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Listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Police Memorial

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



Badge Michael Raburn (Detective)
King County Department of Public Safety (Now the King County Sheriff's Office)
By A Fellow KCSO Deputy
Detective Michael Raburn
March 27, 1984
Detective Raburn was stabbed with a sword while responding to a call at a home. When he knocked on the front door, the suspect reached through the doorway and stabbed him. Detective Raburn fired several shots while retreating, but died of his wounds.

BadgeClayton Raney (Chief)
Hartford Police Dept., Hartford, Alabama
By Deputy Ben Berry, Hartford, AL USA
Chief Raney was killed on September 10,1931. He was fatally shot with a .38 caliber pistol during a gun battle.

BadgeJames John Rapozo (Officer)
Visalia Police Department
By Jennifer Isaacs, Visalia, CA USA


Born: June 14, 1964
* End of Watch: January 9, 1998

A devoted husband and father, James was born June 14, 1964 in Hanford, Ca. He attended Hanford Joint Union High School, graduating in 1982. Following high school, James went to CSU Fresno and graduated in 1987 with a BS in Criminology and Law Enforcement. While attending CSUF, James graduated from the Tulare/Kings Police Academy in 1986. He married his wife, Merrily, in 1989.

His career in law enforcement began when he went to work for the Hanford Police Department. He later worked for the King's County Sherrif's Office, and the Department of Justice, Narcotics Division. In 1992, James went to work for the Visalia Police Department. He was a member of the basic car team, the Field Training Unit, the SWAT team, and the Patrol Planning Council.

On Janury 9, 1998 James' tour of duty ended in an untimely manner when he was shot in the chest, in an area which his bullet proof vest did not cover, while on a SWAT raid. He was rushed to a local emergency room by his fellow officers, where he underwent an unsuccessful emergency surgery. James left behind his wife, Merrily, and two children, Meagan and Max. To James, and all of the other fallen officers, our prayers are with you and your familes. We will watch over them here, while you watch over us in Heaven.

BadgeCraig W. Rath (Officer)
Chesterfield County (VA) Police Department
By Mark P. Hopkins, Hanover, VA USA
Officer Craig Rath, a 28 year old Chesterfield County officer, a member of the Street Drug Enforcement Unit was killed on May 27, 1999. He was driving his unmarked police car which collided with another car at Bellwood and Fort Darling roads in southern Chesterfield County. Craig Rath joined the department in October,1993 after serving 4 years in the US Army as a military policeman. He is gone but will never be forgotten by his fleet safety officers friends at Virginia Radar Safety.

BadgeAnthony Raymond (Officer)
Hillside PD
By #121, Hillside, IL USA
Officer Raymond was kidnapped during a routine traffic stop, stabbed, strangled to death and buried in a grave in Wisconsin. He gave his life for the community, and will never be forgotten!

BadgeRalph Reed (Master Motor Carrier Inspector)
Indiana State Police, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division
By Anonymous
Gave his life for the sake of promoting safe vehicles on the interstate for your family. It's not a famed profession and often overlooked, but none the less it must be done.

BadgeKarl Reishus (Officer)
Juneau Police Department, Juneau, Alaska
By Kristin Knutson, Salem, OR USA
Killed in a training accident, we lost a wonderful person. From Patrolling the halls of the University in Fairbanks as a Student Officer, he always knew he would be a Police Officer. He went on to work in Sitka and Juneau as a Police Officer. He was a great inspiration for me to become a Deputy Sheriff. Each and everyday as I get ready for work, I look to the heavens, and know you are with me on patrol. Your family and friends miss you Karl.

BadgeMark Renninger Sgt. #LK23
Lakewood Police Department
By Ed Munoz, Radio Communications Supervisor, Pierce County Sheriffs' Department, WA
The Lakewood Police Department lost four great souls on 11/29/09. While enjoying a cup of coffee before their shift in the Forza Coffee Shop in Parkland WA, they were gunned down in cold blood by a murderous coward. One of them managed to wound the suspect but he escaped and was later killed by a Seattle Police officer as he was sneaking up to kill yet another police officer in yet another cowardly act.

