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Listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Police Memorial

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



BadgeRicardo G. Salinas (Border Patrol Agent)
US Border Patrol
By Arturo G. Salinas (father), San Antonio, TX USA
D.O.B: April 29, 1974
Title: Border Patrol Agent
D.O.D.: July 7, 1998

Ricardo G. Salinas’ life was brought to a tragic end on the morning of July 7, 1998, when he and several other Border Patrol Agents responded to a call for assistance by the Cameron County Sheriff’s Department south of San Benito, TX. The Sheriff Deputies were in pursuit of a double homicide suspect at the intersection of Gamble and Resaca Roads. BPA Salinas, Rodriguez, and Sanchez walked back to their vehicle. After making plans for deployment, the suspect exited a cornfield and began firing on the agents as well as other law enforcement officers in the area. During the ensuing gun battle, Border Patrol Agent Ricardo G. Salinas lost his life in the line of duty. The entire Border Patrol family will miss this fine young man and can only imagine the heights to which Ricardo would have risen had this tragic incident not occurred.

BadgeJohn A. Salvaggio (Police Officer)
Houston Police Department, Houston, Texas
By D. D. Darnell, Wharton, TX USA
On Thanksgiving morning 1989 Officer Salvaggio was conducting a traffice stop on Interstate 10 west bound at Bingle Road. Officer Salvaggio had exited his patrol car and was standing next to the stopped vehicle. Another vehicle traveling west bound on Interstate 10 drifted out of its lane and grazed the drivers side of the patrol vehicle and struck Officer Salvaggio. The vehicle continued west bound at a high rate of speed. Officer Salvaggio died at the hospital later that morning. After an extensive search and investigation the vehicle and driver were located.

BadgeGerald A. Salyers (Sergeant)
Sheriff's Department
By Jan Salyers Boatman, Terre Haute, IN USA
Srg. Gerald (Jerry) Salyers served the county faithfully for 22 years before retiring in Feb. 1998 due to ill health. Two months later he was diagnosised with a inoperatable brain tumor. He fought a long hard battle, but was defeated in June 1999. He maintained his humor and inner strength til the end. Dad is sadly missed by his two sons and two daughters. Papaw is missed by his four grandsons. Sergeant Salyers is sadly missed by the entire county.

BadgeRobert D. (Sandy)& Sanderson (Officer)
Birmingham Police Department, Birmingham, Alabama
By Buel Adams, Birmingham, AL USA
Officer Robert D. (Sandy)& Sanderson, 35, an 8 year Veteran of the Birmingham Police Dept, Birmingham, Al. was killed on 29 February 1998.& Officer Sanderson had just completed his normal 11-7 shift at the city's South Precinct.& Shortly after his arrival at an abortion clinic where he provided security while off duty an explosive device was detonated, killing Officer Sanderson and critically injuring a civilian employee of the clinic.

BadgeJames E. Saunders (Trooper)
Washington State Patrol
By Arthur Molina, Yakima, WA USA
Trooper Saunders was shot to death while on a traffic stop. Trooper Saunders will be missed by all that knew him and those he served. Thank you Jim.
Sgt. Arthur Molina Yakima County Sheriff Reserves

Badge Peter Christopher Schiemann (Constable)
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
By Noel, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Const. Peter Christopher Schiemann, 25: He was born in Petrolia, Ont., and joined the RCMP in Stony Plain, Alta. He graduated from training on Nov. 27, 2000 and was posted in Mayerthorpe, Alta., where he worked in general policing and highway patrol. This was Canada's worst assault on RCMP since 1885... these 4 men, Const. Peter Christopher Schiemann, Const. Lionide Nicholas Johnston, Const. Anthony Fitzgerald Orion Gordon, Const. Brock Warren Myrol, were gunned down after a raid on a drug farm.

