It seems you are telling people to throw away their medication...

I have been sitting here reading your mail for over one hour. It seems you put down medical conditions for depression such as, chemical imbalances. I have to admit you seem very educated in the field of suicide, from you occupation. You also seem very well educated in religion which I give you credit for. I hope someday I acheive such a level where I will feel comfortable enough to quote it to others. I must say as a psychiatric nurse, chemical imbalances are real and though God can help with the problem he is not the total answer. I got the feeling you were telling these people to give up their meds and trust God and he would be enough to take care of it. That's like telling a diabetic to forget about taking insulin, if you trust God enough and pray hard, God will handle your diabetes. Chemical imbalances, are true medical condidions. I am also bi-polar, manic-depressive if you like. I say stay on the meds, along with trusting God. A person needs the meds, to level out the moods, so they can think rationally enough to have the sense to trust God. I too was molested at age 9, I have come to forgive that person realizing he was sick. It still hurts though, as hard as I try to get over the feelings, there is a certain amount of mistrust when it comes to men.

As far as your opinion on suicide, I don't mean to criticize but you do leave a bad taste in one's mouth. I have long been suicidal, thought of it for years,on and off, had a few attempts and still struggle with it often. I keep asking for God's help in dealing with this. I know it is not an appropriate choice, but I don't feel it should be said that all suicide people, are doomed. Yes we are, temples of God. But as you know we are also children of God. I believe, if you are a true believer and absolutely cannot take the pressures of the world, I don't think you would be condemned to Hell. I don't believe God would turn one of his children away, who was looking to come home for comfort, when they were too wounded to go on. Please, tell me that this is so. You see though I was the one who was always treated for depression and suicidal tendencies, my brother at the age of 36, is the one who completed the act. My life here on earth, would only be more tortorous, if I thought that his chances of going to Heaven were nil. I keep struggling with my depression and suicidal feelings often but I don't think I could get through it without the help of my medication, along with God, of course. Thank you for listening to this troubled soul.

My response is in Green:

I am afraid you have misunderstood some of what I have said. I am not against drugs to treat true problems, but I am against what happens all too often these days. All too often people are given drugs first, that is the first option and I don't believe it should be. Churches are the worst to me, because they know who can help people, yet they send them off to get drugs first. There are true physical problems which medical science has answers for and some of those answers are drugs, but again when a person is hurting and needs God the most is no time to send them to the world for treatment.

I have spoken out about the over use of drugs a lot and maybe that is why you seem to think I am against all treatment. I am not, but I will tell you that there are way too many people taking way too many drugs. Look at the average school and you will find somewhere between about 35% and 70% of the kids on some kind of drugs. Why? Because that is our first line of defense against anti-social behavior. The kids are told they are victims of some disease instead of being held accountable for their actions. That is not to say none of the kids should be using drugs it is to say that is not the answer in all cases.

You asked me about God forgiving a Christian who commits suicide. I can't speak for God and I won't try, but I will tell you that people take salvation way too lightly. I can't say whether He will forgive a person who is in their right mind and makes the decision to kill themselves. I agree with you that if a person is not in control of their own mind, then God will not hold that against them. So you see one thing is that we can't know the person's mind when they committed suicide, so I can't judge them. All I am trying to say is that there are a lot of people who don't want to live anymore and feel that God has to let them into heaven. I would not presume on His mercy like that. There are too many verses in the Bible which show that we must attempt to live the lives that He wants us to live and that we must persevere in the faith.

Now my question was and is the same, what would you tell Jesus when you see Him if you killed yourself? Your actions would be saying, that you did not care what He wanted for your life, you wanted what you wanted when you wanted it. You actions would also be saying that you did not believe He could or would help you. I personally don't want to stand before Him and tell Him those things.

I am sorry about your brother and like I said I can't know whether he is in heaven or not, but as sorry as I am about that, I won't stop trying to warn people that suicide is not the answer. Nor will I stop warning them that God's word is pretty clear on who decides when you take your last breath and it is not suppose to be you.

I am not your judge or the judge of anyone else but I can't honestly say I love people and not try to warn them if I think there is danger in what they are wanting to do. I will tell you also that I get many people to my site who are looking for a loop hole so that they can kill themselves and still be sure that they will go to heaven. I can't and I won't give them that loop hole.

I am sorry if you misunderstood my points or if you disagree with me. I just try to read God's word and apply it the way I believe He meant it to be applied. I can't say that a person who commits suicide will be doomed but neither can I say they won't. I don't want anyone to take that chance. We are to honor God. Suicide does not honor God.



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