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Listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Police Memorial

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



BadgeLarry Walker (Police Patrol Officer)
Tacoma Police Department
By Jeff Salter, Puyallup, Washington
Larry was shot and killed while attempting to subdue a violent mentally ill subject who had stabbed a civilian. His partner's handgun accidentally discharged during the struggle, and the bullet went through Larry's side, between the vest panels. Officer Walker was an affable, well-liked, long term officer with the department.

Badge Jonathon Wallace (Deputy)
Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office
By Fred Weiss, Port St. Lucie, Florida
On 11/28/07 at about 1:09am the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office recieved a 911 call from a citizen in Belle Glade advising that a neighbor's car described as a 1990 gold Toyota Camry was being stolen.

A PBSO sergeant authorized the pursuit of the vehicle based on the circumstances presented. Three PBSO marked patrol cars were behind the stolen vehicle traveling northbound.

Two additional deputies depolyed tire deflation devices on the roadway in front of the pursuit. The suspect vehicle crossed over the devices and while the deputies were removing the devices from the roadway for additional units to pass in pursuit the two deputies were struck by a pursuing cruiser and tragically died on the scene.

Deputy Jonathon Wallace and Donta Manuel were deploying stop sticks in the road near the Pahokee Airport at about 1:30 a.m. when they were hit and killed.

Bradshaw said the tactical plan was for the two patrol cars to pull over at the stop sticks and for the K9 unit to drive after the suspects.

The two deputies who were killed knew this, he said, and made a split-second decision to go into the road and remove the sticks so the third officer could get through.

BadgeEddy (Buddy) Walthers (Deputy Sheriff)
Dallas County
By Eric R. Tagg, Garland, TX USA
Gunned down Jan. 13, 1969. An illustrious career including all the events around JFK's murder in 1963.

BadgeGeorge Warta (Deputy)
Bucks County Sheriff Office
By Gary Killian, Bensalem, PA USA
Killed in an auto accident 9/22/86 with his partner Thomas Bateman
Sadly missed by his wife, Doris, children, George Jr, daughter Jackie and fellow Deputies

BadgeDaniel S. Wasson (Patrolman)
Milford, CT Police Department
By Alan Wasson, Milford, CT USA
Danny was my older brother who was loved by all. He was shot and killed on April 12, 1987 during a routine traffic stop.

Each day we get all dressed in blue
and put on our badge and gun.
A policeman's job is to make our cities
safe for everyone.

There is a fear in all of us
that we will not survive,
we pray each night we go to work
that we'll come home alive

Then one Sunday in the spring
an officer gave his life,
he left behind a loving family
and a future wife.

He was young and strong and happy
in each and every way,
then this young man's future
was cruelly taken away.

For all the sorrow and the pain
brought by that tragic night,
I wish there was an answer
or words to make it right.

Danny you will sure be missed
by your family, friends, and peers
and you'll always be remembered
throughout the coming years.

Patrolman Joseph Innamorato
West Haven,CT Police

BadgeNorman Watt (Senior Constable)
Rockhampton Police Service, Queensland, Australia
By Anonymous
Snr. Const. Watt, aged 33, was killed on duty on the 20th of July 2000. He was shot by a criminal, from ambush at night. Unable to get to him, his fellow officers later retrieved his body.

In memory

Tonight before I sleep, I will remember Norman Watt
Slain at 33 from ambush, a coward took a shot.
I didn't know Norman, but then I didn't have to.
For me and every Queenslander, he was wearing blue.

It hurt when I heard, deep within my heart.
He was out there working, risking life on our part.
'Every death diminishes me' a famous line and true.
For me and every Queenslander, he was wearing blue.

As I tell my feelings to you, in each and every line,
The memory of Norman Watt will forever shine.
He has joined the valor roll, of officers not-so-few.
For me and every Queenslander, he was wearing blue.

BadgeRobert Anthony "Tony" Way (Patrolman First Class)
North Charleston Police Department
By Investigator Al Hallman, North Charleston, SC USA
In memory of a dedicated and professional Police Officer who was slain in the line of duty February 18, 1985 by a man with a gun. Officer Way was well liked and respected by all of his fellow officers, and will always be remembered for his ultimate sacrifice.