BadgeAaron Michael Schoffstall (Correctional Officer)
Vigo County Sheriff Dept
By Sara Schoffstall, West Terre Haute, IN USA
Birth 10-01-76 Death 11-28-00 My husband Aaron was assisting a Deputy Sheriff working two accidents that morning on an icy bridge over the Wabash river. Another vehicle started spinning out of control. Aaron tried to avoid the vehicle and fell to his death from the bridge. He left behind his 5 year old daughter & me, his wife of three months. All he wanted was to be a Deputy Sheriff. The hardest thing is knowing I'll never see his beautiful smile again.

BadgeJason Schwenz (Deputy Sheriff)
Queen Ann's County Sheriff's Department, MD USA
By Anonymous
Shot and killed in the line of duty while answering a loud music call, Feb 13, 2001.

BadgeEbb Scott (Deputy)
Geneva Co. Sheriff's Dept., Geneva, Alabama
By Deputy Ben Berry, Hartford, AL USA
Deputy Scott was killed in 1930. He was fatally shot with a pistol by an ex-convict.

Badge Jason Scott (Deputy Sheriff)
Loudon County Sheriff's Department
By Eric Lawson
On Friday, March 12, 2004, Deputy Scott was shot and killed as he arrived at the scene of a domestic disturbance at 0830 hours. He was shot four times as he exited his patrol car by a 16-year-old boy who had been beating his mother with a post. The boy had attacked the mother because she had refused to let him drive to school because he had been drinking the night before.

Another deputy, who arrived at the scene behind Deputy Scott, called for assistance. The suspect then barricaded himself in his house, armed with numerous rifles, and exchanged shots with responding officers. Three other officers received minor wounds from flying debris when they were shot at by the suspect. Deputy Scott and the other initial responding officers were not aware that there were numerous weapons in the home.

The suspect was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound following a 28-hour standoff.

BadgeFrancis Paul Scurry (Officer)
Nashville Metropolitan Police Department
By Melanie Scurry West, Greenbrier, TN USA
My father was an officer in Nashville/Davidson County in TN. On May 17, 1996 while serving a warrant he died of multiple gunshot wounds, the last shot less than a foot from his head. I had spent time with him the night before and would have never thought I would hear the news I did the next day. He had been an officer for 21 years. He was so kind to everyone he came across, even those that he came across doing his job. God calls them the peacemakers and for that reason I know he died trying to rid the wrong. For that I will always respect his job and the job of all officers today. I miss him more everyday but his memory grows stronger with each day that passes.

Melanie Scurry West (I Love You Daddy)

Badge Glenn M. Searles (Deputy)
Onondaga County Sheriff Department
By Patricia L Turo, Liverpool, New York
On the evening of November 29, 2003 while assisting a stranded motorist who had gone off the road into the median because of icy conditions, Deputy Searles was pinned between his cruiser and a minivan while he was retrieving flares from the trunk of his patrol car.

BadgeDan Seely (Sr. Patrol Officer)
Anchorage Police Dept
By Officer B.N. Herrera, Anchorage, Alaska
Officer Seely was shot 10/26/96 when he responded to a Domestic disturbance, The susspect was violating a DV restraining order and when Officer Seely arrived he was ambushed. The Suspect then Shot and killed his 2 children and seriously wounded his estranged wife. Officer Seely left a wife who was expecting their first child.

Badge George Edward (Ted) Seman (Officer; the city's first)
Evart City Police Department
By James Seman, Saint Clair Shores, Michigan
For the only one armed police officer I ever met, your youngest son, Jim

BadgeRobert F. Sexton (Chief)
Florence County Police Department
By Stacey Sexton, Florence, SC USA
Killed in the line of duty by his own partner on 04-27-1976. I was 2 months old.. May you rest in peace and I will meet you one day.. Love always and forever

Badge Robert L. Shadd (Corporal)
Seaside Police Department
By Cookeylady, Seaside, Oregon
To my best friend, You live in my heart for eternity. Thank you for sharing your life and friendship with me. Forever & All ways.


