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Listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Police Memorial

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



Badge Fred Pace (Lieutenant)
Big Spring Police Department, Big Spring, TX
By Wesley Pace
With the police department from 1963 to 1967 the first time and again from 1979 to 1998 he also was in the Korean war with the U.S. Air Force. He died of an illness in 2002.

BadgeMichael D. Pace (Deputy Sheriff)
Bryan County Sheriff's Department
By Dana Overton, Durant, OK USA
Deputy Pace was going home at the end of his 5p.m. to 2 a.. shift on Wednesday morning, December 23, 1998. About 7 miles from home, Deputy Pace collided with a semi truck which had pulled out in front of him, shearing off the top of his patrol car. Deputy Pace was rushed to a local hospital then transported to hospital in Texas with severe head and facial trauma. Deputy Pace succombed to his injuries on Tuesday, December 29, 1998 at 7:59 a.m. He left behind a wife, a five-year-old son, Austen, and a seven-month-old daughter, Haley. Deputy Pace was 29 years old.

Badge Roberta Palma (Detention Officer)
Maricopa County Sheriffs Office
By Anonymous
Slain by an estranged husband. She was a partner and a friend. Forever missed by those that loved her so much.

Badge Jonathan Parker (Senior Trooper)
South Carolina Highway Patrol
By Cindy Parker, Sumter, South Carolina
Senior Trooper Jonathan W. Parker, age 29, of the South Carolina Highway Patrol, was killed in the line of duty on Monday, May 16, 2005, when his cruiser was rearended by an armed robbery suspect on the run. Trooper Parker died about noon on state Highway 527 in Sumter County, South Carolina.

Police had been pursuing a robbery suspect in a red Thunderbird on Interstate 95 in neighboring Clarendon County. The pursuit continued into Sumter County. The chase came off the interstate and onto state Highway 527 in Sumter County where Trooper Parker was waiting to join the pursuit. His patrol car was off the side of the road of Highway 527 when according to witnesses, it was deliberately hit by the fleeing car.

The Sumter County Sheriff Anthony Dennis said that suspect Shawn Ridel of Connecticut will be charged with murder. The murder charge will be based on witness statements that Ridel intentionally crashed into Parker's parked patrol car.

Trooper Parker was married and lived in Sumter County. He was a graduate of Sumter High School and the Citadel. He worked for the Sumter County Sheriff's office before joining the Highway Patrol.

BadgeScott R. Parker (Police Officer)
Port Authority Police NY/NJ
By Shari Parker
My husband had just completed the graveyard shift and was returning home in street clothes. He was gunned down in Sept.,1983 at the age of 24, while attempting to help a woman claiming to be in distress. It turned out to be a set-up for a robbery with 3 other accomplices. Upon discovering that he was a cop, they shot him in cold blood. He was honored in the line of duty. BLESS ALL OF YOU WHO PUT YOUR LIVES ON THE LINE EACH DAY. And bless those that you leave behind. You will forever remain in our hearts.

BadgeMichael Partin (Officer)
Covington Police Department
By Tina Cook-Gier, Covington, KY USA
On January 4, 1997 Officer Partin fell into the Ohio River while chasing a subject on foot. He was answering a distress call from other officers. It took fellow officers months to find his body. Over the 5 months that Mike's body was missing officers, family, and civilians wore blue and black ribbons. An extensive search was intitiated and the entire community pulled together to lay our fellow officer to rest.

BadgeGary Alan Paster (Officer)
Macedonia Police Department
By Tracy Paster, Macedonia OH USA
My dad was on duty early morning May 15, 1986. He got a call for backup another city. An ambulance stopped in an intersection saw his lights and heard his siren. As he approached the intersection, the ambulance also turned on their lights and siren because the ambulance driver saw a car approaching from the other direction. My dad's cruiser and the other car entered the intersection at the same time . They got into an accident. My dad's cruiser went up and came down hiting a steel light pole. His head hit the shotgun. He was in a coma for two weeks and passed away on May 29, 1986. The other driver broke his leg.

BadgeDavid R. Payne (Officer - Badge Number 66)
Lewston Maine Police Department
By Sergeant George Cayer, Rumford Maine Police Department, Rumford, ME USA
On July 23, 1988 Officer David R. Payne was dispatched to what was suspected as a routine automobile accident in a very rural part of Maine.

Officer Payne was the first Officer on the scene. As other Officers arrived Officer Payne took off into the wooded area where the vehicle had been found. A volley of 7 to 8 gun shots were heard and Officer Payne screamed "I've been hit! I've been hit!!" A second or two later one final gunshot rang out.