God be with you Tony.

Badge Gary "Bert" Wayman (Officer)
Bossier City Police Department
By Annie Wayman, Sibley, Louisiana
Though my father was not killed in the line of duty, policing was his life and his passion was to uphold the law whether he was in uniform or not. His life was cut short by the irresponsible actions of a brother officer, one he called a friend. The pride that shone in Gary's eyes when he wore the badge was incomparable. Men respected him, women adored him, criminals feared him, and I loved him. In just three years, he left unforgettable memories with the Bossier City PD. Though it has been nearly a lifetime for me since his death in 1985, Daddy enters my thoughts daily. It saddens me to see my father in my young son, Gary, because they will never have the opportunity to know and love each other here on earth; but I have great joy knowing that his personal guardian angel is always nearby.

BadgeGeorge William Welter (Officer)
Lincoln Police
By Jason Paul Welter, Lincoln, NE USA
On Febuary 9th 1968 My father George William Welter was killed on his motocycle in route to a call. He was responding to a report of a dead body in an ally, it turned out it was a drunk sleepin it off. I was 10 days old so I never knew him. But I've learned he was a great man and a fine officer.



BadgeClendon Paul West Sr. (Deputy Sheriff)
Johnston County Sherriff's Department
By Angie, Greenville, NC USA
By Phyllis, Johnston County, NC USA
By Angie,
Paul, as we all knew him, was my big brother. Paul and a fellow officer were doing a favor for another sherriff's department when the fatal incident occured. They were serving a warrant for bad checks and while doing so my brother was killed. This happened in September of 1995. To this day I miss the tall, strong, kind, tenderhearted, caring officer that I was proud to call my brother. He left us with one fine gift and that is his wonderful son Clendon. We have all grown closer as a family because of this. I just wish Paul was here to see it. I know that he is missed and will forever be treasured as a young fine gentleman and officer. (His murderer is still sitting on death row.)

By Phyllis,
You see, I am the Dispatcher that sent Paul and Lt. Ronald C. Medlin to the location that day, September 11, 1995 that got Paul killed and R.C. wounded forever.. Everyday, I hear something or see something that reminds me of Paul and That Day.. Whether it is a crackle of the radio or a jingle of keys.. It haunts me always.. I can hear him laugh.. But the National Police Memorial is my way, to attempt to get past it. Everyone needs to visit it... Justice will come, someday to his Killer...

BadgeCarl H. Whippo (Police Officer)
Johnsonburg, PA Police Department
By Sandy Smith, Leesville, LA USA
Officer Whippo was fatally shot on January 17, 1984 at the Johnsonburg Pennsylvania Police Station. This is my dad and while sitting in the police station talking to the mayor, a young man entered and shot before dad had a chance to do anything but stand up and reach for his gun. In his quick thinking, though, I was told he pushed the mayor of the town to the floor before he stood up. I loved dad very much and I miss him even today. He had one year to go to retire and had just returned to duty after being off for surgery.
Thanks very much,

Sandy Smith (loving daughter of a hero)

BadgeDavidson G. Whiting (Trooper)
Massachusetts State Police
By Tamzin, Lexington, MA USA
My brother was a man who came from a family with history in public service. His great-grandfather was a Firefighter killed in the line of duty. Our father was a Firefighter. My brother was a U.S. Marine, who fought during the Gulf War. He was killed in the line of duty on Auguast 18, 1994, when a Nynex Van flipped over the median on Rte. 128, and landed on top of his cruiser. He was one of the friendliest people you will ever meet. I will remember him and love him always.

Badge William "Larry" Whitwell (Patrolman)
Columbia Police Dept.
By Brian K. Jones (Sgt. with Columbia Police Dept.) Columbia, TN
On April 4th 1981, Officer Whitwell was fatally shot, he died a short time later on April 5th 1981. He had a vehicle stopped for speeding in a local park. During the stop he discovered the occupants had just robbed a local business. While placing the person's under arrest he was over powered and shot with his duty weapon.

BadgeTodd Widman (Deputy)
Brown County Kansas
By FOP Lodge #3
21 year old Deputy Todd Widman a Brown County Kansas Deputy was shot and killed in the line of duty on march 1st, 2000 by a 16 year old that he stopped to question ironically the suspect (who was shot and killed by other officers) was the son of a Buffalo N.Y Police Lieutenant.