BadgeThomas Reuter (Deputy)
Grant County (WI) Sheriff's Department
By Rebecca (Kartman) Bloyer, Lancaster, WI USA
Killed in the line of duty March 18, 1990. He was on routine patrol when he pulled over a subject on a farm tractor. The subject shot Deputy Reuter in the chest with a shotgun. The perpetrator was caught after a brief search and was sentenced to life in prison. We miss "Little Tommy's" friendship, loyalty and sense of humor. We think about you often and hope that you are up there looking out for us.

BadgeRaymond Rexer (Patrolman)
Bay City Police Department, Bay City, MI
By Anonymous
Slain in the line of duty as they where ambushed by two brothers. Both received life for the murder of our brothers in Law Enforcement.

Badge Christopher Reyka (Sergeant)
Broward County (Florida) Sheriffs Office
By Fred Weiss, Port St. Lucie, Florida
Sergeant Christopher Reyka, April 28, 1956 - August 10, 2007
Sgt. Christopher Reyka, 51, was shot and killed outside a Pompano Beach drug store early on the morning of August 10, 2007 while checking license plates for possible stolen vehicles.

Throughout his 18-year law enforcement career, Sgt. Reyka was highly praised by his superiors and peers for his steadfast dedication, keen eye and reliability. In October 2001 and again in April 2007, he was honored as BSO's Employee of the Month. He worked in various areas including road patrol, the Selective Enforcement Team, Criminal Investigations and auto crimes in Pompano Beach, and was an avid participant in the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics. In October 2006, he graduated from BSO's Supervisor Leadership Academy.

BadgeKevin D. Rice (Detective)
Rockford, IL Police Dept.
By Fellow Officers of the Rockford Police Department
On August 3, 2001 we lost Gang Unit Detective Kevin D. Rice at about 0210 hours. Kevin was off duty and on vacation at the time of his murder. Kevin was in the process of building a new home and was returning to his sisters house where he was temporarily staying when he noticed two suspicious subjects just one block from his sisters home. Kevin pulled up to the subjects to investigate when one subject pulled a gun shooting him 6 times killing him instantly while he was still in his car. Kevin leaves behind his wife Ardine and three children ages 18, 10, and 2 months. A subject was later arrested and charged in his murder. Our Department considers his death in line of duty.

BadgeGorden "Joe" Rich (Sgt.)
Columbus Ohio Police Dept.
By Eugene Robbins Hadley, Columbus, OH USA
He was killed during a traffic stop. He was a good officer, good man and a great friend.

BadgeGreg Richards Officer #LK135
Lakewood Police Department
By Ed Munoz, Radio Communications Supervisor, Pierce County Sheriffs' Department, WA
The Lakewood Police Department lost four great souls on 11/29/09. While enjoying a cup of coffee before their shift in the Forza Coffee Shop in Parkland WA, they were gunned down in cold blood by a murderous coward. One of them managed to wound the suspect but he escaped and was later killed by a Seattle Police officer as he was sneaking up to kill yet another police officer in yet another cowardly act.

BadgePatrick Joseph Riley (Sergeant)
Maricopa County Sheriffs Office
By Michael C. Riley, Scottsdale,AZ USA
Sergeant Patrick Joseph Riley was directing traffic at a four-way intersection under construction in Mesa Arizona on March 11, 1994. He was run over by a Low Belly tractor trailor truck and was crushed to death in the middle of the intersection. Patrick Joseph Riley was Well Respected and Liked Amongst ALL of his constituents and also in the WHOLE County of Maricopa.
He will be Greatly Missed For All Time!!

