, well known in town and a leader of the west precinct's patrol division. He joined the Birmingham Police Department in 1977 and was affectionately known as "Curly." He was also a training officer.

Chisholm, 35, was a hardworking patrol officer also well known in his west district, officers said. Nicknamed "Robocop," he joined the force in 1998.

Bennett, 31, joined the department in 2001. His peers, who called him "Roger," said he was a straightforward, no-nonsense cop who loved his job.

BadgeRonald Owens Officer #LK121
Lakewood Police Department
By Ed Munoz, Radio Communications Supervisor, Pierce County Sheriffs' Department, WA
The Lakewood Police Department lost four great souls on 11/29/09. While enjoying a cup of coffee before their shift in the Forza Coffee Shop in Parkland WA, they were gunned down in cold blood by a murderous coward. One of them managed to wound the suspect but he escaped and was later killed by a Seattle Police officer as he was sneaking up to kill yet another police officer in yet another cowardly act.

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God." Matthew 5:9

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



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