BadgeHarold V. Shaw (Police Officer)
Rochester, New York Police Department
By Corporal Ron Shaw, Bartow Police Dept., Bartow, FL USA
On December 11, 1959, Officer Harold V. Shaw was on RMP with the City of Rochester, New York Police Department. Off. Shaw discovered a burglary in progress at the Rae Oil Company, and radioed for backup. Once backup officers arrived a perimeter was established with an officer at all windows and doors. Gunfire erupted at the window where Officer Shaw was. He was struck twice, once in the arm, and once in the chest. He returned fire, however he succumbed to his wounds at the scene. The two perpetrators fled through that window, and were later captured. One perp was wounded.

Submitted by his nephew,
Corporal Ron Shaw
Bartow Police Dept.
Bartow, FL. 33830

Badge David Shean (Motorcyclist) (Senior Constable)
South Brisbane Traffic Branch
By Matthew Shean (son) Brisbane, Queensland
At approxiamtely 1:10 pm 5th of April 2001, Senior Constable Shean's motorcycle collided with a gravel truck on Logan Road, Eight Mile Plains while responding to break and enter call. Travelling under lights and sirens at the time Senior Constable Shean,despite evasive action was unable to avoid the collision. Senior Constable Shean was taken to the Princess Alexandra Hospital but unfortunately did not survive. David was loved by all and will be sadly missed by family, friends and colleagues. He was 48 years old. Vale David Shean

Badge Kyle Sheplak (Patrolman)
Roxbury Township Police
By Heather Bruno, EMT, Mine Hill, NJ
Officer Sheplak gave his life in the line of duty shortly before Christmas 2002. He left behind a wife and two young children.

BadgeDewey Sherbo (Police Officer)
Newark Police Department
By Police Officer Richard Weber, Newark , NJ USA
Officer Sherbo gave his life while protecting the citizens of Newark, NJ. Officer Sherbo was killed in 1997 while pursing a vehicle, he lost control of his patrol car and hit a tree, Officer Sherbo left behind a wife and two children. Officer Sherbo is rememberd by a monument that sits on the site where he gave his life, and whenever there is an academy class in sessison all recruits make their run in honor of Officer Sherbo's sacrfice.

BadgeE. W. Shively (Patrolman)
Rocky Mount Police Department
By Paul R. Smith, Ferrum, VA USA
Joe had just completed his tour of duty. He had gotten in his personal vehicle and started to drive home. He was only .3 mile from the department when he suffered a heart attack and flipped his truck off of an imbankment. Although he was in his personal vehicle, he was still in town limits and had not signed out of service yet. For Robin, Joey and Hannah, his partner Don, comrades and friends, I dedicate this to the memory of Joe Shively.

BadgeVincent Siino (Police Officer)
Newark Police NJ
By Michael Preziosi, Parsippany, NJ USA
In 1992 Vinny was killed in a auto accident off duty on his way to a family wedding. He was respected by his fellow officers and loved by his family. He will be missed very much.

BadgeVincent Siino (Police Officer)
By Nicole Siino, Mount Pocono, PA
My father who was well loved by the city of Newark was killed in an automobile accident at Newark Airport on 6/6/92. It was senseless because it could have been avoided due to proper maintenance. I will forever be lost without you. Vinnie and I each made you a grandfather and Mommy is always strong no matter what she goes through. I love you, thanks for watching over me all these years. Your truly my guardian angel... I love you DADDY, meet me in my dreams!!!!

BadgeTimothy Simenson (Sgt.)
Crest Hill, Illinois P.D.
By Robert B. Simenson, Rice Lake, WI USA
My son, Tim, was killed on Sept. 28, 1994 by an armed robber hiding in the trunk of their get-away car.

You can see a review of a book I wrote about his death and life at cyberservant Click on the book, Not To Be Forgotten.

Badge Rany Simmons (Officer)
By Vivian Shaw, Long Beach, CA
You listened to my tears, and saw my pain. You keep me safe, when I felt lost, in a cold dark place. You reminded me that GOD will pull me through and you were my angel sent to help me see things through. You alone believed my truth, for you had seen what I had to go through. You made me promise to let GOD have his vengeance that day, I made a friend for life when you came my way. I miss you Randy with all my heart, forever part of my elite 5 man crew. All my home boys are gone now, So here I stand alone.. but as always my word is bond.

