I have nothing to live for, I accept eternal punishment.

Death is the only way for me. I have nothing to live for in this world and I do accept eternal punishment.

My response is in Green:

I have a question for you. If you accept eternal punishment, then why kill yourself? What you have right now will not be as bad as eternal punishment will be, so if you are willing to take it, why are you not willing to take what you have right now? I have no idea if you believe in Christ or not and still think that punishment is better than living, or if you don't truly believe in God or punishment anyway. But I will tell you that you statement makes no sense. Don't let the devil convince you that anything is better than what you have now. No matter how bad your life seems, you have to admit that it could be worse, right? Well if life could be worse then you better stop and think that death if it includes eternal punishment will be worse.

Why don't you give God a chance? What have you got to lose? He loves you and wants to help you have a good life now, but more importantly when you die He wants you to have the kind of life that He originally planned for all humans. No matter how bad this life is, if it leads to a better life it is worth it. No matter how good this life is, if it leads to eternal punishment it is not worth it.

The worst part is that you can't go check it out and then decide. If you make the wrong choice it is too late, it is forever. God did not make hell for humans, He made it to punish Satan and his followers. Humans only end up there because they refuse to take the free gift of salvation that God offers them. Don't make that same mistake.

You should get a Bible and read it. If you are willing to accept eternal punishment then you should at least find out what it will be like and for that matter find out what the alternative is. Don't trust me, and don't trust your own emotions, find out for yourself.



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