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Listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Police Memorial

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



Badge Robert Tanner, Jr. (Sheriff's Deputy)
Muskingum County Sheriff's Department
By A Friend, Zanesville, Ohio
Deputy Tanner was killed in the line of duty on January 8, 2002. While on routine patrol, he was flagged down by a motorist and shot in the head. Deputy Tanner never knew what was coming, and his gun was still in his holster. His murderer fled but was later apprehended, still not convicted. Deputy Tanner was a devoted individual, very polite and took his job very seriously. He had been at the department for 8 years. He is survived by his wife, and all of Muskingum County grieved for this loss.

Badge Robert Daniel Targosz (Officer)
Gilbert PD Arizona Motor
By Anonymous
37 years old 12 year veteran hit by an underage driver who was intoxicated and left the site of the accident. Driver was arrested three hours later. BAC > 0.15 EOW 4-30-06

BadgeDana Lyle Tate (Lance Cpl.)
Beaufort County Sheriff's Department, Beaufort, SC
By Beaufort County Sheriff's Department
Killed defending the citizens of Beaufort County 8 Jan 2002. We are all in your debt. You are truly a hero.

BadgeCalvin E. Taylor (Master Trooper)
North Carolina Highway Patrol
By Tracie Hall Brookshire, Canton, NC
Died: October 3, 2001 In The Line Of Duty

Badge James E. Taylor (Deputy)
Towns County Sheriif's Dept. Hiawassee, GA
By Pamela Owens (daughter), Chatsworth, GA
Killed in the line of duty on 9-11-81 struck by vehicle at traffic stop at night.

BadgeTpr. Aaron J. Teets (Trooper)
Kentucky Horse Park Police
By Tpr. Darren W Deems, Lexington, KY USA
Tpr. Teets was killed in a traffic accident on I-24 in Tennessee, He was traveling back from relatives when a motorist was pushing her car in the travel lanes on the interstate, which held up traffic a semi truck was unable to stop in time and rear ended Tpr. Teets killing him, his 2 yo son, 9 mo old son and his father. Tpr. Teets was well liked and highly respected, Never in a bad mood and could cheer up anyone in the worst of times, The dept comedian. And just all around "great guy", He will be sadly missed. Aaron rest in peace, you are relieved from duty we have the watch.. God Speed.

BadgeErik Telen (Deputy)
Fresno County Sheriff's Department
By Anonymous
Telen was shot several times Tuesday night (21AUG01) by an alleged robbery suspect inside a rural home in Dunlap in eastern Fresno County. The shooter was arrested at 12:31 a.m. without incident after a nearly five-hour standoff in the house, he identified himself as Ramadan Abdur-Rauf Abdullah, 20.

BadgeEric A. Thach (Deputy)
Riverside County Sheriff
By David C. Forrester, San Bernardino, CA USA

BadgeBrandon H. Thacker (Investigator)
Kentucky State Alcoholic Beverage Control
By Jennifer Thacker, Louisville, KY USA
Brandon Thacker was shot and killed April 16, 1998 while driving to a detail for Cops in Shops on the Western Kentucky Parkway. He was 27. He is survived by his wife and daughter, parents, two brothers, and many friends. He is remembered for his bravery, work ethic, integrity and morality, and sense of humor. His family will never heal from the loss of a loving family man. His department will never heal from the loss of a dedicated agent. The light in the world is dimmed with the loss of each peace officer.

BadgeGlenda Thomas
Washington State Patrol
By Chief Bill Cooper, Bainbridge Island, WA USA
Glenda was killed while assisting motorists at the scene of a minor traffic accident. A driver operating a poorly maintained vehicle lost control in heavy traffic, killing her.

Glenda is missed by all those who knew and loved her.

BadgeJohn Thomas (Lt.)
Fayette Co. Police
By Mike Ott, Lexington, KY USA
Shot and killed on a domestic call. The city of Lex didn't know whether to call city or county so John took the call because he was close. He was a well liked Officer to the community.

BadgeTobin C. Thomas (Patrolman)
Eagle Lake Police Department, Colorado County, TX
By D.C. Peikert, Alleyton, TX USA
Officer Thomas was the first respondeder to a murder scene. Officer Thomas was amushed by the murderer who was hiding in some tall weeds. Officer Thomas received one fatal gunshot wound in his lower back. Officer Thomas was able to return fire before his death, seven shots, only one shot hit his murderer, killing him. Officer Thomas was wearing a bullet proof vest. Two pellets entered his body just under the vest at the belt line. One pellet struck his spine, the other pellet struck an artery, causing him to bleed to death. Officer Thomas left behind his wife and a two year old daughter.

BadgeGary Allen Thompson (Chief)
Gray Court Police Department
By Jerry Thompson, Pelzer, SC USA
Killed on his way to a disturbance in an auto accident when another vehicle pulled out into his path, to avoid hitting the vehicle he ran off the road and as he reentered the road he hit another car, killing Chief Thompson and his grandson, he was off duty when he answered this call.