BadgeRonald J. Siver (Patrolman)
Rochester N.Y. Police Department
By Stan Schneider, Winter Park, Florida
He was killed 8/19/84 while working on the Rochester N.Y. Police Department. He died tring to save his partner.

BadgeL.D."Red" Sizemore (Sheriff)
Geneva Co. Sheriff's Department, Geneva, AL
By Deputy Ben Berry, Hartford, AL USA
Sheriff Sizemore was killed on August 3, 1977. He was fatally shot with a .38 caliber special while attempting an arrest. Sheriff Sizemore was working alone.

He was arresting a man he had taken to jail every Friday or Saturday night for years, for drunk and disorderly conduct/public nuisance. Small town in the country- everyone knowing the drunk and the Sheriff. Perhaps a lot of people loving both. My granddaddy never had a chance. Shot six times in the head while in his car. Yes, he was just doing his job.
---sincerely and with love,
his granddaughter

BadgeThomas Skaff (Sergeant)
Sioux City Police Department
By Sioux City Police Department, Sioux City, IA, USA
Thomas Skaff was killed in Oct. 1998 on his was home, He was off duty at the time and was killed by a man driving the wrong way down an off ramp. That man ran into Tom on his motorcycle. That person was found with narcotics in his body. Tom left a deep impact on his Community, his friends, and his family. He was a Sgt. for the Sioux City Police Dept. He will be sorely missed.
We already miss you Tom!

Badge Charles B. Skinner (Patrolman)
North Salt Lake City Police Department
By Grateful Citizens and Police Officers of South Davis County Utah
On November 3rd, 2008: North Salt Lake City Police - Officer Charles B. Skinner responded to assist officers in the neighboring City of Bountiful who were involved in a high speed chase with a suspect with felony warrants. While in pursuit, Officer Skinner's patrol car spun out due to the wet newly paved highway, causing him hit a concrete wall backwards at high speeds, smashing the whole back end of his crown victoria off of US Highway 89 and about 2300 South causing Officer Skinner major head trauma that ultimately ended the life of this hero. ****** Only one month prior to this Officer Skinners wife gave birth to twins. Officer Skinner was a true man of God, and an honorable father, husband, and public servant who loved his wife and two baby twins and his friends and fellow officers. He so loved the Community that he laid down his life for his friends and responded to his call to duty to back up his fellow Officers, now that is a man with a heart and soul of faith!

BadgeCharles Smith (Sheriff)
Cooper County, Missouri
By Anonymous
Killed in the line of duty in December 1991, as well as other officers during a man hunt in California, Do.

Badge Coy Smith (Lt.)
Alabama Public Service Commission
By Terry Smith, Birmingham, Alabama
Lt Coy Smith, killed in the line of duty June 28th, 1994. Dad you gave the ultimate sacrifice trying to help fellow officers in the ongoing pursuit of justice. We miss you and we will see you again one day in Heaven

BadgeDavid Smith (Police Officer)
Cleveland Police Department
By Dwayne Smith, Cleveland, OH USA
Dave was off duty with a family member at a local club. They got into a staring contest with someone in the club. The suspect left the club, retrieved his 44 magnum and waited for Dave and his cousin to emerge. When they did, the suspect open fired wounded Dave's cousin, Dave reached for his service weapon, but was shot in the chest and died from his injuries before getting off a shot. Date was April, 1998.

Badge Jaison Howard Smith (Officer #113)
Washington Police, Washington GA
By Anonymous
EOW Sunday, December 24, 2000

BadgeSamuel F. Smith (Squad Supervisor (K-9 Officer))
Crawford Co. Sheriff Dept.
By Deputy Terry J Berger, Roberta, GA USA
Deputy Smith passed while he was assisting another deputy on a call. He was loved by all and will be greatly missed by the entire community.