Officers apprehended the suspect in the woods a short time later. Officer Payne was found nearby. Officer David Payne had been shot twice with a .44 caliber handgun. Officer Payne had not been wearing a bullet proof vest, and it was later determined that the location of the entry wounds was such that the bullet proof vests used during that time period, would not have protected the area where these bullets had entered.

BadgeRupert Peete (Deputy)
Shelby County Sheriff's Department
By Julia Poole, Memphis TN USA
Deputy Rupert Peete pulled onto the scene of his last service call Wednesday afternoon March 8, 2000. He was on his way to a theft call when a passerby flagged him down and tried to warn him that there was an armed man at a burning house at 4217 Germantown Road. But moments later that armed man (Frederick Willaims) a memphis firefighter emerged from his burning home and turned his weapon, a shotgun, on Deputy Peete. The blast struck the 45-year-old deputy before he'd had time to get out of his cruiser, He was pronounced dead on the scene. Minutes later Memphis firefighters arrived two firefighters were also shot and killed. A Memphis Police Officer arrived and shot the suspect, the suspect was taken to the med where he underwent surgery. He was listed in critical condition, but he will survive. Those killed were: Deputy Rupert Peete,45, a retired Army major, Who had worked on the County Police force for three years. Pvt. William Blakemore, 48, a veteran firefighter who was substituting Wednesday for a firefighter who called in sick. Fire Lt. Javier Lerma, 41, Whose father died in the line of duty for the Memphis Fire Department 23 Years ago. Stacey Williams, 32, only recently married to the suspect. 41- year old Firefighter (Frederick Williams). We will miss you PEETE!

BadgeRandy Pendleton (Officer)
Gaston County Police Dept.
By Joyce Bradshaw, Belmont, NC USA
This is a tribute to Randy on behalf of Reverand and Mrs. Max Pendleton, my former minister. Randy gave his life for us. He was their only child. God Bless You Max and Virginia.

BadgeRobert Perez Jr. (Trooper)
Ohio State HIghway Patrol
By Rhonda Tyree, Lorain, OH USA
Trooper Perez was on a Traffic Stop and was hit from behind by a passing motorist. Trooper Perez was 24 yrs old and died doing his lifelong dream. He will be missed dearly by everyone in the Patrol...

BadgeWillie "PaPaw" Perry (Chief Deputy)
Department Unknown
By David Perry, Kosciusko, Ms
"PaPaw" Perry was killed 7/29/01 while conducting a roadblock, when he was struck and killed by a truck... He left behind 3 children that misses him a great deal... Daddy I LOVE U and You will never be forgotten..Rest In Peace my Daddy..You desirve it...

BadgeRichard Phelps (Officer)
Lemoyne Borough Police
By Melinda F., Camp Hill, PA
Rich was a good friend of mine and I miss him every day. He was killed July 11, 1989 during a high speed chase. The people he was chasing made the curve in the road, but Rich didn't. He jumped the curb at the Sheetz convenience store and his cruiser hit the concrete protectors beside the gas pumps. He died of multiple internal injuries.

You know I hate goodbyes, Rich... so till we meet again.

BadgeScott E. Phillips (Trooper)
New Hampshire State Police
By Sergeant George Cayer, Rumford Maine Police Department, Rumford, ME USA
Troop Scott E. Phillips of Colebrook and Trooper Leslie G. Lord of Pittsburg, responded to a situation on Main Street in Colebrook, and were confronted by an individual armed with a semi-automatic weapon. Both Troopers died as a result of injuries received from a high powered rifle.

Also killed were two prominent public figures in Colebrook. Judge and Attorney Vicki Bunnell, and newspaper editor Dennis Joos were shot to death a short time after the Troopers were killed.

The Troopers and the two other victims were highly respected members of the community, working in the Colebrook area for many years. The entire State of New Hampshire is saddened by the great loss of these fine people.

They made the ultimate sacrifice. They have given there lives to protect and keep each citizen safe from harm's way. May we never forget the sacrifice that each has made. To their families and loved ones who survive we offer our condolence, and firmly believe that IN VALOR THERE IS HOPE.

Badge Sgt. Howard J. Plouff (Sergeant)
Winston Salem Police Dept.
By Deputy T.K. Wilt, Forsyth County Sheriff's Office, Winston Salem, NC
Sgt. Plouff, a 17 year veteran of the Winston Salem Police Dept. was shot and killed on 02-23-07 after responding to help Forsyth County Deputies with a disturbance. He leaves behind a wife and two young daughters. John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that he would lay down his life for his friends....

BadgeChristopher Walter Pollick (Officer)
Philadelphia, 15th
By Susie M Pollick, Philadelphia, PA USA
In loving memory of police officer my big brother chris, born march 7,1969 died june 28,1997. My brother was a person and a cop who always rememberd the poor and less people. I remember when my brother came over at his last Thaksgiving dinner packed up half of the food on the table and gave it to the street people, Christmas he always askes for a heavy winter coat, evey year I thought that he lost them all! He would give the coat off his own back to the street people! God needed another angel to help him, and took my big brother back.

