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True Life Police Stories

The following pages are not meant to shock you, but some of them might. A Police Officer's life is full of death and what most people would call unusual situations. To remain a Police Officer a person has to learn to deal with the stress and emotional ups and downs. These stories are meant to give you a little window into what was going on in my life during the 7 years I was a Deputy Sheriff.

I am not proud of some of the reactions I had during my time as a Police Officer. I grew cold and cynical, I hope some of these stories will show how that process took place and why. I hope to add to these stories as I find the time to compile more.

Ralph L. Dettwiler
(Former) Sergeant
Beaufort County Sheriff's Department
Beaufort, South Carolina

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Domestic Dispute with no Backup in Sight
Domestic Dispute which goes bad and gets worse in court.
Calmly Planned out Suicide
Yeah, I want him arrested as long as it doesn't cost anything!
My Second Domestic Dispute with a Crazy Family
A High Speed Scare
Another High Speed Scare
While backing up a City Officer, I become the common enemy.
Fatal Auto Accident with a Surprise
My First High Speed Pursuit
School Break In
Straight Razor Fight
Fatal Accident on Lemon Island
Pursuit of a DUI suspect driving a tractor trailer.
Boredom, jokes and training, all rolled into one.
First Next of Kin notification.
Shoot Him!!
The Murder of a Migrant Worker.
A Very Real Nightmare.
Marriage Difficulties
You'll be okay

Visitor Contributed True Stories:

I couldn't shoot you.

What a ride!

There's a guy under the car!

Is that a confession?

Nice car!

Man that smells bad!

"Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved--you and your household." Acts 16:31

Please pray everyday for our Police Officers. They have a very tough job. We cannot expect them to wallow in the filth of society day in and day out without our full support and our prayers. Who among us is willing to give our lives for people we don't know or for people who don't care about us? That is what they are willing to do everyday they put on their uniform and leave home.

Also pray for all the other public service authorities; doctors, firemen, nurses, ambulance crews and clergy. A person cannot see pain and death all the time without being touched by it in some way.

Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? If not click here to find out how to get one.

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Suicide Help
Suicide Help

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