BadgeShawn I. Thompson (Deputy)
Oswego County Sheriffs Department
By Craig Westbrook, Central Square, NY USA
Deputy Shawn I. Thompson Was killed in an off duty motorcycle accident. Shawn was at a family pinic and was trying iut his brothers new motorcycle when he crossed into oncoming traffic and was struck by car. Although I was only an intern at the time, Deputy Thompson Was a personal friend of mine and was an excellent teacher. Deputy Thompson Was a Dare Officer In the Central Square School District. In previous time as an intern Deputy Thompson Taught me many of the skills neded to be a sucessful Police Officer. Deputy Thompson Had a vast amount of knowledge in the field of Law Enforcement. Along with being an excellent Deputy Shawn was also a Captain with the West Monroe, NY Volunteer Fire Department. Shawn, you taught me many things related to the field of law enforcement as I approach my bachelors degree I hope to be as great of a Deputy as you were. As a fellow volunteer fire fighter and an aspiring law enforcement officer I can truly state that you will truly be missed by your family an your friends.
Love always,
Craig Westbrook

BadgeTerry Thompson (Patrolman)
Burton City P.D.
By Officer James F Duplanty, Burton, MI USA
Very Dedicated to his Family, Friends and his job.

Badge Donald "Dante" Thornbury (Officer)
Miccosukee Tribal Police Department
By Captain Keith A. Mumford, Marion County Special Deputy/Wishard Health Services
End Of Watch 10/28/1991 Dante in on panel 49 line w-18 at the National Memorial. Can be found on the "Officer Down MemorialPage" at

BadgeLemuel L Thornburg (Police Officer)
By Sandra L Hanna, Kansas City, KS USA
My Dad died Jan.2,1989. I miss him very much. He returned to us after the war and went back to being a police officer He left behind 3 Daughters and 6 Grandchildren and 15 Great Grandchildren. We all miss him and Proud that he served his Country.

Badge"BLACKJACK" Johnny Threatt (Officer)
Northwest Community College Police
By Robert Smith MS-11, Senatobia, MS USA
To know Blackjack was a true joy and a blessing. For the people that didn't get to know him was a big loss.All Blackjack ever wanted out of life was to become a police officer and he reached that goal just before his death in 1999. Blackjack was not on duty at the time of his death, but to know him was to know he was on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week so to all of his friends he died in the line of duty. Blackjack we all miss the laughs and smiles we got from you everytime we saw you. We all hope to see you in Heaven standing guard at the gates. WE ALL LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU BLACKJACK!

BadgeBilly Joe Thrower (Deputy)
Madison County Sheriff Department
By Betty Thrower, Huntsville, AL USA
On Nov. 1, 1994 Deputy Thrower and three other deputies were trying to serve mental commitment papers, when the perp opened gunfire upon them. Deputy Thrower was seriously injured and died ten months(September 17) later from his injuries. He is survived by his wife and special needs daughter. Billy was a dedicated officer of sixteen years. We still miss him very much.

BadgeDavid Thurman (Patrol Officer)
Pineville Marshal Office
By Michael S. Hall, Pineville, MO, USA
David Thurman was shot on 04-14-91 while on duty for the City of Pineville. He left behind several family members and lots of friends that will miss him terribly.

BadgeRicky Lee Timbrook (Sergeant)
City of Winchester, Virginia
By Al Bracy, Stephens City, VA USA
Although I did not know you personnally, I place this here for all of us who lived in the city you protected and gave your life for. There are no words to replace you, as our sorrow runs deeply within your community. We will do our best to continue to maintain the community that you worked so very deligently to protect. Our children are all better off, from knowing you and the contribution you made to the DARE program. We will pray for the safe delivery of your first born child, who is expected on Jesus' birthday. My heart and soul goes out to your family. Rest in peace my brother and God bless you.

BadgeMarvin L. Titus (Trooper)
South Carolina Highway Patrol
By Corporal Richard Dixon, South Carolina Highway Patrol, SC USA
Trooper Marvin L. Titus was slain in Bamberg County, South Carolina in November 1991. Trooper Titus was a one year veteran of the South Carolina Highway Patrol. He had just returned from active duty in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm. Trooper Titus was a dedicated Trooper and Soldier. He is missed in South Carolina by members of the Patrol and the public he served. He was well respected in the community. It is our prayer that he is with his Father in Heaven which we are sure he is.

Respectively submitted by:

Corporal Richard Dixon
South Carolina Highway Patrol

BadgeWilliam R. Toney (Officer)
Beech Grove, IN
By Susan Gratton, Beech Grove, IN USA
On Friday, September 29th, one of our officers was fatally wounded in a traffic stop. He was one day shy of his 32nd birthday when he was killed. I knew him, but I did not know him well. His death has touched me in a way that I can't explain. I met him on three ocassions, and he always treated me nice. I still can't believe he's dead. I went to his calling at the funeral home, and attended his funeral procession as it came down Main Street in Beech Grove. He had only been on the force for 2 years, but he was one great man, and a good cop. We need more officers like him. I will never forget him, ever. He made quite an impression on me.

BadgeWilliam (Joe) Trees (State Trooper)
Indiana State Trooper
By Jodi Jones, Sevierville, TN USA
My father was killed in a high speed chase on June of 1972. I was 1 1/2 and my mother was 3 months pregnant with my brother. My two little boys are proud of their grandfather... They tell people that they have a police officer angel watching out for them!! :-)

BadgeRonald Trumbetti (Patrolman)
Philadelphia Police Department
By Bill Leighton, Philadelphia, PA USA

BadgeKeith Turner (Patrolman)
Moody Police Department
By FRIEND, Riverside, AL USA
Officer Turner was killed in the line of duty by an escaped convict. He was loved by everyone who knew him. It has been almost a year since he was killed but he is missed and thought about everyday. We know because he was a Christian he is in good hands.

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God." Matthew 5:9

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



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