BadgeDaniel Pope (Officer)
Cincinnati Police
By Jeff Shari, Cincinnati, OH USA
Dan 35, was gunned down along with his partner Ron Jeter 34, as they attempted to serve a warrant on Dec 6, 1997. Their killer took his own life shortly after. LET US NOT FORGET!

BadgeAnita K. Pospisil (Deputy)
West Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department
By Lt. Gary Hill, Palm Beach Sheriff's Office, West Palm Beach, FL USA
Killed in the Line of Duty 03/25/92

Badge Kelly L. Poynter (Trooper)
Missouri State Highway Patrol
By Mike Huntley, Lebanon MO
Kelly was killed by a drunk driver 1/18/02. He was working a wreck when he was struck. he left behind a wife and two young kids. the woman who killed him got 120 days of shock treatment.

BadgeCalvin J. 'C.J.' Powell (CPL.)
Jasper Police Department
By Belinda Powell, Jasper, FL USA
My husband was attempting to assist a fellow officer in pursuit of a fleeing vehicle. The vehicle had turned around and began heading back towards town with his headlights off, when my husband turned the corner he was hit head-on by the fleeing vehicle. My husband was pinned in his cruiser for an hour an a half. After being freed from the mangled wreckage he was transported to the hospital where he died. I was allowed to speak with him briefly at the scene where I told him I loved him and he returned his love to me. That last 'I love you' will ring in my ears and my heart forever.

BadgeJesse Lee Pratt (Lietutant)
Anson County Sheriff's Department
By The Pratt Family, Morven, North Carolina, USA
Lt. Jesse Lee Pratt 52, was on duty when he was killed in an automobile accident Friday at 7:11 a.m. A man crossed the center line on N.C. 145 near Morven colliding head-on with Pratt's patrol vehicle.
He was promoted to Lieutenant of Anson County Sheriff Department January of 2001. Lt. Pratt served as a School Resource Officer at Anson High School, was well-known and liked by students and faculty.
Lieutenant Pratt touched the lives of hundreds of young Anson County citizens. Anson County was certainly a better place to live as a result of the life and work of Lieutenant Jesse Lee Pratt.
Lt. Pratt had the honor to serve in the United State Army during the Vietnam War, as well as the North Carolina National Guard Reserves for more than 20 years.
Lt. Pratt was dedicated to his work and served faithfully as an active member at Greater Saint Matthews Lighthouse Word Ministries.
He was a great husband and father to his children.
Lt. Pratt will truly be miss by his wife, children, host of love ones and friends. He will be missed by all.

BadgeFrank M. Pribble (Deputy)
San Bernardino County S.D.
By Todd Larson, Mission Viejo, CA
Died July 6, 1975

As I looked for Frank in this memorial, I was sad not to see him here. I was almost seven years old at the time of his death. This is all from a child's memory and I hope it's accurate. At a rest stop near Fontana, CA - off the I-10 freeway, Officer Frank Pribble was shot and killed in the line of duty after locating a suspect who had been involved in a domestic disturbance. The suspect opened the door of a trailer as Frank was walking up and murdered him with a .243 hunting rifle. My dad was his friend and fellow officer. Frank was survived by his wife Faye and only son Matthew. Frank was a big, kind man and I will always remember him and that part of my life.
Update: Frank was survived by his wife Faye and only son Matthew. Frank had located a suspect who had been involved in a domestic disturbance at the I-10 rest area in Fontana, Ca.

BadgeDavid Price (Patrol)
Pawnee Police Department
By Ted F. Millburg Sr., Pawnee, IL USA
Officer Price was killed by being hit by a 2 ton truck at the scene of a traffic stop after a 10 mile chase. He was pinned between the car and truck. He left a wife and three children and was in his mid 40's. He was the first officer to loose his live on duty for the Pawnee Police Department. May he and all the officers who lost there lives on duty, rest in peace.

BadgeGary Priess (Officer)
DeWitt Township Police Department
By Brent A. VanSteenkiste, DeWitt, MI USA
He was the type of officer every officer wishes they could be.

BadgeRobert Bruce Protto Jr. (Deputy Sheriff)
Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department
By Deborah Wiedemann, San Jose, CA USA
Deputy Sheriff of Santa Clara County, Ca., sent to Viet Nam as an Army Staff Sergeant killed in Viet Nam 1969.

We would be grateful to hear from anyone who passed by Bruce in his much too short life. If you knew Bruce please contact me at:

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God." Matthew 5:9

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



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