Badge Jay Elmo (Jerry) Wignall (Sergeant)
Tucumcari Police Department, New Mexico
By Billy Sipes, Hobbs, NM
Sergeant Wignall succumbed to wounds received two days earlier when he was shot on a rampage after his killers brother was arrested the previous day. The man went to his mother-in-law's home where he murdered his sister-in-law. He then took his wife hostage and took her to the police station. Once there he let her go and took two men hostage. He forced them up the stairs where he encountered dispatcher Mary Simpson and Sergeant Wignall. He forced Sergeant Wignall to give him the jail key and then shot him in the back. When he opened the jail he discovered that his brother was no longer there because he had been transferred to the county jail earlier in the day.

The suspect Bobby Gene Garcia then took the dispatcher hostage and left the jail. He took her to a nearby store where he was surrounded by officers. He eventually surrendered. He was sentenced to life in prison but committed suicide in his cell in 1980. I didn't personally know Jerry but I served on the Tucumcari Police Department in the 1970's and Jerry was held in high regard by those who knew and worked with him.

Sergeant Wignall was survived by his wife and son.

Badge Rodger Wiles (Sergeant)
Beaufort County Sheriffs Department
By Ralph Dettwiler, Grand Rapids, MI
Rodger was my first partner on the Beaufort County Sheriffs Department, he wasn't thrilled with having a partner, but he trained me to be a good cop and to stay alive. I learned a lot from Rodger and we became close friends. Rodger retired from the Marine Corps, having served in Vietnam. I will never forget him, nor cease to admire him.

Badge Earl R. Wilkinson (NYSP Lt/FBI Supervisory Agent in Command NYC)
New York State Police/FBI
By Winford H. Lewis "Win", Rochester, New York PD, retired/disabled.
Spent twenty years with New York State Police/Troopers, moved up to F.B.I.. Considered killed in action.
Photos showed the epitome of a NY State Trooper. Graduated B.C.I.
Retired, went to F. B. I.. Joined Army Air Corps. On a mission regarding home Security, plane exploded about two minutes from Destination.
Agent Wilkinson was my uncle. Hearing of him inspired a number of Law Enforcement Officers. I hope that those of us that answered the call met with your approval. May St. Michael watch over all. May all Civilians honor the Identification and may in a miracle, all harshness toward any Law Enforcement give way to Respect!

Badge Andrew Williams (Chief)
Saluda North Carolina Police Department
By Angela McMinn, Hendersonville, NC
Chief Williams answered another one of those supposed routine calls: He went out to the home of a man he had arrested many times with no trouble and this time was shot at point blank range with a twelve gauge shot gun. Daddy you are remembered: your bravery an love stay with me always.

Badge Gary Williams (Officer)
Hamilton County sheriffs Dept Native american reserve force (NARF)
By Jack Holland, Chattanooga, TN
Gary was a close friend tribally and personally. He is my inspiation to join the native reserve force. he fell not to a bullet or accident he fell to cancer. he was a brave brave man and loved by all of us here in the tenn valley. I am a Fugitive Recovery Agent gary gave me good advice on how to come home each night safe. Please remember him. Wokiksuye Tokala ( remember our police)

BadgeJames Williams Jr. (Officer)
Oakland Police Department
By By Jonathan Bellusa, Oakland, CA USA
James was an Oakland Police Officer in Oakland California. James died on January 10,1999 by Chad Rhodes, 19 of Oakland California. James responded to collect a shotgun that was thrown out during a vehicle pursuit that was along fwy 580 E/B at 38th ave overpass. While James was retrieving the firearm, Chad Rhodes hid on the fwy overpass and shot James with an ak-47 assault weapon. Officer John Oare was also shot by Rhodes. Both officers were transported to Highland Hospital (ACH). James died from the gunshot wound as John survived.

James Williams had just graduated the Oakland Police Academy and was in the departments field training program. James had transfered from New Orleans Police Department where he had served as a Police Officer for about 5 years. John Oare had been a police officer for 3 years when this incident occurred. James is survived by his wife Sebrina Williams and his three small children.

