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I couldn't shoot you.

Dear sir;

Just wanted to write to you and share my story of divine protection from the holy spirit.I work for the Blount County Sheriff Dept. in Oneonta, Alabama. I am a sergeant on night shift where I've worked for almost 5 years. I was born and raised in the Church of God. I have tried to always use my job as a law enforcement officer as a ministry and help hurting people even though I had the legal authority to make many arrest.

On this night I was dispatched to domestic situation between neighbors. I arrived on the scene and noticed a man standing in the front yard of his residence. I approached the subject and asked what was going on. I believe this was the most angry and hostile person that I had ever encountered. He was raving, ranting, spitting and throwing his hat. I pressed the volume control on my warlike talkie so that dispatch could hear what I was faced with in case force had to be used on this man. after a few minutes of letting this man rant and rage I began to try to talk and reason with him.after calming him down I then went next door and talked to his neighbor; who was having a land dispute. I explained the civil process to both parties and left without incident.

This is where the story gets very interesting.couple of days later; I arrived to work and discovered the one neighbor had sworn out a warrant for the mad and out of control neighbor. I thought to myself; I did not want to confront this man with a warrant;based on his behavior just a few days earlier. I proceed to his residence with the warrant in hand and the angry man saw me coming up his driveway and met me at my patrol car. He said. "officer before you get out of your car I need to tell you something". I immediately unsnapped my duty weapon. He continued, "do you remember the other day you were here and I was so out of control"? I said yes. He said, "I had a loaded 357 in my right front pocket and I wanted to kill you that day but I couldn't he said there was something about your spirit." I could sense a godliness about you and I couldn't hurt you. With tears streaming down his face he hugged my neck and thanked me for being so kind and compassionate. I then let him sign his bond without incident and left the scene. I later learned this man had just been released from prison; his charge murder. Since that time I often receive Christmas cards and other thank you cards from Wayne thanking me for allowing the holy spirit to direct my life. He says if I had tried to arrest him that night and not used wisdom, he would have killed me in his front yard. Since that time Wayne has helped me around Christmas time with financial gifts for needy children in the neighborhood without the public knowing. He wants to help without getting any credit. I've remained in contact with Wayne and I continue to share the Lord with him.

Sergeant Terry McDowell

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