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Nice car!

In 1996, I was an Shift Supervisor. Our Department had Patrolman, the OIC duties were much like a Sargent's, while the Sargent ran the platoon. I had been an OIC for about 10 years, I followed this Sargent from the midnight shift onto the day shift. We were exact opposites but got along like a couple with 50 years of marriage. We trusted each other immensely, fought constantly, but had that special admiration that two old partners achieve. For the past couple of years, I was a training Officer and when we had cadets at the Basic Academy, they would come back for 10 weeks of OJT. I was a RADAR certified instructor, so it was my job to get them certified. The basic element was to get them to be able to give speed estimates 5MPH +- of the actual speed. For this, I'd always used an unmarked car and for the highway portion went a few miles outside of our jurisdiction to an Interstate.

Now, the good Sargent had just built a house about 20 miles away, way outside of our jurisdiction. You could take a car home for lunch if you lived in the jurisdiction only. He wanted the unmarked so he could go home for lunch and not be seen. I wanted the unmarked to do the Radar certification. He emphatically told me to take the Supervisors car and be done with it. Well, we shared the Supervisor car, it was his on his watch, mine on my watch...when we both worked together, I usually got the unmarked unit.  Anyway,  I packed the cadets into the highly marked Supervisor car and drove directly to HIS house...and took a few pictures of it sitting prominently in the driveway in front of his new house! On the way home, we hit a one hour photo...and did the mandatory certification. The next day, after line up, I casually laid the pictures down on his desk and asked for a certain time for vacation that he wanted to take! He looked at the pictures and then for the negatives...which I'd kept! Grumbling and calling me every name in the book...I got the vacation! Believe it or not, he's one of my best buddies from the force!

Michael Kowalski
Niskayuna NY Police Department

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