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Man that smells bad!

When I drove over the road, I had seen a lot of odd things happen, of them all the funniest thing happened to a DOT officer. I was pulled around back into area they use to inspect the trucks. A bull hauler was also pulled around back. The officer in charge put a rocky on the bull wagon. Wanting to do a good job with everyone looking on, he did the lights horn, and inside of the truck. When all that was left was the brakes, he got on his creeper, went under the truck from the front. As he went under the trailer, all you could hear was a truck load of words that may not be appropriate to place in this story. It had something to do with the trays being open, and the odor.

When the officer came out from under the trailer in the back, his new jump suit was green and not the blue it had once been. Now as a driver I had a really hard time keeping the smile off my face. As I looked around I saw every one was having to turn their heads to keep from being overly open about how they saw this. Well every one got them self composed to some degree, that is until the dirty little officer walked back to the front of the truck. Walking a lot too close to the side of the trailer, he soon found out why everyone had been giving it a wide birth, and doing their best to stay out of range as we pointed out to him before the inspection started.

Then it happened, on top of the crap he all ready had on him, a cow had backed up to one of the many openings on the side and let go. Needless to say, when this hit him in the face, and his face was turned green by the crap the cow had shoot out, we could no longer hold back. I know it was not really right to laugh so hard at the misfortune's of another person, or for the other officers to pull out cell phones and start taking pitchers, to send to everyone. Yet he had been told about the dangers of a bull wagon. So for all you fine officers out there, keep this in mind. A cow really does not care who or what is behind him, when he has to go, he just lets er fly. Please give the bull wagon a wide birth, and try to stay clean, I know you do not want to smell like the south end of a north bound cow.

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