James will never be forgotten, his humble and respectful spirit will be with all of us forever.

By Jonathan Bellusa 8145p
Police Officer
Oakland California

Badge Vernon "Matt" Williams (and K-9 Partner DiOGi) (Deputy Sheriff)
Polk County Sheriff's Office
By Elyssa and Danielle Broussard, St. Petersburg, FL
As Polk County natives, our thoughts, prayers, concerns, sorrows and gratitude can not be expressed enough for the men, women (and K-9s) who have chosen to make it their life duty to protect us. The entire community grieves with the family for the loss of these TWO heroes. Rest in Peace, Gentlemen. Know that you will NEVER be forgotten.

Badge Vernon "Matt" Williams and "Diogi" (K9) (Deputy Sheriff)
Polk County Sheriff's Office, Polk County Fl.
By Amanda Frias, Polk City, FL
Matt and Diogi gave their lives protecting us. We will never forget them! He leaves behind a wife and 3 children. Matt was loved by his community and Law Enforcement Family. He gave the ultimate sacrifice for us all. God Bless..

Badge Walter Williams (Officer)
Waterbury Police Department
By Ray Bessette, Bremerton, WA
While patrolling the North End streets of Waterbury early in the morning, Officer Williams stopped 2 black individuals while walking the streets just to question them to find out what they were up to and where they were going. As he placed the two up against the patrol car to question, one individual turned away from the officer brushing against him to check to see he was wearing a vest or not. At this time the individual shot Walter point blank in the head. Officer Williams then died 15 hours later. His wife was due in 2 weeks, Walter never saw his newborn son. This occurred in 1992. Officer Williams was a very good friend of mine, and he will always be missed and loved. I still have the Memorial T Shirt which I took with me when I moved out of Waterbury Ct. to Washington State. I have in hanging on my wall will all my Police figurines. I am a Reserve Police Officer in Kingston, Wa. (Port Gamble Police)

BadgeJohn Williamson (Police Officer)
New York City Police Dept
By David Lombardi, NY, NY USA

Badge Ernest "Buddy" Willis (Deputy Sheriff)
Allen Parish Sheriffs Office in Oberlin, Louisiana
By Loretta Willis Melder, Glenmora, Louisiana
He was driving and came up on an automobile accident and got out flagging traffic, trying to clear the highway and was hit by an on coming car. My uncle Buddy was a great man, and everyone loved him. He always had a smile and ALWAYS had a joke to tell. He believed in helping others.

Badge Brandy L. Winfield (Deputy Sheriff)
Marion County Sheriff
By Amber Tomlin, Marion, Ohio
Brandy was a father, brother, son, husband, best friend and the best cop that the Sheriffs Department had ever seen. UNIT 6 we love you and miss you. E.O.W 10/14/04

BadgeGregg W. Winters (Patrolman)
Muncie Police Dept.
By Sara Wilson, Muncie, IN USA
I was the Muncie Police Dispatcher that dispatched the call that Gregg lost his life on. He was shot on Dec. 28, 1990. He died on January 8, 1991 in the line of duty while making a public intox arrest. He was just approaching the Delaware County Jail when the prisoner shot him in the back of the head. He left behind a very loving family. A wife, young sons, his parents and a brother Terry, who is still on the Mucnie Police Dept. as Deputy Chief. Not a day goes by that I don't think of Gregg, his wife and children, his parents, and the Police Officer that was his partner at the time. Patrolman Kirk Mace. Such a needless, useless act. God Speed to his family, friends and all the officers of the Muncie Police Dept., and Police Officers everywhere.

Badge Tom Wolfheil (Constable)
Elizabethtown, PA
By Angela Mattern, Mount Joy, PA
He left behind 2 children, Tommy and Tammy. My uncle was shot tring to help a women get some of her belongings from her house. The man who shot him was the womans husband.

Badge Wayne Woodard (Deputy Sheriff)
Cherokee County Sheriffs Department
By Missy Woodard, Woodstock, GA
Wayne was killed Aug 2, 2003 at 1:30AM. He was responding to a home invasion call when he lost control of his car and crashed in a ravine. He was only 26 years old and we were just married in March. I will always remember what a great husband and friend he was and I will forever try to keep his name and memory alive. I love you Wayne.

