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Is that a confession?

I was an Officer in Charge of the midnight shift for about 7 years. All the young officers were on the midnight shift... we had a union and that shift fell to the 'rookies' or those with not enough time on the job for the other shifts. I loved it because I was the old dog and had to keep up with the yearling's!

Speaking of DOGS, one night we had a burglar alarm at a local car shop go off. Three cars responded, myself included. One officer noticed a panel kicked in of an overhead door. I knew that there 'once was' a not very friendly Rotteweiler inside, but he had died from old age a while before. What I didn't know was that there was a new Sheriff, or should I say, K-9 in town! A big black Doberman! One of the other officers covered the rear, but found there was no other way out except the overhead door and the walk in door a few feet from us. We checked the interior from the outside with our flashlights and saw nothing disturbing. One of the new guys was about 5'7 and 150lbs with all his gear, so was voted unanimously to be pushed through the opening, to unlock the walk in door for the rest of us. The officer asked, "Are you sure there isn't a dog in there?" Heck, no... he died a while back! "Okay"-as he urged his body through the hole in the overhead. Once inside, we heard "WOOF WOOF!" Uh-oh!

The officers head and torso was thrown through the hole and he wiggled free in the fastest time I've ever seen! "I thought you said there wasn't a dog!" The third officer and I couldn't have helped him if there was gun battle, we were laughing so hard both of us were literally on the ground, rolling holding our stomachs!

The owner arrived, unlocked the door and advised us that the dog was on a twenty foot leash toward the back of the building and couldn't get to us. What we found however was a burglar wedged against the furthest wall, just enough room to not get bitten by the Doberman! We turned a corner, the owner had a hold of the Dobe, our flashlights caught the perp in their a fetal position on the floor. "Thank God you guys got here!" was enough of a confession we needed!

Michael Kowalski
Niskayuna NY Police Department

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