BadgePaul T. Riley (Captain)
Delaware State Police
By Mike Bredin, Camden, DE USA
Rest in peace pop-pop

BadgeCandace Ripp (Officer)
Nashville Davidson County
By Deborah Duncan, Nashville, Tennessee
While working a motor vehicle accident Officer Ripp was mortally wounded by a oncoming driver. Officer Ripp was the first female officer to die in the line of duty in Nashville Davidson County, Tennessee. Officer Ripp's death occurred on the same stretch of highway that State Trooper John Mann was mortally wounded in December of 2000. Officer Ripp was attending law school and was near graduation. She was a Veteran of the United States Military Mother of one daughter and a grandmother. She was a patrol officer fixing to celebrate 10 yrs of service

BadgeDavid Roberts (Patrolman)
Paris Police Department
By Bob Guffey, Paris, TX USA
David Roberts was killed during a felony stop, In Paris Texas.

BadgeSteve Roberts (Master Deputy)
St. Lucie County Sheriff's Department
By St. Lucie County Sheriff, Ft. Pierce, FL USA
By Vicki Smith, Bowling Green, OH USA
By St. Lucie County Sheriff's Department
Steve was hit by a car, on Feb 11th 1999, while on his way to a traffic call. He died of his injuries on March 3, 1999, three days before he was to be married. He will be loved and missed greatly.

By Vicki Smith,
We serve the GOD who designed the universe and set our world in motion. But those hands that hung the stars in the heavens also wiped away the tears of the widow and the leper. He will wipe away our tears as well. I miss you so much dear brother but thanks be to our God we will be together again someday. Until then Steve I will continue to hold these memories dear in my heart. We love and miss you so very much.

BadgeWilliam A. Robertson (Officer)
Milwaukee PD, Milwaukee, WI
By K. Renaud
Bill was a great guy. He had been a police officer for several years before joining the Milwaukee PD. He was shot while on routine patrol by gang members. Bill's wife Mary, was 7 months pregnant with their children, twins, Billy and Kayla. Bill will be missed forever. He will be forever missed by his wife, parents and family.

Badge James Buford Robinson (Trooper)
Alabama State Police
By Lena (Robinson) Myers, Hanceville, Al
Killed Dec 10, 1972 in Talladega, Alabama. I pray still today that the person who did the shooting will be tried for murder, as of yet he has not been. This is no joke, this is true, I still have all the news paper articles, and if you want to hear more about it, please e-mail me:

BadgeJohn Harold Robinson (Officer)
Memphis Police Dept
By Erin L. Robinson, Memphis, TN USA
My husband, Officer John Harold Robinson Jr, was killed in line of duty on Dec 1 1999, when 2 suspects he was chasing, ran him off the road. he was 39 years old and leaves behind 3 children, one of them a 3 month old baby girl.

BadgeWilliam E. Robinson IV (Deputy)
Baldwin County Sheriff’s Department
By Frank Robinson, Milledgeville, GA USA
The 911 call came in at 1:30 a.m. The date was December 19, 1995. A clerk at a local convenience store had been robbed and she gave a description of the getaway car to the police dispatcher. A radio alert was issued and the manhunt immediately got underway. Just a few minutes after the call went out, Deputy Will Robinson spotted what he thought might be the getaway vehicle. He pulled the car over, radioed in the license number and then went to investigate. Will was never heard from again. Moments later, one of his colleagues found Deputy Robinson lying in a pool of blood about 15 feet from his patrol car. He had been shot in the head and died right there on the roadway.

BadgeEarl "Rocky" Rockafellow (Deputy Sheriff)
Bucks County Sheriff's Office
By Deputy G. L. Killian, Bucks County Sheriff's Office, Doylestown, PA USA
Date of Death, Aug 2000. Missed by his family, and fellow Deputies.

BadgeJoseph C. Rodgers (Deputy)
Florence County Sheriffs Office - Florence County South Carolina
By Dana Moody Perot, Columbia, South Carolina
Joey was killed on April 9th, 1997 doing what he loved best. He loved and respected the people of his county and that made him a hero before he was ever killed. We were engaged to be married and that day changed my life forever. Joey was shot trying to apprehend a double murder suspect. He was only 25 years old and just beginning his life, but he will always be remembered. I was blessed to have loved such a man, and heaven is a very lucky place to have such an angel. Rest in Peace my Love.