BadgeJ.C. Woodham (Sheriff)
Geneva Co. Sheriff's Dept., Geneva, Alabama
By Deputy Ben Berry, Hartford, AL USA
Sheriff Woodham was shot on August 7, 1957 while searching a vehicle involved in a Drug Store robbery. The Sheriff died three days later.

Badge Dwight C. Woodrell Jr. (Sheriff)
Pawnee County Sheriff's Office
By Brian D. Hill, Pawnee, Oklahoma
Sheriff Wodrell was shot and killed in the early morning hours of 10-13-2001 while investigating suspicious activity at an oil field business just outside of Cleveland OK. Sheriff Woodrell left behind a wife and four children. Two suspects are currently in jail awaiting court proceedings for the Sheriff's murder.

Badge Anthony L. Woods (Patrol Officer)
Memphis Police Department
By Richard Lindsey, Memphis, TN
A Memphis police officer was shot and killed early Wednesday evening after responding to a domestic violence call in the Parkway Village area.

Patrolman Anthony L. Woods, 35, and a seven-year veteran of the Memphis Police Department, died about 9 p.m. after being taken by helicopter to the Regional Medical Center at Memphis. The suspect in the killing was also fatally shot and a woman was wounded. Police did not release their names.

BadgeCharles O Woodworth, Jr. (Patrolman - motorcycle)
California Highway Patrol, Santa Rosa Office
By Aleta M Woodworth, daughter, Seattle, WA
He died on August 12, 1964, two weeks after being broadsided on his motorcycle on Hwy 12 in Kenwood, CA. He left a wife and seven children.

BadgeRaymond Earl Worley (Trooper)
North Carolina Highway Patrol
By Robert Kinker, Southern Pines, NC USA
Trooper Worley stopped two vans at 5:15 am 5/14/85 on Interstate 95. Trooper Worley was shot three times in the head by one of the suspects and died at the scene. His killer is still on death row. Ray was loved by all who knew him.

Unfortunately, yesterday 10/04/04, the US Supreme Court made a decision that would not allow the killer of Trooper Worley to be put back on death row. His killer was sentenced to die in 1986 and because a few people were overlooked for the jury, the killer doesn't have a death sentence like the one he gave Ray. The kiler's own brother gave him up and told on him. Ray still had the driver's license of his killer with him when help arrived. There was no question as to who killed Ray. I cried, cried, and cried. I got angry. We have been without Ray now for almost 20 years. My taxes help feed his killer. Ray was one of the utmost Christian people I knew. I looked up to him. He was my "Uncle Ray". Then, after being tired from different emotions I stopped and thought. Ray was probably on the Supreme Court in Heaven and knowing Ray the way I did, he wouldn't want someone else to die, even his own killer. So, I sit here today and still miss Ray, but want to be more like him. The State of NC misses Ray. He was a great trooper.

--- Karen Hubbard, Daughter of Robert Kinker (deceased)

Badge Marion Eugene "Gene" Wright II (Deputy Sheriff)
Berkeley County Sheriff's Department
By Michele Shirey, Goose Creek, SC
Marion Eugene Wright II was known to many as Gene Wright II.

He was a wonderful man. He was a loving father, son, brother, uncle, boyfriend, and friend. He enjoyed working for the Berkeley County Sheriff's Department. He always wanted to help someone in need. No matter the time or the place. He enjoyed being a cop and to him it was a lifestyle not just a job.

Gene Wright II was a dedicated deputy. He always thought being a cop was a lifestyle and not just a job. He was a cop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It was this dedication that led him to assist a motorist with a flat tire on that November evening. He was heading home from the auto parts store when he stopped to assist a motorist with a flat tire on the side of the road. While he was assisting her an officer from the city he was in stopped to help him. The two officers were changing the tire when an unlicensed driver drove off the rode and struck and killed them both. Gene and the other officer gave the ultimate sacrifice that night. They were doing their jobs, their lifestyles when they were taken. Gene was survived by his daughter, parents, sister, brother-in-neiceneice, nephew, and girlfriend.

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God." Matthew 5:9

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.



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