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What a ride!

I worked an AI unit in my PD. NYS Route #7 in our area was a 4 lane divided highway. It was almost shift change, about 2:45PM and I was about to turn around at the extreme edge of our town, where state RT#7 entered. I noted a tractor and trailer coming toward me from the other jurisdiction, in the passing lane with sparks flying from its front. As the tractor passed at the speed limit of 45MPH, I noted a newer style Toyota Corolla at a 90 degree angle to the truck, drivers side to the front bumper...being pushed by the tractor. Cars behind the truck were flashing their headlights. There was a driver in the Corolla!

I pulled out, hit the reds and siren and put my foot into that Chevy's Corvette powered LT-1 engine! I caught up fast but the driver didn't respond. I managed to bring the Chevy alongside of the tractor and the truck pulled over. Back up was on its way. The truck driver casually hopped out of the cab and approached me. "Whats the matter officer...I wasn't speeding!" was his reply! I quickly cuffed him and checked the driver of the Corolla. The poor guy was white as a proverbial ghost! I stuck my head into the car to check his vitals...he was alive and responding alright. However a certain 'muscle' had not done it's job on the poor fellow...he sat about 2 inches higher in his seat and the car smelled of...well you understand! My back up got there along with the local ambulance.. other than the possibility of nightmares for a good long time, the driver was alright!

What had happened was the truck had passed a line of cars in the other jurisdiction. He didn't see the Corolla in the curb lane when he was changing lanes. The truck operated a failed 'PITT MANEUVER' and the car was pushed at the speed of 45 MPH for... we'd checked the groves from the Corollas suspension as all tires and wheels were ground down...the gouges were for over two miles when 4 separate black tire marks appeared! I'll tell you one thing, Michelin tires are pretty strong...they lasted over 1 1/3 miles-sideways! Total run.. almost 4 miles and the driver of the truck never knew that Corolla was being pushed sideways by his truck! All I can think of is that poor Corolla driver... his head inches from the trucks radiator, panicking, and hearing that big diesel engine for about 6 minutes... in his left ear!

Michael Kowalski
Niskayuna NY Police Department

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