BadgeScotty Smith (Deputy Sheriff)
Habersham County, GA Sheriff's Department
By Corey Allen Alto, GA USA
Scotty was killed in a car wreck in his patrol car while on patrol in Habersham County, GA. He was a deticated Deputy, father, and a husband. He was a friend to everyone, includung the people he had to arrest. We will never know what happened that dreadful morning he was found in his patrol car overturned in a creek. I know he is up there looking down on us and protecting his law enforcement friends.

BadgeThomas Smith, Jr. (Patrolman)
St. Louis County Police Department
By Toni Morris, St. Louis, MO USA
On December 5, 1997, at around midnight Tom was killed while on a routine traffic call. Tom never wanted to be anything else but a County cop just like his dad, Sgt. Thomas Smith, Sr. He was a "county brownie" almost from birth. He loved his job and was wonderful at it even though he was a young 23 yrs. old.

Tom, we miss you so much and you are always in our hearts and thoughts. We speak about you at family functions and remember how you made us laugh with your cutting wit and great sense of humor. We love you and you will be with us ALWAYS! Love, Aunt Toni and all your family

BadgeJames Snedigar (Officer)
Chandler Police Department
By William McDonald, Chandler, AZ USA
Jim died the way he lived, leading the way and setting the example for others to follow. He will be sorely missed.

BadgeAldean Sorbo (Chief of Police)
Bricelyn, MN
By Lois Sorbo, Coon Rapids, MN USA
My father was struck by a hit and run, drunk driver July 4th 1978, while directing traffic after the Fourth of July celebrations, he lived 9 days never regaining consciousness the driver was caught thanks to Washington DC finding microscopic paint chips on my dads uniform they were able to get a make and model of the car. He left behind his only child who was only 11 years old.

BadgeJames Russell Sorrow "Russ"
(Police Officer)
Greenville City Police Department
By Micki Sorrow, Greenville, SC USA
"Russ" was a Greenville City Police Officer until September 19, 1996. He was killed in the line of duty that Thursday at approximately 4:45pm. He had just begun his tour of duty that day when he spotted a man wanted on a felony warrant. A foot chase began. He radioed continuously where he was and what was happening. Then he was injured. He had chased the suspect into a house where he was tripped by someone else in the house attempting to stop him. He got up and continued the chase.

The suspect had hid behind a tin shed and as my brother approached,he ambushed him. He shot him twice in the face, once in the buttocks and then four more in the back of his head. My brother loved his job and did it well. He had one of the roughest beats in Greenville, SC and that's the way he wanted it. He was 26 years old, had a wife Joy, and a son, Matthew, who was only 5 months old. He was called Rusty by his family, but he was only known to others as Russ. Rusty was my best friend, not just my baby brother. I miss him so much it hurts. He is a fallen hero.
Visit Russ' Memorial page at:

BadgeJohn Sowa
(Police Officer)
Atlanta Police Department
By Kim Tagliareni, Mexico, NY USA
My brother was killed in the line of duty October 12th 1997 while responding to a domestic violence call. His memory will always live in our hearts. I love you Rick

BadgeMartin S. Sowders (Deputy)
Clark County Sheriff's Department, WA
By Becky Sowders, Vancouver, WA USA
My husband, Deputy Martin S. Sowders, was suddenly taken from us on November 18, 1976. He was killed by friendly fire while trying to apprehend a suspect in a drug store robbery. Marty was 29 years old and had been a Clark County Deputy for 5 years, absolutely loving his job as a peace officer. He also loved being a father to our 8 year old son, who is now a grown man expecting his first child. Unfortunately, because of another officer's recklessness, this child will grow up only hearing stories of what a hero her grandfather was.

Badge John E. Stack (Sheriff)
Morrison County SO, MN
By Zeb Hemsworth, Remer, MN
Sheriff Stack died 10/16/65, 19 hours after his Chief Deputy Andrew P. Herlits. Both Stack and Herlitz responded to a dispute over a tractor which ended with the two officers being shot.