BadgeSusan Lynn Rodriguez (US Border Patrol Agent)
US Border Patrol
By A. Salinas, San Antonio, TX USA
I never met you, but I know so much about you. I've met your family and I know that you loved your job and fellow Border Patrol Agents as much as you loved Meagan, your baby. You were at the end of your shift on that faithful morning. You could have gone home, but you didn't. Like a true professional, you answered the backup call. Our country lost two great agents that day, but God gained two new angels! I also know that along with Ricardo, you are watching over our families and every law enforcement officer in our great country. Vaya con Dios, Susan. (Please read about "Ricardo G. Salinas" for more information).

BadgeJeffery Dean Rominger (Patrolman)
Oklahoma City Police
By K J, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Aug. 31 2000 They were going on to different call Jeff (Oklahoma City Police) was chasing a supcect and Matt (Oklahoma Highway Patrol) was going to a call; they hit head on. We are going to miss the both of them.

BadgePatricia Rosado (Police Officer)
Brooklyn, New York, Precient 73rd
By Michelle Mollica, Brooklyn, NY USA
73 rd precient Rookie Cop Six Weeks on the Job Age 26 years old..

On April 9, 2000... Patricia Rosado was in her car driving home after a long night of working at the 73rd preceint in Brownsville New York... around 2:00 A.M. (at the intersection of Rockaway and Newport Ave) she was struck by a minivan driven by a woman who was under the influence of alcohol and drugs and in excess of speed limit she passed a red signal and struck officer Rosado's car which caused her death... The woman driving was charged with Manslaughter in the Second Degree... Vehicle Manslaughter, and criminally negligent homocide... Patricia was my best friend and she had a wonderful and future ahead of her... she pursued her career in accomplishing her goals... even undergoing surgery she continued her time at the police academy and graduated with her class..She was a young bueatiful woman and will be missed very very much by her family and friends... Patrica suffered a horrible tragic death and she will always be remembered as a strong goodhearted woman.. .(One of New York's Finest)

BadgeRobert Rosenbloom (Trooper)
New Mexico State Police, Albuquerque Area
By Larry Gonzales, Elk Grove, CA USA
11/08 1971 New Mexico State Police Officer Rosenbloom stopped a 1972 Ford Galaxie 4 door about eight miles west of Albuqueque sometime after 10:30pm. It is unknown exactly why he stopped the vehicle but believed to be either because he suspected the vehicle was stolen or for a traffic violation. At 10:41pm he requested a check on the license plate. When the dispatcher responded with the information at 10:55pm there was no response from Officer Rosenbloom. At 11:11pm a citizen called the dispatcher on Officer Rosenbloom's radio and said the officer had been hurt and requested an ambulance. Responding officers found Officer Rosenbloom with his flashlight in one hand and gun in the other. He had been shot once in the throat. Shortly after a Bernalillo deputy sheriff spotted and pursued the car at speed up to 120 miles an hour. The car evaded the deputy but was found the next day by Albuqurque police officers. Hidden near the car were three military rifles and a 12 gauge shotgun along with revoluntary literature. The killers later hijacked a TWA 727 and flew to Cuba. In 1995 the New Mexico Governor appealed to the state department to have the killers returned from Cuba. As of this time they remain in Cuba. Officer Rosenbloom was survived by his wife, and two children ages 2 and 1.

BadgeStephen G. Rouse (Sergeant - Posthumas)
Florida Highway Patrol
By Carol Rouse Chadwick, Pensacola, FL USA
My husband Stephen was in route to an emergency when another vehicle U-turned in front of him on March 28, 1987. Stephen was a wonderful husband, son, and friend. His strength of character and love of others lives on in our minds and hearts.

BadgeJamie Roussey (Police Officer)
Baltimore City Police Dept.
By P/O Keith Sokolowski, Baltimore, MD USA
Officer Roussey was responding to a call for a foot chase when he entered an intersection, with lights and siren, and having the green light proceeded threw, when a vehicle failed to stop for the red light and hit the police vehicle. The police vehicle was sent into a light pole, crushing most of the drivers side. Officer Roussey was rushed to Shock Trauma, and subsequently lost his fight a few hours later.