BadgeAnthony Stancil (Captain)
Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Department
By Michael B. Wise, Charlotte, NC USA
The Mecklenburg County Sheriffs' Office suffered a terrible tragedy on September 29th. 1998 that involved one of their own. Captain Anthony N. Stancil was shot to death while working off duty at the Harris Teeter Grocery Store on W. T. Harris Blvd.

The suspect, Samuel Mahatha , entered the store with a female and attempted to steal some crab legs. Captain Stancil confronted Mahatha outside the store in the parking lot at approximately 1:30 am . A struggle ensued and Captain Anthony Stancil was fatally wounded with a gun shot to the head. Mahatha fled on foot taking with him Captain Stancil's service weapon as well as the murder weapon. Mahatha was taken into custody several hours later and Captain Stancil's weapon was recovered in Mahatha's grandmothers' mailbox.

Captain Stancil was a Shift Commander at Jail Central for "B" shift where he was held in high regard as a dedicated Law Enforcement Professional.

BadgeErnest "Jake" Stansfield (Patrolman)
Tewksbury Hospital Campus Police Department
By Kim Porter, Tewksbury, MA USA
He was an honest man. A man who told you not what you wanted to hear, but what he knew was right. All the officers from the department will always remember you.

BadgeIrvin C. L, Starling (Patrolman)
Attalla, Alabama Police Department
By Lynn M. Starling, Walton, KY USA
C. L. Starling killed in the line of duty while conducting a routine traffic stop February 22, 1975 in Attalla, Alabama. Patorlman Starling had been on the police force less than six months when he met his demise. The person convicted of this senseless murder was caught the same day and is serving a life sentance at the Alabama correctional facility.

BadgeDaniel R. Starnes (SGT.)
Morgan Co. Indiana Sheriffs Department
By Anonymous
Deputy Starnes (age 46) was shot and wounded on June 14, 2001 and died of complications on July 10, 2001. Deputy Starnes stopped a vehicle June 14, 2001, which contained stolen firearms. The suspect exited his vehicle, and began shooting at Deputy Starnes, striking him several times. The suspect was apprehended and charged with attempted murder. Upon Deputy Starnes death, the suspect was charged with murder.

BadgeLarry Stone (Patrolman)
Camp Hill Police Dept.
By Larry D. Meek, Eclectic, AL USA
Officer Stone shot and killed while arresting a drunk. Left behind a wonderfull wife and a infant son. Larry will be greatly missed by all who new and had any contact with him.

BadgeBrian Strousse #15806 (Police Officer)
Chicago Police Department
By C. Gancarczyk # 17387... cpd/025 district
Chicago Police Officer gunned down died 01Jul01. At 200am, in alley around 18th /loomis, he was 33 years old tactical p.o shot by 16 yoa gangbanger in chest, not fatal, one in face, left cheek bone,fatal. He loved being "the Police".... never met him, but my age, and my hero, it will haunt me...CPD

BadgeGlenn M. Sturgill (Detective Sgt.)
Ashland County Sheriff's Office
By Lt. Terry A. Hamilton, Ashland, Ohio
Sgt. Sturgill was shot in the chest on duty attempting to stop a robbery and kidnapping on August 2, 1982. Glenn left behind a very loving wife who was at home at the time waiting for him to come home and have dinner with her on his 30th birthday. He will always be missed!

BadgeGerald Sylvestri (Patrolman)
San Bernardino Police Department
By Victor Ramos, San Bernardino Police Department, CA USA
He passed on 10-13-00 at 2332 hrs. He was responding to a officer needs help call when his vehicle lost control and he hit a tree. We'll miss his laughter.

BadgeJohn Szereck (Detective)
Newark Police Department
By Police Officer Richard Weber, Newark , NJ USA
Detective Szereck gave his life while waiting to testify in court, at the Essex County court house, he will always be remembered, by his fellow officers.

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God." Matthew 5:9

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



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