BadgeKenneth B. Royal (Deputy Sheriff)
Sacramento County Sheriff's Department
By Patrick O'Neal, CA USA
During the early morning hours, shortly after midnight, on June 7, 1968, I spotted a vehicle traveling out of a residential neighborhood into a well lighted commercial area that was the likely escape route of two armed robbery suspects. The traffic at that time was usually very light and and the timing seemed about right from the broadcast of "a 211 (armed robbery) just occurred at the Hub Bar on 47th Avenue, two Mexican male suspects, additional information to follow." I broascast that I had two possible suspects and Deputy Royal was "my partner car" (we were one-man cars in those days) responded to assist me in the felony stop. The driver did not immediately yield to the red light and siren and pulled on to a darkened sidestreet and stopped abruptly and immediately jumped from the vehicle and fled into the darkenss. The passenger remained in the car for a short time. Officer Royal approached the suspect's vehicle while I shined a spotlight and shotgun on the lone remaining suspect. Suddenly shots rang out from the suspects vehcile and officer Royal went down. The suspect backed out of the car and I shot him immediately with the shotgun. He went down then arose and fired in my direction. I fired a second round and he fell again; I felt sure he was dead by then. (Thirteen hits with 00 buckshot on the crook, a single .38 shot killed Officer Royal) I went to officer Royal to discover him mortally wounded. He died at the scene. Son, Husband, Father, Partner and friend gone... for $38.00 in a bar robbery. Shot suspect recovered and convicted of 1st degree murder and sentenced to death. Sentence later commuted when death penalty abolished in California. Later escaped from San Quentin, kindapped people and again shot several times by shotgun by another county sheriff's department and survived. Died in 1989 in San Quentin. Second suspect convicted of lesser offenses and served time in state prison. Deputy Royal has two sons and a grandson on the Sacramento Sheriff's Department. One son is currently the Sheriff of Nevada County California Sheriff's Department. Ken, you are missed but never forgotten. Detective Patrick O'Neal (retired).

Badge Albert Ruffin (Deputy Sheriff)
Richmond County, Ga. Sheriff's Office
By Sgt. Wayne Pinkston, Richmond County, Ga. Sheriff's Office.
Deputy Sheriff Ruffin was slain on 11/03/1868 while at City Hall in Richmond County. He died of a single gunshot, while attempting to defuse a racial situation at City Hall.

BadgeIrma C. Ruiz (Officer)
Chicago P.D.
By Larry Gonzales, Elk Grove, CA USA
Officer Ruiz was on duty in a school protecting children when a very agitated man entered firing at Officer Ruiz and her partner. Officer Ruiz was mortally wounded by a gunshot to the chest, her partner returned fire killing the assailant and ultimately survived the attack.

Badge Edgar J. (Jim) Rumpf Jr. (Officer)
Baltimore City Police DEpartment
By Kevin Doyle, Baltimore, Maryland
Officer Rumpf lost his life while attempting to save other people. He died February 16th, 1978 while attempting to get the resident of the Beethoven Apartments out of the building. He died when trapped in the fire. He left behind a wife and children. He is still missed...

Badge Chris Ruse (Officer)
Pendergrass Police Department Jackson County Georgia
By Officer R. Farmer
Officer Christopher (Chris) Ruse of the Pendergrass Georgia Police Department was killed December 29, 2004 at 8:00 pm. He was shot by a 24 year old male (who had an 18 year old accomplise), after a pursuit. The vehicle of the suspects rolled over, when Chris went to approach the vehicle a gun battle ensued. Chris was shot in the chest and head with a shotgun, but was able to return fire hitting one of the suspects. He died a short time later at North East Regional Hospital in Gainesville, GA. The suspects are in custody. The 18 year old has plead guilty and is going to testify against the shooter who has been charged with 17 counts, including 3 counts of Murder for the death of Chris.

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God." Matthew 5:9

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



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